How to set up an Xbox One


Now that you’ve got your Xbox One, One S or One X home, it’s time to get it set up and ready to use. Don’t worry if you’ve never had a games console before, we’ll show you what to do and how to do it.

Connect the cables

Start by finding the power and HDMI leads in the box. Use the HDMI cable to connect the Xbox to your TV, and plug in the mains power lead.

If the Xbox is close enough to your router, use an ethernet cable to connect them together for the best results. You could use Wi-Fi instead, but a wired connection helps to reduce latency (the time taken for your Xbox to send data to and from a game server) to give the best experience.

Complete the Setup Wizard

When you turn your Xbox One on for the first time you'll see the 'Setup Wizard', which will help you get the console ready to use. Press the Xbox button on the front of the console to turn it on, then do the same with the controller.

Use the D-pad (or direction pad - the cross-shaped button on the left) Xbox controller to highlight and change settings, press the 'A' button to pick an option and move forward, and press the 'B' button to go back to a previous screen. Just remember that some screens won't give you the option to go back.

welcome screen
pick a wifi network
enter the wireless key

Pick the language to use on your Xbox then press A.


If you've connected the Xbox One to your router with an ethernet cable, choose Use wired connection. If not, pick your Wi-Fi network from the list and press A.


Type the wireless password (you'll find it on a sticker on your router) and click the Menu button ().

youre connected
update the xbox
sign in

When you've connected, press A to move on. If something went wrong, try to connect again.


Your console needs to be updated so its operating system is up-to-date. It might take a while, so it's probably a good time to put the kettle on. Press A to continue.


You'll need to set up an account to manage your console and content, and set your gamertag (the name you use in-game, and within Xbox communities). Click Next.

enter account details
type your password
check privacy statement

Type your existing account information and press Menu to sign in, or click Get a new email and complete the form.


If you're signing in, type your password and press Menu.


You'll see some basic information about privacy settings. Check the Privacy statement in full if you'd like to, or click Next to move on.

sign in options
link your controller
your profile

Choose a sign-in option:

  • No barriers: Least secure, most usable. No extra steps needed to sign into your account or change settings
  • Ask for my passkey: Compromise between security and usability. Set and use a passkey to sign in, change settings and buy things in the store.
  • Lock it down: Most secure. You'll need to type your Microsoft account password to get into the settings and sign in.

If you choose the Passkey option, you'll be asked to set it before you move on to the next screen.


Linking your controller helps you sign in quickly. Choose Link controller, or Skip this.


You'll see your gamertag and gamerpic (your gamertag's profile picture) along with information about how to change them. Press A.

choose a colour
join xbox live gold
redeem code

Pick a colour for the home screen tiles and click Next.


Xbox Live Gold is Microsoft's multiplayer gaming service. Members also get up to £500 worth of free games to download every year. Click Continue.


Many consoles come with a Live Gold free trial. Check the packaging for a card with an activation code, and click Use a code to redeem it or click No thanks to leave it for now.

enter code
confirm you agree
success screen

If you've got a code, type it into the box (the dashes will fill in automatically) then press Menu.


Click View Terms to see the full terms & conditions and click Confirm when you're ready to go on.


When you see the trial's been activated, click Close.

power options
welcome screens
finish setting up

Choose a power profile for your Xbox One:

  • Energy-saving: Shuts down completely which saves power, but takes longer to start up again. You might be interrupted to install updates.
  • Instant-on: A low-power standby mode that starts quickly and downloads updates while you're not using the Xbox.

You'll find some useful tips on the last few screens, with links to videos and other helpful content from Microsoft. Click Next to move between them.


When you reach the Thank you screen, click Exit to close the Setup Wizard.

xbox one home screen

Now you'll be looking at your Xbox One's home screen. Press the Xbox button on the controller to come back here at any time.

Hopefully your new Xbox One console's up and running, and connected to the internet. Get in touch with an expert from Team Knowhow for more help and support, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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