Kit Guide: Sony Xperia X Compact - using it


This guide will help you get familiar with the basics of the Sony Xperia X Compact. We include calls, texts, emails, and alarms - everything you should need to get you going. 

Sony Xperia X Compact User Manual

If you need to download a copy of the user manual, you can get it here


1. Making phone calls


Find out how to make phone calls on your X Compact.

Xperia X Compact Calls 1
Xperia X Compact Calls 2
Xperia X Compact Calls 3
Xperia X Compact Calls 4

Tap the phone on the Home screen, then tap the name of the person you want to call.


Tap the green keypad to dial a number not on the list. Type the number or name, if they're in your contacts list, and matching contacts will appear. Tap the one you want, and tap the green phone.


You can also look for your contacts by tapping in the search box at the top.


If you have a contact displayed, tap their name to call them.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Check out the following steps, to learn how to send texts and MMS messages.

Sending texts and multimedia (MMS) messages

Xperia X Compact Texts 1
Xperia X Compact Texts 2
Xperia X Compact Texts 3
Xperia X Compact Texts 4

Tap the Messaging app from the Home screen (it looks like a white speech bubble with a smiley). If you have unread messages, you'll see a red badge in the corner.


If it's your first time opening the app, tap Get started.


Tap compose, which is a white pen on a green circle.


Tap in the Enter one or more recipients.


Type a number, or name if you have them as a contact. Tap the contact you want to text. You can add more contacts like this.


Tap in the Write message box to type your text. 


Tap the blue arrow to send your message.


If you want to add an attachment, tap the paperclip.


Choose what to attach, using the menu. You can choose a file on your phone, or take a new picture, video, or voice clip. Remember that you might be charged for MMS messages - check the costs with your provider.


Your attachment(s) will display in the body of the message, letting you add more text if you want.


Tap the blue arrow to send.

Deleting a message thread


Tap the Messaging app.


Touch and hold on the name of the thread you want to delete.


Tap the bin at the top.

3. Sending emails


If you've set up email account already, you can get going quickly. If you haven't yet, have a look at our Setup guide to help.

Sending an email and attachments

Tap the app you have email set up on. This might be Mail or Gmail. We're showing the steps for Gmail, but the process is similar with other apps.


Tap compose, which is a red circle with a pen on it.


Emails will send from your default account (usually the first one you added). 


Tap in the To line and type the name of your contact. Matching ones will appear - tap the one you want.


You can add more recipients, and type a Subject in the next line, then tap in the Compose email box and type your message.

Xperia X Compact 1
Xperia X Compact 2
Xperia X Compact 3
Xperia X Compact 4

If you want to add an attachment, tap the paperclip


Attach file lets you browse your phone for a file. Insert from Drive lets you attach a file stored on your Google Drive. Tap the file(s) you want.


Tap the right arrow to send.

4. Setting alarms


Read on to find out how to set an alarm on your X Compact.

Xperia X Compact Alarms 1
Xperia X Compact Alarms 2
Xperia X Compact Alarms 3
Xperia X Compact Alarms 4

Go to Apps, and tap on Alarm & clock, or tap the clock on the Home screen.


Tap the alarm clock at the top.


To set a new alarm, tap the yellow circle.


Tap time, and use the slider to choose the hours and minutes.

Xperia X Compact Alarms 5
Xperia X Compact Alarms 6
Xperia X Compact Alarms 7
Xperia X Compact Alarms 8

Tap Repeat if you want to set the alarm on other days (like week days).


You can edit the sound, volume, vibration and snooze options. Tap Save.

 In no time at all you'll be making the most of everything your phone can do. For any extra help though, you can always get in touch with one of our Team Knowhow Experts here

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