How to clean an LCD, LED or Plasma TV


The screen on your LCD, LED or Plasma TV is quite fragile, and you need to be careful when you clean it. This guide will help you with the right tools and cleaning stuff you can use without damaging anything.


Cleaning your TV


Before you start, you should unplug everything from the TV and make sure that it's on a flat, solid surface where it won't fall over.

Cleaning equipment

These are the things you can use to clean your TV.

  • Microfibre cloth: these are soft cloths that won't damage or scratch your screen.
  • Screen cleaning fluid: a spray that you can safely use on TV screens.
  • Anti-static screen wipes: wipes that have been pre-treated with cleaning fluid for your TV.

Don't be tempted to use window, or glass cleaner (or other household cleaners) because they usually have ammonia or alcohol in them and this can damage your screen. You should only use soft cloths to clean it as well. Things like paper towels can leave scratches.


Cleaning it

When it's unplugged, start by wiping off any dust and light smears with a dry, lint-free cloth (microfibre if possible). Use a circular motion so that you don't get any streaks. When you've done that, spray some cleaning fluid onto the cloth and clean the TV. Don't spray it straight onto the TV because it could get inside the TV and damage it.

Make sure you don't use too much pressure, because screens are quite fragile and can be broken. You should let the TV dry completely before you plug it back in and turn it back on.


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