How to stream media from your Mac to your Amazon Fire TV


Amazon’s Fire TV Box and Fire TV Stick can be used for streaming all kinds of content to your TV, turning it into a media centre hub. But what if you want to stream content from your Mac? Here's how.

To stream content from your Mac to your Amazon Fire TV you'll need to use an app called Plex, which must be installed on your Mac as well as the Fire TV kit itself.

Thankfully, getting Plex up and running on your Mac is pretty easy – and once it's set up, you can use it to stream to all of your devices, not just your Fire TV.

Downloading and installing Plex on your Mac


Plex is easy to set up and use, and once it's up and running you can use it with pretty much any device. In this case we’re setting it up to use with your Amazon Fire TV, but you can just as easily use it with your other devices: smartphones, tablets, even games consoles.

Today, though, the first thing you'll need to do is to get the Plex Media Server software for your Mac. To do it, simply head over to the Plex website and download the media server software for Mac.

Once it's been downloaded, you need to put it in your Mac's applications folder – and that's it! Next, we'll show you how to set it up.

Setting up Plex and finding your Media folders


Now that Plex is installed on your Mac, you'll need to set up your media folders to find your films, TV shows, music and pictures. You don’t have to add each of those sections – so if you only want to set up a folder for TV shows, that’s fine.


Agree to the Terms of Service.


Give your server a name, then click next.


To add your libraries, click a media type, then point Plex to the relevant folder on your Mac. You can repeat this process for different media types if you want – TV shows, movies and so on.


Depending on how big your folders are, Plex may take a while to download any metadata and index your items – we recommend giving it around ten minutes to finish.

At this stage you're pretty much done with the Mac – so just leave it turned on and head over to your TV.

Plex is a very versatile piece of software – and now that your server is set up, you can use it to stream media to plenty of other devices. What's more, you can keep adding new media files to the designated folders on your Mac, and Plex will automatically recognise new items.

Downloading Plex to your Amazon Fire TV


Plex is easy to install on your Fire TV or Fire TV stick – you simply need to head to the Amazon Appstore on the device, then look for the Plex app. Once you’ve found it, install it to your Fire TV like any other app, and then you're pretty much ready to go.

Check the Fire Stick is connected to the same network as your Mac. When you open the app you will see the Plex server from your Mac – click it, and then you can begin to explore your library.

Streaming your media to your TV


Your Plex Media Server is all set up, and the Plex app is ready to go on your Fire TV. 

Plex Media Server on your Mac should do all the technical work – 'transcoding' or 'muxxing' – to ensure that the files play on your Fire TV, so you shouldn't have to worry about what format your media files are in.

plex fire TV

So there you have it: quick and easy streaming for from your Mac to your Amazon Fire TV. If you're stuck and need more help streaming from or to your Amazon Fire TV, contact us here to speak to an expert from Team Knowhow. 

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