Samsung Q9 - Setting it up


Now that you’ve got your new Samsung Q9, here’s how to get it set up. If you’d like help unboxing it, take a look at our guide to Unboxing your TV without damaging it. Always make sure you follow the instructions for fixing the stand to the TV.


Get the manual


Download the full Q9 user guide here.



The Q9 comes with a separate ‘One Connect’ control unit that manages all the TV’s functions and connectors. This means the TV itself is lighter and thinner than a standard all-in-one design.

When the stand is attached, plug the One Connect box into the TV using the ‘Invisible Connection’ cable. Then plug the One Connect box into a power supply. All your Kit can be connected to the HDMI ports on the One Connect box.


Setting it up


Now that your TV is in place and connected, let’s get started with the setup.


When you first turn your TV on, you’ll see a short demo video, and you’ll be asked to download the SmartThings app to your phone. You can skip this by pressing right on the remote.


Your TV will pair with the remote, when it’s done, choose Next.


Pick your country using the remote.


You’ll be asked to Enter a new PIN, then enter it again to confirm.


You’ll see a screen telling you what’s connected to your TV, connect other devices if you want, then choose Next.


If you’ve connected to your router using the LAN cable, it’ll connect to the internet automatically. To connect via Wi-Fi, choose the network you want to connect to.


Enter the password and choose Done.


When it’s connected to the internet, you’ll need to agree to the ‘Smart Hub Terms & Conditions’. You can view each one individually, or just choose Agree to all. Then choose OK.


Choose an option to set up, or sign in to a Samsung account. Or skip this by pressing right on the remote.


Enter your Postcode and choose Next.


Your TV will find all of the available channels, when it’s finished, choose Next.


Choose your Region using the drop-down menus, and select Close.


Choose the closest Freeview provider, then pick Next.


Press Next then follow the steps to test your remote, and choose Next again.


Finish the setup by pressing Start Watching TV.

Hopefully, that’s helped you get your TV set up and ready to use. If you’d like help with anything else, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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