Kit Guide: Fixing a blank TV screen


When your TV won't come on it can be a pain. There's some things you can check to try and get it working again, and we've gone through them in this guide.

Fixing a blank TV screen


The first thing to do is check whether you can get anything up on the screen. On your remote, press the 'settings' or 'menu' button. If the menu pops up as usual, then the TV is probably fine. Try pressing the 'source' button and switching to something different. If you're still not getting any picture, check and make sure that everything is plugged in properly.

If you're still not getting picture, turn the TV, and anything connected to it, off for 10 seconds. Turn everything back and see if the picture comes back.

If you're still not getting anything then there might be a problem with the TV. One of our Team Knowhow Experts can help you get it sorted here.

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