Kit Guide: Wileyfox Swift - using it


This guide takes you through the basics of using the Wileyfox Swift.

If you haven't set it up yet, you can find out how here. Once you’re comfortable using your phone, this guide helps you to get the most out of it.

1. Making phone calls


This section of our guide shows you how to make calls with the Wileyfox Swift.

Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 1
Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 2
Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 3
Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 4

From the Home screen, tap the Phone icon (usually it can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen).


You can use the keypad to enter the number you want to call and then touch the blue phone button to begin the call.


You can also spell out the name of a contact with the keys. Tap their name when it appears to call them.


If you prefer, you can call people from your address book by tapping Contacts in the bottom right-hand corner.

Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 5
Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 6
Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 7
Wileyfox Swift Making Calls 8

Pressing the three dots in the bottom far-right corner and selecting Settings opens the call menu. Here you can activate TrueCaller, automatically block spam calls, and block calls from withheld numbers.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Whether you want to send a simple text or share images, the steps below take you through texting from on the Wileyfox Swift.

Wileyfox Swift Sending Texts 1
Wileyfox Swift Sending Texts 2
Wileyfox Swift Sending Texts 3

Open the Messaging app - the icon is a white speech bubble with a smiley face on it.


Tap the pen & paper icon at the top of the screen to open a new blank message.


Choose who the message will be sent to by touching To.


Either enter a mobile number with the numeric keyboard, or start typing a name and tap on their contact information when it appears. You can add more than one recipient, and send the same message to several people at once.


Touch the Enter message box and type your message.


If you're just sending text, tap the green Send button.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

Wileyfox Swift Sending Texts 4
Wileyfox Swift Sending Texts 5
Wileyfox Swift Sending Texts 6

If you want to add an attachment, such as a picture, video, or audio file, follow the steps above but don’t send the message.


To add a file, tap the paper clip in the top-right corner of the screen.


Choose what type of file you want to attach by tapping the icon. If you're sending a picture or video it’ll be sent as a multimedia message, which might cost more than a normal text. For more information, check your phone contract or ask your service provider.


Tap the documents to attach it to your text.


Add any extra text and tap Send.


Open the Messaging app.


Touch and hold on the name of the person whose messages you want to delete.



Tap delete.



Press Confirm to permanently remove the message from the phone.

3. Sending emails


Following the steps below takes you through creating and sending new emails. If you haven’t added your email account yet, we cover it in our Wileyfox Swift setup guide.


Sending an email

Wileyfox Swift Sending Email 1
Wileyfox Swift Sending Email 2
Wileyfox Swift Sending Email 3

Press the white pen & paper icon to open a new blank email.


Touch To. Type the email address or choose the recipient if you have them in your contacts list. You can add other addresses or contacts to the send the email, or to several people at once.


Enter a Subject.


Press the centre of the screen and enter your text.


Send the email by tapping the arrow icon in the top-right of the screen.


Adding an attachment


Wileyfox Swift Sending Email 4
Wileyfox Swift Sending Email 5
Wileyfox Swift Sending Email 6

To send an email with attachments, follow the steps above to number five (don’t send it yet).


Tap the paper clip in the bar at the top of the screen.


Choose the type of file you want to attach.


Navigate through the files on your phone and tap on the ones you want to attach.


If you’re attaching a large image, you might be asked if you want to resize it, which will reduce the amount of data it costs to send the email if you’re using mobile internet.

Complete your mail and tap the envelope to send it.

4. Setting alarms


You can use the Wileyfox Swift to wake you up in the morning by setting alarms. These steps show you how.

Wileyfox Swift Fox Setting Alarms 1
Wileyfox Swift Fox Setting Alarms 2
Wileyfox Swift Fox Setting Alarms 3

From the Home screen, tap Apps followed by the Clock icon.


The buttons across the top of the app open the alarms, world clock, stopwatch, and timer functions. Open the alarm if it isn’t already.


Tap + to set a new alarm.


Highlight the hour you want the alarm to go off and press Ok. Repeat for the minutes.

Wileyfox Swift Fox Setting Alarms 4
Wileyfox Swift Fox Setting Alarms 5
Wileyfox Swift Fox Setting Alarms 6

If you want the alarm to automatically go off on specific days, tick the repeat box and select the days you want.


Further down this screen you can adjust the melody, volume, vibration, and snooze duration for each alarm.


Your new alarm will now show up in the menu. To turn the alarm on and off, tap the orange circle next to it. If it’s orange, it’s active.


To delete an alarm, touch the time and press the Recycle bin icon at the bottom of the list.

5. Tips

Below are a couple of features unique to the Swift.


Audio FX settings


The Wileyfox Swift has an audio booster that lets you tweak the phone's sound to suit you. You can choose from pre-set profiles designed for specific genres, such as Classical or Heavy Metal, or adjust the frequency levels yourself using the graphic equaliser. If something just needs a bit more low or top end, the MaxxBass and MaxxTreble knobs let you quickly turn them up.

Audio FX is an app, so it can be found in the main apps list - just scroll through to find it.

Audio FX

Setting the buttons to left-handed mode


You can swap the position of the Home, Back, and App buttons when the phone’s in landscape mode, which stops left-handed users from accidentally hitting the Home button.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll down and open the Buttons
  3. Tap the switch next to Left-handed mode to swap them round.
Wileyfox Swift Buttons

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