How to stream media from your Mac to Xbox One


Streaming content from your Mac to your Xbox One can be a bit tricky, as they weren't exactly designed to work well with each other. But the good news is it's still possible, and we'll show you how.

Universal Media Server and the Media Player app


In order for your Xbox One to be able to see your films, TV shows and any other content from your Mac, you'll have to set up the Mac so that it acts as a media server.

The simplest way is by downloading and running a program called Universal Media Server (UMS). UMS will broadcast any folders you choose to any compatible devices, like your Xbox One.

Before you begin, you'll need to make sure your Mac has Java 6 installed on it. Click here to download Java 6 from Apple.

Once you've got Java installed, go to the Universal Media Server website and download the Mac version by clicking the Apple logo. Once downloaded, open up the file and drag the Universal Media Server app to the Applications folder on your Mac.

universal media server 1

With the UMS Main Panel open, click the Navigation/Share settings tab.


Now under the shared folders section, highlight All drives and press the red X to remove this share.


Press the folder icon to choose which folder you want to add as a share.


Choose the folder that contains the type of media you want to stream. You can do this multiple times to set up folders for movies, TV shows, music etc.

Universal media server 2

The folders are now ready to be streamed, but you need to restart the server to finish adding them. Click on Restart Server at the top to complete the process.

Universal Media Server is now set up and ready to go. The next step is to stream to your Xbox One.

Using the Media Player App

The great thing about the Media Player app on your Xbox is that it can see your Plex Media Server perfectly and give you access to all the media you have set up.


Open up your Apps and Games from your Start screen.


From the Apps menu, find and open Media Player.


Media Player will open, and within a few seconds your Media Server will appear.


Select on your Server, and then navigate to the folder with your music or videos in - for example TV Shows. Select an item to start playing it.

Plex Media Server


Plex is very easy to set up and can download metadata or descriptive text for all your shows. It works with most devices and gives you a lot more options beyond just the Xbox One. 

Install and set up Plex Media Server on your Mac

plex install 1

First, download Plex by clicking here. Once it's downloaded, copy it to your Applications folder. Double-click on the Plex Media Server app to begin setting it up.


You'll be asked to sign in with a Plex account. It's optional, so for now choose the option at the bottom that says Don't want an account?


Next you will need to read and accept the End User Agreement by clicking Agree at the bottom.


You will then be asked to sign up again, but you can skip this for now.

Plex setup 2

You'll see the Basic Setup screen. We can leave the default options and click Next.


Now we can start to add to our server, so hit the Add Section button.


Choose the type of content: Movies, TV Shows, Music etc.


You will be asked to Add folder, so select the folder where your videos are stored then press Save.

plex setup 3

You can repeat this for any other sections you wish to add, like Music.


Once you've chosen some sections, click Next.


Plex will now ask you whether you want to add any channels. Skip this for now by pressing the Next button.


Now you've finished the Basic Setup, press Done to finish.

Play using the Plex App

The Plex app is now completely free to use and can be downloaded from the Store on your Xbox, so to download it just pop in to the Store, go to the Apps section and look for Plex. Once it's downloaded, open the app. You'll have the option to pair or sign in. Once you are signed in you should be able to see your entire library and access it all through the Xbox.

Using your smartphone


This method uses your Plex on your smartphone like a remote control - you select what you want to watch, then push it to your Xbox One. The Plex app is available for iPhone and Android devices, so download the correct version to begin.

stream xbox smartphone app

Open the Plex app, tap Local Network and select your Media Server.


Tap the type of media you want (Video, Music or Photo) and browse for the file you want to play.


Once you've chosen a song or video, your phone will open the file and you will be asked which screen to play the file on. This is where you will see your XBox One listed!


Tap on your Xbox One, and the file will start to play on your console.

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