Kit Guide: Vodafone Smart First 6 - using it


We've written this guide to help you use some of the core features of your phone. These include making a phone call, sending messages, and setting alarms.

1. Making phone calls


Read through these steps to learn how to make calls on your phone.

Smart First 6 Phone 1
Smart First 6 Phone 2
Smart First 6 Phone 3
Smart First 6 Phone 4

Tap the Phone icon from the Home screen.


Tap the dialler keypad button at the bottom to bring up the number pad, or tap in the search box to bring up the keyboard.


Choose a contact by typing a name or number, then tap their name to call them.


Tap the clock in the bottom corner to look at your call history. 

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


These steps will help you send text messages, and messages with attachments.

Sending texts

Smart First 6 Texts 1
Smart First 6 Texts 2
Smart First 6 Texts 3

Tap the Messaging app from the Home screen, which looks like a red speech bubble.


Tap the compose button, which looks like a speech bubble with a +.


Tap in the To box, and type a name or number. Tap the contact you want to text.


Tap in the Enter message box, and type your message. Tap the arrow to send.

Adding an attachment

Smart First 6 Texts 4
Smart First 6 Texts 5
Smart First 6 Texts 6

To add an attachment, follow the steps above from 1 to 3, then tap the + icon at the left of the text box.


Find the files you want to attach and tap them. You can also take a new picture, voice recording, or video. Remember, this will be sent as an MMS message and you may be charged, You can check the cost of MMS messages with your network.


When you've attached the items you want, it'll show in the message. You can add text and send by pressing the arrow.

Deleting a message thread

To delete a thread, open the Messaging app and look for the conversation you want to delete. Tap and hold on the person's name, and a tickbox will appear next to it. Tap the bin at the top to delete.

3. Sending emails


You'll need to have an email account set up on your phone before you can use it.

Sending an email

Smart First 6 Email 1
Smart First 6 Email 2
Smart First 6 Email 3
Smart First 6 Email 4

Go to Apps Gmail and tap the compose button, which looks like a white pen in a red circle.


Tap in the To line and start typing the name of your contact, and tap the name to select them. You can add more contacts this way if you want.


Type your Subject in the 'Subject' line.


Tap in the white area to type your message. To send, tap the arrow.

Adding an attachment

Smart First 6 Email 5
Smart First 6 Email 6
Smart First 6 Email 7

To add an attachment, follow the steps above from 1 to 4, tap the paperclip at the top, then tap Attach file.


Look through the folders on your phone to find the file(s) you want to attach, and tap to choose them. Tap Done.


You might be asked to resize them, which is useful if you're using mobile data, because sending large attachments will use a lot of data.


You can add text, and send by tapping the arrow.

4. Setting alarms


To set an alarm on your phone, follow these steps:

Smart First 6 Alarms 1
Smart First 6 Alarms 2
Smart First 6 Alarms 3
Smart First 6 Alarms 4

Go to Apps > Clock, or tap the clock on your Home screen.


Tap the alarm clock icon, then tap +.



Drag your finger to the hour of the alarm. Do this again for the minutes. Tap OK.


Tap the Repeat box if you want to set the alarm for multiple days (like weekdays). Tick the days you want to alarm to sound, and tap OK.

Smart First 6 Alarms 5
Smart First 6 Alarms 6
Smart First 6 Alarms 7
Smart First 6 Alarms 8

You'll see your alarm in the menu. To turn an alarm on or off, tap the blue switch to the right of it.

5. Tips


Your Smart First 6 has many useful features to make your life easier. Below are a couple that you might find particularly helpful.

Monitoring your data usage

Your phone comes with a data monitor to help you track your data use.

To get to the Data Monitor, go to Settings > Data Usage, then tap on your Network name and tap Data usage cycle to pick your billing cycle.

Use the two coloured sliders to help you. The red one shows your data limit, and the orange one gives you a warning when you get close to your limit.

Bear in mind that your phone might interpret the data usage slightly different to how your mobile network calculates it. It could be worth setting the sliders a little below the allowance, at least until you see how they compare.

Checking your battery use

There's a battery monitor built into the phone to show you which hardware and apps are using power.

Go to Settings Battery management Battery to see an estimate of how long the power will last.

You can switch on power saving by going to Settings Battery management, and turning on the Saving mode switch. You can also turn off specific services, like Bluetooth or GPS.

That should be everything you need to get started using your phone, but if you need any extra help, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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