Fixing smart TV connection problems


It can be frustrating when your kit goes wrong, and network problems can be the most frustrating of all - but often the easiest to fix. Here are five quick fixes to get your TV connected to your network.  

Make sure you're connected to the right network


The first thing to check is that your TV is connecting to the correct network. These days, Wi-Fi signals can cover large distances, which means you'll often see all of your neighbour's networks when you look at the available connections.  

If you're not sure what the name of your network is, it should be written on your router.   

You'll need to go into your TV's settings menu and go to the network options. Then just make sure you choose the name of your network from the list.  

Reset your router


A lot of things these days can be fixed by simply turning them off and on, and your router is no different. If it's your router that's causing the problem, it'll probably be affecting other things too, like your smartphone, or tablet. 

To fix router issues, just try pressing the reset button and letting it reboot. It can take a few minutes to check the network settings and get everything connected again. If you're still having problems with your router and none of your devices are connecting, you'll need to get in touch with your service provider to get it sorted. 

Make sure your router isn't too far away from the TV


If your router is too far from the TV, the connection might drop out intermittently, or it might not connect at all. 

To fix this you can either move the TV and router closer together, or you could use a Powerline to extend the range of your Wi-Fi. Powerlines plug into the electrical sockets in your house, boosting the signal to make sure your devices stay connected wherever they are. 

Check the parental controls on your TV


Most modern smart TVs include parental control settings to help keep little ones safe online and to stop them racking up big bills by downloading things like movies, or games. But parental controls can also restrict internet access altogether - so if someone's switched it on by accident, you might think it's dropped off the network. 

You'll find the parental controls in the settings menu on your TV, but if you're struggling to find them, you might need to check the user manual. 

Try plugging your TV into the router


If your TV is located close to the router and you're experiencing Wi-Fi connection problems, you could try connecting it directly to the router using an ethernet cable. Most smart TVs come with an ethernet port and wired connections will always be a more stable, and reliable way of connecting your kit. 

You just need to find the ethernet (or LAN) port on the back of the TV – it looks the same as the square ports on the back of your router. Plug one end into the TV and the other end into the router, and you're connected – no passwords are needed for wired connections. 

Hopefully, that's everything you need to get your smart TV back online, but if you'd like help with anything else, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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