Setting up your Amazon Echo Spot



An Amazon Echo is a great way to get started building your smart home, you can use it to control loads of other devices around the house. Before you get started setting up your Echo Spot, you’ll need to have an Amazon account. If you don’t already have one, you can set up an Amazon account here.

Setting it up


There are a few steps you need to go through before you can start chatting with Alexa. We’ll take you through them one by one. The Echo Spot has a touchscreen, so you can just tap your selections or scroll up and down if you need to.

turn on spot
pick a language
choose wifi network

When you turn your Echo Spot on for the first time, you’ll hear Alexa say “Hello, ready for setup” and you’ll need to pick a language. Just tap the language you’d like to use.


Next, you’ll need to connect it to a network. Pick the name of your network from the list. You might need to scroll up to find your network.


Tap your network name, and type your password.

confirm wi-fi network
log in to amazon account
confirm amazon account

Tap the blue tick to connect.


Log in to your Amazon account by entering your E-mail or Phone and Password. Then tap the blue tick.


You’ll see a welcome screen asking you to confirm that it’s found the right account and that you agree to Amazon’s ‘Conditions of Use & Sale’. Tap the link if you want to read through them, then tap Yes, That’s Me.

pick your time zone
name your spot
check for updates

Your Echo Spot should find the correct time zone, confirm it by tapping the blue arrow.


You can rename your Spot if you like, or tap the blue arrow to continue.


Your Spot will download and install any available updates and when it’s finished, you’ll see a short video showing you some of the things Alexa can do.

That’s the Setup done. To get the most out of your Echo Spot, we’d recommend downloading the Amazon app to your tablet or smartphone, you can get it here for Android or iOS.

Getting started with your Echo Spot


Now that it’s set up, here are a few things to try asking Alexa.

Checking the weather

Alexa can give you the weather forecast for anywhere in the world, just try asking “Alexa, what’s the weather like in Manchester tomorrow”.

Get the latest news

Asking “Alexa, what’s the news” will give you a quick rundown of the main news stories.

You can also choose which news sources Alexa uses. Open the Alexa app on your phone or tablet, then tap the three lines at the top left and go to SettingsFlash Briefing. From here you can tap on the news sources you’d like Alexa to use for your updates.

Make lists

Whether it’s a shopping list or your household to-do list, Alexa can keep track of all of it. Just say “Alexa, add bacon to my shopping list”, and if you need a reminder of what’s already on there, just say “Alexa, what’s on my shopping list?”.

Setting alarms and timers

Alexa can be super-helpful for setting alarms and timers. You can use Alexa to set your morning wake up alarm, or to help you avoid cooking disasters, for example - “Alexa, remind me to put the potatoes in the oven in 30 minutes”.

There are loads more things Alexa can help with, take a look at our Complete guide to Amazon Echo to find out what else she can do.

Hopefully, that's helped you get started with your Amazon Echo Spot. If you'd like help with anything else, contact an expert from Team Knowhow.

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