Kit Guide: Fixing a bad picture caused by a TV aerial


This guide shows you the things you can try if you're getting a bad picture through your TV aerial.

Fixing the problem


The problem could be caused by a few different things. Here's what you should check.

Check the connections

The first thing to check is to make sure that aerial is plugged into the TV properly. If it is, check the cable itself and make sure it's not damaged. A bad cable won't let the picture come through.

Check your coverage

You can check here to see what channels you can get in your area. Most of the country should be fine, but there might still be low coverage in some areas.

Upgrade your aerial

If you've checked your connections and your coverage and you've still got a problem, you might need to upgrade your aerial. The aerial can be a small one that sits next to your TV, or a bigger one that's attached to the roof of your house.

The bigger, external ones will give a better, stronger signal, but they're more expensive, and you'll need to get an engineer to fit it. The smaller ones that sit inside are easier to fit, but the signal can get blocked easily by things like big trees or other buildings, meaning you might need to move the aerial around the room to find the signal.

Signal boosters

The last thing you can try is a signal booster, or amplifier. This will only fix things if your problem is between the aerial and the TV, it can't make your coverage better. This can be really useful if you've got one aerial that splits the signal to more than one TV. Another thing they're useful for is stopping interference from other devices like mobile phones because they block some of the signals.


If you're still having a problem, or you've got any other questions, give a Team Knowhow Expert a call here.

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