How to share screenshots and video clips from your Xbox One


If you’ve ever wondered how to show off your skill at the latest games, you've come to the right place. Learn how to take screenshots and video clips, and share them with the world - or just a few friends if you prefer.

Capture the action


You can only capture screenshots and video while you’re playing games, so if you try to do it anywhere else (like menus or in other apps) it won’t work.

To take a snapshot:

home screen
capture screenshot

Press the Xbox button on the controller.


When the guide menu opens:

  • Press X to save a video clip of the last 10 minutes gameplay
  • Press Y to save a screenshot
  • Press View then Record from now to record the next 10 minutes action

To share it immediately, press Xbox when you see the confirmation appear at the bottom of the screen.

share your content

Share your screenshot or video, or choose another option if you want to delete it or set it as the Xbox background.


Pick where to share your media to:

  • Activity Feed: Let your Xbox Live friends see what you've been up to when they view their home screen's Community tab
  • Message: Send it directly to a friend in a private message
  • Club: Share it to an Xbox Club that you belong to
  • Twitter: Tweet it to your followers with a custom message
  • OneDrive: Save it to your OneDrive account so you can get to it on any device

If you're sharing to Twitter, write your tweet (complete with hashtags) and click Share now.

A confirmation screen will tell you when your content's been shared. Click Go back to return to your game.

Find and share your media


Screenshots and video captures are stored on the Xbox’s hard drive as soon as you capture them.


manage captures
browse your media
choose an item

Press Xbox > View then See all if you had a game open or Manage captures if you didn't.


Look for the item you want to share, using the drop-down filters to help you. Highlight it, then press A to select.


Click See all (if you had a game open) or Manage captures (if you didn't).

item options
share menu
grid view

When the item opens, you'll see buttons to Share, Upload and Delete it.


Share your item to your Activity feed, Twitter and more.


The grid view to helps you manage your screenshots and video clips, letting you delete and share multiple files at the same time.

Hopefully, you'll be sharing your clips and screenshots alrady, but if you need more help you can contact an expert from Team Knowhow, or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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