Kit Guide: Sony Xperia Z5 Premium - setting it up


This guide will help you set up your Xperia Z5 Premium phone - from putting in the SIM and memory cards, to protecting it with a lock screen.

Sony Xperia Z5 Premium User Guide

If you need to download a copy of the user guide for your phone, you can get it here


1. Box contents


These are the items you'll find in the box:

  • Sony Xperia Z5 Premium
  • Mains power adapter
  • USB media cable
  • Screen protector
  • Information pack

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The Z5 Premium takes a nano-SIM card, and if you have one, it also takes a microSD (memory) card.

Z5 Premium SIM

Look for a cover on the top left side of the phone.


Use your thumbnail to prise this cover away, and pull out the card carrier with your thumbnail.


Place the nano-SIM into the slot nearest to the phone, with the gold-coloured contacts facing up.


If you have a memory card, place this in the outer slot, with the gold-coloured contacts facing up.

3. Completing the Z5 Premium Setup Wizard


Turn on the phone by holding in the power button on the right side, until you feel a vibration. You'll see the 'Setup Wizard' first screen, which is a series of steps to help you get set up. 

Setting it up

Z5 Premium Setup 1

You'll see a list of languages. English (United Kingdom) is the default, but you can choose a different one by scrolling through the list and tapping on it. Tap Start.


Read and agree to the 'important information', which includes warranty information. Tap Next.


The next page is about connecting to the internet. Tap Mobile network and Wi-Fi if you have mobile data, or tap Wi-Fi only. Tap Next.


Tap Change if you want to change the time and date.

Z5 Premium Setup 2

You might have to turn off the switches for Automatic date & time, and automatic time zone to change these settings.


Tap on Set date, then pick the date and tap OK. Tap Set time and pick the time, then tap OK and Done.


Tap Next.


You'll be asked to connect to Wi-Fi. Tap Search for networks, or Skip. We don't recommend skipping, as the phone will download updates after Setup, and this can use a lot of mobile data.

Z5 Premium Setup 3

Tap your network name.


Type your wireless password, which can be found on a sticker on your router. Tap Connect.


The word 'Connected' will show under your wireless network name, and a fan-shaped Wi-Fi symbol will appear at the top. Tap Next.


You can type Connect to new network if you need to change the settings, or tap Next.

Z5 Premium Setup 4

You'll be asked to add a Google account, which is the most important account an Android phone can have. Without one you can't download apps or back up your phone. Tap Get started.


Tap & Go lets you bring over data from an old Android handset using NFC, but as not all Android phones support NFC, we'll skip this.


If you have a Google account, type your email address, and tap Next. If you don't have a Google account, tap create a new account.

Z5 Premium Setup 5

If you're signing in, type your password, then Next. If you're creating a new account, complete the form.


Read and agree to Google's 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policy'. Tap Accept.


To buy apps or media from the Play Store, you'll need to add a payment method. Tap your chosen billing option, or tap Remind me later if you want to do this later.


On the next page, you can choose if you want to back up your phone to the Google account. Tap More.

Z5 Premium Setup 6

You can choose to turn on 'location services' to improve maps and searching, and send information to help improve Android. Untick any boxes if you want, then tap Next.


You'll see a confirmation screen. Tap Next.


The next page asks if you want to use Sony services.  You can Sign in with Google to do this, or tap Skip.


If you've skipped, you'll see a pop-up telling you about securing your phone. You can Go back to turn it on, or Skip, and come back to it later. We cover screen locks later, so we recommend skipping.

Z5 Premium Setup 7

Tap Finish.


You'll see a disclaimer telling you the phone will check for updates when you're connected to Wi-Fi. Tap Next.


You can choose whether or not to send diagnostic information (data about errors so Sony can improve). Tap OK to go to your Home screen.

Touchscreen buttons

The three icons at the bottom of your screen are used for navigating your phone. 

'Home' (house): Takes you to the Home screen from any screen or app.

'Back' (triangle): Goes back one screen.

'Menu' (square): Shows previously used apps.

4. Connecting to the Internet


These steps will help you connect to the internet using Wi-Fi.

Connecting the Xperia Z5 Premium to a Wi-Fi network

S5 Premium WiFi

From your Home screen, go to Apps > Settings > Wi-Fi, and make sure the switch is On.


Tap your network name.


Type the password, which should be on a sticker on your router.


The word 'Connected' will show below the network name, and there'll be a fan-shaped Wi-Fi symbol at the top.

5. Setting up new email accounts


This section covers setting up new email accounts. You can add both work and education accounts ('Exchange'), and personal accounts ('IMAP' or the older 'POP'). If you're unsure which account you have, our APN settings guide will help.

Z5 Email 1

Go to Apps > Settings Accounts.


Tap Add account.


Choose your account type. If you tap the red M, your email will be delivered to Gmail. If you choose another option, email will be sent to the Email app.


Type your email address and tap Next.

Z5 Email 1

Type your password and tap Next/Continue/Sign in.


You might need to give your phone permission to go on certain parts of your account. Tap Agree.


You'll be taken to the Account settings page to set notifications, and how often to check for email. Tap Next.


Type your name, which will be displayed on emails you send. Tap Next.

If you can't add your email account, you'll need to do a manual Setup. Our guide to email server settings will help.

6. Setting up a lock screen


We always recommend setting up a lock screen, to protect the private information on your phone.

Z5 Premium Security 1

From your Home screen, go to Apps Settings Security.


Tap Screen lock. To add fingerprint unlocking, tap Fingerprint Manager.

Z5 Premium Security 2

If you're adding fingerprint unlocking, you'll need to add a PIN or Password as a backup. Tap Get started.


Choose your unlock method by tapping PIN or Password.


Type your chosen code, then tap Continue.


Type your code again, then tap OK.


You can choose how you see notifications when your phone is locked. You can choose to Show all notification contentHide sensitive content (you'll see you've received a message, but not the contents) or Don't show notifications. Tap Next.


The fingerprint sensor is in the Power button. Tap Got it.


Place your finger or thumb on the power button, removing it when you feel a vibration before replacing it again. You'll see a screen telling you that you can scan your print when you see the icon instead of using a password. Tap Done.


You can rename your print. To add more prints, tap + Register fingerprint.

Your phone will be set up and ready to use now. If you need any extra help, you can get in touch with one of our Team Knowhow experts here

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