Kit Guide: Sony Xperia Z3+ - setting it up


We've written this guide to help you get your Sony Z3+ up and ready to use.

Box contents


Here's a list of things you'll find when you open the box for the first time.

  • Sony Xperia Z3 Plus
  • Mains power adapter
  • USB media cable
  • Screen protector
  • Information pack

Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The Sony Xperia Z3 uses a Nano-SIM card, which fits into a slot on the side of the phone. If you're going to add a microSD card to increase the phone's storage capacity, this also goes into a slot on the side.


Use your thumbnail to prise the cover away from the slot on the left-hand side of the phone, then pull the tray out. Drop the SIM and microSD cards into their slots (with the gold contacts facing up) and slide the tray back into the phone.

Completing the Z3 Plus Setup Wizard


The first time you turn the phone on, you'll be taken through the 'Setup Wizard'. There are quite a few steps to complete, but when you're done, you can start making calls and downloading apps.

When you're ready to begin, hold the Power button down (it's on the right-hand side) until the screen lights up.

Setting it up


Choose the language you want to use, then press Done.


Tick the I am aware... box. You can read the 'important information' if you want to by tapping the link. Press the right-facing arrow to move on.


Select Mobile network and Wi-Fi (the other option disables mobile Wi-Fi).


Tap Yes to download the mobile internet settings. This is useful because it means you don't have to type them in manually.

Setup 1

Choose your mobile service provider from the list.


The time and date should be correct, but if they're not, tap Change to fix it.

Setup 2

Select your Wi-Fi network. You can skip this is you want and complete the setup using your mobile data, but it'll use quite a lot of data, so connect to Wi-Fi if you can.


Type your password and press Connect (you can usually find the password on a sticker on the router).


'Connected' will appear under the network to show you're online. Press Done

Setup 3

Tap Get started to log in, or create a Google account. You need one to download apps and use a lot of the phone's other features, so it's worth doing.


'Tap & Go' lets you transfer your account, photos, and documents from your old phone to the Xperia Z3 by holding them together. If your old phone has NFC, tap Learn more to get started.


Type the email address, and password for your Google account, or tap ...create a new account if you're new to Android. 

Setup 4

Press Accept to agree to Google's Terms of Service.


The 'Set up payment info' screen gives you a few options for adding a payment method to your Google account, which is used to quickly pay for apps, music, and any other premium content. You can skip this if you want, as there are millions of free apps to get started with.


Choose any of the 'Google services' you want to use by tapping the boxes. We recomend using 'Back up' and 'Location services' - Back up keeps your data safe, by saving to the Cloud, while Location services makes Google Maps much more accurate.

Setup 5

Accept the 'Terms & Conditions'.


Press the right-facing arrow when the phone has accessed your account.


Tap the boxes to choose any of Sony's features you'd like to use, then sign in using your Google account to activate them.

Setup 6

If you didn't select Sony's backup option, a disclaimer will appear. Either go back or select skip.


Tap Get started to create a Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) account, or you can use your PlayStation ID if you have a one. A SEN account lets you stream music and videos from your Sony devices.


Select any accounts you want to automatically sign in to.


Tap Finish to complete the Setup Wizard and load up the Home screen.

Touchscreen buttons

There are three icons at the bottom of the screen. They're always there, and do the same thing in every app or menu:

'Home' (circle): returns you to the Home screen.
'Back' (triangle): jumps back one screen.
'Menu' (square): shows a list of previously used apps.

Connecting to the Internet


While you probably connected your phone to Wi-Fi during the initial setup, sooner or later you'll want to connect to another network. These steps show you how.

WiFi 1

From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon.


Scroll through the list and select Settings.


Under the 'Wireless & networks' heading, tap Wi-Fi.


Select the network you want to connect to.


Enter the password and tap connect.


A Wi-Fi icon will appear in the status bar at the very top of the screen when it's connected.

You can also connect to Wi-Fi by swiping down the screen from top to bottom, and tapping the Wi-Fi icon in the 'Quick Settings' panel.

Turning mobile data on or off

Mobile data should be switched on automatically, but if it's not, or if you want to turn it off to save your allowance, you can. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal the Quick Settings and tap the Mobile Data icon - if it's it up, it's turned on.

If you’re having any issues getting your phone to connect to mobile internet, you can check out our dedicated guide that explains how to manually connect here.

Setting up new email accounts


You can add Hotmail, Yahoo, and many other email accounts to the Z3 Plus using these steps.


Open the Apps menu by pressing the Apps icon on the Home screen.


Scroll down and tap Accounts.


Tap Add account.


Choose the type of email you want to add - use Email for personal accounts, or Exchange ActiveSync for work or education accounts.

Email 1

Type your email address and password, then press Next.


On the 'Account settings' choose how often the phone checks for emails and how long mail is saved on the phone for. Tick the boxes on any other options you want to use and press Next.


Give the account a name, and add your name to the bottom line (this will appear on all emails you send from the account).


You can add more accounts by repeating the steps above, or return to the Home screen.

If your email account isn't being recognised or you're using an uncommon service provider, you might need to connect manually. Our detailed guide to email server settings will help out.

Now that your phone's set up, it's ready to use. If you want to speak to us about anything, you can contact us here.

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