Kit Guide: Fixing a scratched TV screen

Most small scratches that aren't very noticeable can be left alone, because trying to fix them can cause more problems. Here's what you can do to sort out your scratched screen.

Fixing the problem


Here's some things you can do to fix a scratched TV screen.

  • Scratch repair kit: If the scratch is quite small and not too deep, you might be able to use a scratch repair kit. These kits have a liquid in them that can be put on the TV to get rid of the scratches, but it will only work for surface level scratches and won't help deeper scratches.
  • Screen repair: A very deep scratch will most likely need to be fixed by an engineer. The cost of doing it can vary, and in some cases it could be cheaper to get a new TV.

If you need any more help, or want to book a repair, give a Team Knowhow Expert a call here.

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