Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact Setup and User Guide


Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact user manual

This is the official user manual for the Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact

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Step 1: Inserting your SIM & memory cards

Inserting the SIM and SD cards

First, you'll need to get your SIM card in, and the SD card if you're using one.


Find the notch on the left-hand edge of the phone, and use your fingernail to pull the cover away from the phone.


Next, pull the SIM tray out of the phone using the small lip of plastic. Put the SIM card onto the tray, with the metal contacts facing up.


If you're using a MicroSD card, put this on the larger tray on the cover, again with the metal contacts facing up.


Put the SIM tray back in, then push the cover back in too.

Step 2: Completing the Xperia XZ1 Compact Setup Wizard


Once you've got your SIM card in, press and hold the Power button on the right-hand edge to turn it on. When it first turns on, it'll show you the Setup Wizard, which is a series of steps to help you get the phone set up.

Setting it up

setup 1
setup 2
setup 3
setup 4

On the first screen, choose your language, and then tap Get Started.


You have to agree to the 'Important information', which you can read by tapping the links. Tap Accept to carry on.


Pick if you want to use Mobile data and Wi-Fi, or just Wi-Fi by tapping the one you want to use.


You'll be asked if you want to copy any data from an older phone. In this guide, we'll be going through setting up your phone as new, so tap Set up as new.

setup 5
setup 6
setup 7
setup 8

Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, or if you can't see it, tap See all Wi-Fi networks.


If you see it now, tap your Wi-Fi network.


Type in your Wi-Fi password, and tap Connect.


Let the phone check for updates.

setup 9
setup 10
setup 11
setup 12

If you've got a Google account, type in your address and press the tick. If you've not got one, tap the option to Create a new account.


Pop in your password, then tap Next.


You'll have to agree to Google's 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policy' to sign in. Tap I Agree.


You'll be asked if you want to add a fingerprint - we'll go through it in more detail later in the guide, so tap Skip.

setup 13
setup 14
setup 15
setup 16

Tap Skip Anyway.


Read through the different Google Services, and use the More button to see them all.


Keep the switches turned on for the ones you want to use, then tap Agree.


You'll be asked if you want to use 'Google Assistant', which is a digital assistant that can help you get things done.

setup 17
setup 18
setup 19
setup 20

If you're using Google Assistant, it will need your permission to use some of your location data - to allow it, tap Yes I'm in.


You can provide some voice samples so that the assistant can better recognise your voice. To do it, tap Get Started and follow the prompts on screen, or tap Do it later to skip.


You can also get a better assistant experience by letting it see whats on your screen - keep the switch turned on to allow it, then tap Finished.


'Xperia services' adds some extra features to your phone from Sony. To use them, tap Sign in with Google, or tap Not now to skip.

setup 21
setup 22
setup 23
setup 24

Tap Allow to let Xperia services use your Google info.


You'll be asked if you want to receive any marketing info from Sony - tick the box if you do, then tap Next.


Xperia services will also use your location - tap Next.


Tap Allow on the pop-up prompts you get.

setup 25
setup 26
setup 27
setup 28

Choose if you want to download updates using Wi-Fi or WiFi and mobile data by tapping the one you want to use.


Tap All set.


You've finished the Setup Wizard - tap Finish.


You'll now be looking at the Home screen, and can start using the phone.

Touchscreen buttons

Under the main screen are some touch buttons that help you get around the phone. Here's what they are and what they do.

'Home' (circle): press to get back to the Home screen from anywhere in the phone.

'Back' (triangle): takes you back one screen.

'Menu' (square): shows a list of recently used apps.


Step 3: Connecting to the Internet


Lots of your apps and games will use the internet to work properly. Here's how to stay connected.

Connecting the Xperia XZ1 Compact to a Wi-Fi

connect to wifi 1
connect to wifi 2
connect to wifi 3
connect to wifi 4

Open the Settings app, then tap Wi-Fi.


Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.


Type in the password for the Wi-Fi, then tap Connect.


When it's done, you should see the word 'Connected' under your Wi-Fi network.

When it's done, you'll see your network name in blue.

Connecting to mobile data

Your phone will automatically set itself up to connect to mobile data, but if you have any problems, go through these steps to reset the mobile data settings.

mobile data 1
mobile data 2
mobile data 3
mobile data 4

Open the Settings, then tap on Mobile networks.


Tap on Access point names.


Tap the three dots (menu button) in the top-right.


Tap Reset to default.

If your mobile data still doesn't seem to work, you might just need to add the settings manually. To get that done, follow our guide here.


Step 4: Setting up new email accounts


You might have already added a Gmail account during the setup, but if you've got any other accounts you want to add, here's how.

adding email accounts 1
adding email accounts 2
adding email accounts 3
adding email accounts 4

Open up Settings, then tap on Users & accounts.


Tap + Add account.


Choose the type of account you want to add. For most accounts, you can use the Email option, but for work or school accounts you should use Exchange ActiveSync.


Type in your email address, and tap Next.

adding email accounts 5
adding email accounts 6
adding email accounts 7
adding email accounts 8

Put in your password, and press Next.


You might need to tap Allow a few times depending on the type of account you're adding.

adding email accounts 9
adding email accounts 10
adding email accounts 11
adding email accounts 12

You might be asked how often you want your email to update - choose an option, then tap Next.


Choose how you want to be notified about new email, then tap Next.


Type a name for the account, then tap Finish setup.


Once done, your new account will show in the list of accounts.

If you have any problems setting up your account, you might need to manually add the 'server settings' for it. We have a list of the most common ones here.


Step 5: How to download apps from the App Store


Downloading apps to your phone is done through the Google Play Store, which has millions of different apps and games you can install. We've got a whole guide to downloading apps to your phone here.

Step 6: Setting up the fingerprint reader and lock screen


Protecting your phone with a lock screen stops people from getting in it without your permission, and keeps your pictures, messages and other data safe. The XZ1 Compact comes with a fingerprint reader, so we'll go through how to set that up.

fingerprint lock screen 1
fingerprint lock screen 2
fingerprint lock screen 3
fingerprint lock screen 4

Open the Settings, then choose Lock screen & security.


Tap Fingerprint Manager.


Tap Next to get started.


Choose your backup lock screen method:

  • Pattern: draw a pattern on screen
  • PIN: a 4-digit pin code
  • Password: a word or phrase that can be numbers and letters
fingerprint lock screen 5
fingerprint lock screen 6
fingerprint lock screen 7
lock screen 8

Put in the PIN, pattern or password you're want to use, then press Continue.


Do it in again to confirm it, then press OK.


Choose how you want to see your Notification, then press Done.


Position your thumb on the fingerprint sensor, then tap Next.

fingerprint lock screen 9
fingerprint lock screen 10
fingerprint lock screen 11
lock screen 12

Lift and replace your thumb on the sensor so it starts to read your fingerprint.


Do it a few more times until it has a full scan, the tap Done.


You'll be able to use your thumbprint for unlocking the phone, and authorising some apps.

Step 7: Making phone calls


Your XZ1 Compact has a few different ways you can make calls - here's how to get it done.

calls 1
calls 2
calls 3
calls 4

Press the phone icon on the Home screen to open the phone app, and then you'll have these options:

  • The first screen is 'favourites', where you can add people you frequently call
  • The second tab is 'history', where you'll see a list of you recent calls
  • You can also press the green keypad button to bring up the dialler, where you can type in a number, then press the green phone icon to call it.
  • The third bit is the contacts screen, which shows everyone you've got saved in your address book.

Step 8: Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Here's how to send texts and picture messages on your XZ1 Compact.

Sending texts

texts 1
texts 2
texts 4

Open the Messages app from the Home screen, then tap new message button in the bottom-right.


Type the persons name (if they're saved in your contacts) or phone number in the 'To' box at the top.


Type your message into the box at the bottom.


Tap the arrow on the right to send the message.

Sending picture messages

sending pictures 1
sending pictures 2
sending pictures 3
sending pictures 4

Follow the steps above to get your messages ready, then tap the + button on the left of the message box.


You'll have five options that appear at the bottom:

  • Emoji - send a character or animation
  • Camera - take a new picture
  • Gallery - choose a picture from your photos
  • Mic - record a voice message
  • Location - send you current location

Once you've chosen the type of attachment to send, you might need to go through the files on your phone to find the item you want to send. Once you've got it, tap it to attach it.You can add some text to go along with it if you like.


Tap the arrow on the right to send it on its way.

Step 9: Sending emails


Here's how to send emails and attachments from your XZ1 Compact.

Sending an email

sending email 1
sending email 2
sending email 3
sending email 4

Open the Gmail app from the Home screen, then tap the new message button in the bottom-right.


Tap the To box and type the address you want to send the email to.


Fill in the subject and message boxes.


Tap the arrow in the top-left corner to send the email.

sending attachments 1
sending attachments 2
sending attachments 3

Follow the above steps to get your email, then tap the paperclip at the top of the screen, then tap Attach file.


Use the file browser to find the item you want to attach, the tap it.


It'll be added to your email - if you're happy to send it, tap the arrow in the top-right.

Step 10: Setting alarms


This is how to set alarms on your XZ1 Compact.

alarms 1
alarms 2
alarms 3
alarms 4

Open the Clock app. Press the to add a new alarm.


Tap time to set the alarm time.


Drag the arm around to the hour you want to set, then press OK.


Do the same for the minutes, then press OK.

That's your phone set up and ready to start using. If you need any more help, you can contact a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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