How to get Spotify working with Amazon Echo

By Martin Driver 25 Jun 2018

Spotify works really well with all Amazon Echo devices. It’s easy to get it working too - just follow the steps in this simple guide.

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Download the app to your phone, tablet, or laptop


The first thing to do is download the Spotify app. You can get it on all Android and iOS devices, along with any Windows or Apple laptop.

Amazon Alexa Android iOS Windows OS X

However, you need a Premium account, as the free one with adverts won’t work with Alexa. If you’re into music it’s worth it, as Premium users can stream higher quality music and listen without adverts interrupting things.

Activate Spotify on the Alexa app


The next thing to do it set Spotify as your default music app, which tells Alexa to look for music in Spotify before anywhere else. It’s a good idea as it shortens voice commands to make playing songs easier.

Just follow the steps below:

Open the Alexa app on Android or Apple
Press the Music & Media link
Select Link account
Choose Spotify as the default music service

Open the Alexa app and press the Settings icon at the top of the screen (the three horizontal lines).


Tap Music & Media


Press on Spotify, followed by Link account


Go back to the Music & Media menu and select Choose default music services

Under ‘Default music library’, press Spotify

List of commands


Once Spotify is set up and activated, you’re ready to try out some voice commands.

You need to ask Alexa to play songs in a specific way, but they're pretty easy to get your head around.

Amazon Echo commands for Spotify

Start all your commands with:

"Alexa, play..."

[Song] by [artist]

e.g. “Alexa, play Pet Sematary by The Ramones”

[Album] by [artist]

e.g. “Alexa, play Clarity by Jimmy Eat World”

[Name of playlist]

e.g. “Alexa, play 80’s smash hits”


e.g. "Alexa, play some 90’s R&B"

*Note: if you didn’t choose Spotify as your default music library, you need to say ‘on Spotify’ after all the commands above.

Wireless speakers


If you have several Alexa speakers, just say the name of the speaker you want to play it on after you request a song.

Using Spotify & Alexa with wireless speakers

Start your commands with:

"Alexa, play..."

[song] by [artist] [speaker name]

e.g. "Alexa, play ‘Teen Age Riot’ by ‘Sonic Youth’ in the living room"

For Bluetooth or smart speakers like Bose Multi-Room or Sonos, just add your usual command at the end of the chain.

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