Fixing stuck or dead pixels on a TV screen

A pixel that's stuck or dead won't show the picture properly on your screen, which can be really annoying. This guide goes through the possible problems, and what you can do to get it sorted.

Figuring out the problem


Try these steps to find out if you've got a problem with a stuck pixel, or a dead pixel.

  • Pause the TV on a screen or picture that's completely black, then look for the one you think is broken. If it's showing white or another colour, it's probably just stuck and might be able to be fixed. If it seems black, try the next step.
  • Try pausing the TV on a screen or picture that's completely white. If the one you think is broken is still black, then it's probably dead.

Stuck pixels

Sometimes, a stuck pixel can fix itself. The best thing to try is turning the TV off for a minute or so, and then turning it back on to see if the pixel has come back. It's been known for pixels to come back after a few days, but it can also last months and sometimes years.

Dead pixels

Unfortunately, dead pixels can't be fixed so easily. They'll usually need a repair or replacement. Most manufacturers won't think that one dead pixel is enough to repair it for you under the waranty though. If there's a group of them, or they're in a certain place, a manufacturer might repair it under warranty, but you'd have to check.

If that's not fixed the problem, you can get more help from Team Knowhow here.

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