Customising the lockscreen on a Sony Xperia Z2


Having a lockscreen on your phone protects you from other people using it without your permission. Here's how to customise it to just the way you want.


Types of lockscreen


These are the different types of lockscreen you can choose:

  • None: there's no lockscreen set.
  • Swipe: lets you into the phone by just swiping the screen.
  • Face unlock: uses the front camera to see your face and unlock your phone.
  • Pattern: uses a grid of dots for you to draw a pattern to unlock the phone.
  • PIN: uses a PIN number to unlock the phone.
  • Password: uses a password (alpha-numeric) to unlock your phone.

If you're struggling to add anything other than PIN or Password, then you might have an 'Exchange' account set up. These are usually work or education accounts, and because they can have sensitive information in them, you'll need to use the most secure screen lock, either PIN or Password. To use the other options you'll have to remove the Exchange account.


Customising the lockscreen


'Widgets' are small apps that can show useful information without having to unlock the screen. You can have up to five pages of widgets on your Xperia Z2 lockscreen, but you can only add one widget per page.

So that the phone can use widgets, go to Settings > Security, and make sure 'Enable widgets' is ticked.

Adding a widget

lock screen 1
lock screen 2
lock screen 3

To add a new widget to the lockscreen, 'wake-up' your phone by pressing the power button, but don't put the unlock code in. Swipe from left-to-right on any widgets you can already see (the clock is usually the best one) until you see a '+'. You'll need to unlock the screen now to add new widgets.

You'll see a list of the widgets that you can use on the lockscreen. Tap one to use it.

Using widgets

To look through the widgets you've added, just swipe from right-to-left on it to see the next one. You can also swipe up and down to see any more information that the widget has.

If you tap on an item in a widget, like a calendar entry, you'll need to unlock the screen before you can edit it. When you've put your screen-lock in, the app for the widget you tapped on will open.

Rearranging widgets

If you have two or more widgets on the lockscreen, then you can choose what order you want to see them in. Press and hold on the widget you want to move and the screen will zoom out, showing you the other widgets to the left and right of it. Drag it to where you want it and then let it go, and it'll drop into place.

Deleting widgets

lock screen 4
lock screen 5
lock screen 6

To get rid of widgets you don't use anymore, press and hold on the one you want to get rid of. When you see the 'bin' icon pop-up, drag the widget to it and let it go when the widget turns red. That'll get rid of it from the lockscreen.

Hopefully that's you sorted, but if you need more help, you can get in touch with Team Knowhow here.

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