Kit Guide: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium - use it


We've written this guide to help you get to grips with some of the main features of your Xperia Z5 Premium.

1. Making phone calls


These steps will show you how to make a call on your phone.

Z5 Premium calls

Tap the phone icon from the Home screen.


You'll see your recent call history list, so you can call someone back by tapping their name.


You can also use the green keypad to type a number or name, and matching contacts will appear. Tap their name and the green call button.


You can tap in the search box at the top to look for contacts directly.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


These steps will teach you how to send texts and multimedia messages from your phone.

Sending texts

Z5 Premium Messages 1

Tap the Messaging app from your Home screen. It looks like a white speech bubble with a smiley on it. If you have unread messages, you'll see a red badge in the corner.


Tap Get started (for the first time you open the app).


Tap the compose button, which is a white pen in a green circle.


Tap in the Enter one or more recipients box.

Z5 Premium Messages 2

You can type in a number, or start to type a contact's name. Tap on the contact to choose them. You can add more contacts this way.


Tap in the Write message box and type your message. Tap the green arrow to send.


To send attachments, tap the paperclip.


You'll see options to go through the files on your phone and choose them. You can also take a new picture, video, or voice recording, and attach that. Tap the green arrow to send your message.

Deleting a message thread

  1. Open the Messaging app. 
  2. Touch and hold on the thread you want to delete, and a tickbox will appear next to it.
  3. Tap the bin.

3. Sending emails


You'll need to have an account set up before you can use emails on your phone. If you haven't done this yet, our Setup guide will help.

Sending an email and adding attachments

Tap the app your account is set up in from the Apps list. This is either Mail or Gmail.

Z5 Premium Attach 1

Tap the compose button, which looks like a pen in a circle.


If you've added more than one email account, to change where you want your email to send from, tap the down arrow next to the From line and tap the email address you want.


Tap in the To line and start typing the contact's name, and matching contacts will appear. Tap on the right one to add them. You can add more contacts like this.


Type a Subject in the next line.

Z5 Premium Attach 2

Tap in the Compose email box, and type your message. 


To add an attachment, tap the paperclip at the top. You can choose from where to attach the item.


Attach file lets you send a file on your phone. Insert from Drive lets you attach a file from your Google Drive. You can also take a new picture, video, or voice recording.


Add more attachments if you like, and send by tapping the right arrow at the top.

4. Setting alarms


Read through these steps to find out how to set alarms.

Z5 Premium Alarm

Go to Apps > Alarm & clock, or tap the clock on your Home screen.


Tap the first icon, the alarm clock, to set an alarm.


Alarm already set will show in a list. Tap the green circle with a + in to set a new alarm.


You can set the time, repeated days (like weekdays), alarm text, sound, volume, and vibration. Tap Save.

5. Tips


Your Xperia Z5 Premium has other features beyond simply calling and texting. We've written these tips to help you get the most of it.

Device connection

You can mirror your Z5 Premium's display on a smart TV, if it's Miracast or Google-cast compliant. You can also add a Chromecast and display your phone through that.

You can play the Z5's content on other wireless devices, like a tablet, and play the music and videos stored on the phone.

You can pair a PlayStation 3 or 4 controller and use it to play games on your Xperia, and you can pair a Windows 8 PC to use the phone's internet connection.

To set all this up, go to Apps > Settings > Device.

Maximising your battery life

The Z5 Premium comes with some tools to help you extend your battery life. Go to Settings Power management.

You can turn on features like Stamina mode and Ultra Stamina mode (which extends battery but limits functionality). 

Low-battery mode turns off certain functions to save power (but this will impact how the phone works).

You can also turn off features like location-based Wi-Fi, to keep your phone running longer.

Monitoring your data usage

To open the Data Monitor, go to Apps Settings > Data Usage.

You can set your billing date so data is measured from when your allowance resets. Tick Set mobile data limit to stop your data usage if you go over the limit.

Bear in mind that your phone might calculate the data usage slightly differently to how your mobile network calculates it.

You'll now be able to use your Xperia Z5 Premium. If you still need help, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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