Kit Guide: Sony Xperia M4 Aqua - using it


This guide will help you to familiarise yourself with some of the key features of the M4 Aqua.

1. Making phone calls


Phone calls are managed through the phone app, which you'll find on your Home screen.

M4 Calls

Tap the Phone icon to open the app, and you'll see your call history. Call a contact from here by tapping them.


Use the orange number pad to type in a number, then press the green phone button at the bottom to call that number.


To find contacts stored in your phone, tap the search box at the top, and type the name of the contact you're looking for.


When the contact is displayed onscreen, tap to call them.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


This part of the guide shows you how to send text messages, and messages with attachments.

Sending texts

M4 Messages 1

From your Home screen, tap the Messaging app and tap the New message icon (which is a white speech bubble with a smiley face on it).


Tap the compose button (an orange circle with a white pen).


You can enter a mobile number or start typing the name of a contact. Matching contacts will appear as you type. Tap the contact you want to send your message to.


Tap into the Write message box and type your message, then tap the arrow on the right of the message box to send it.

Sending a picture message

M4 Messages 2

Get your message ready by following steps 1-4 above (but don't send it yet), then tap the paperclip button and choose what type of item you want to attach.


Find the item you want to send and tap it.


To send the message, tap the arrow to the right of the message box.

Deleting a message thread

A 'message thread' is all of the messages sent between you and a contact. Your phone can store thousands of messages, but we do recommend deleting them every now and then.

Open the Messages app from the Home screen. Press and hold on the message thread you want to delete, until a tick appears, then tap the bin icon at the bottom to delete the message thread.

3. Sending emails


To send emails, you'll need to have already set up an account on your phone. 

Sending an email

M4 Email 1

From your Home screen, tap the Email app, then tap the new message button (an orange circle with a white pen).


Tap the To: box, then type in an email address or a person's name. As you type, suggested contacts will appear, tap to add them.


Tap the Subject: box, and type a subject for your email.


Tap into the main message box below the 'subject' line, then tap the arrow in the top-right corner to send your email.

Adding an attachment

M4 Emails 2

Follow steps 1-4 above to get your message read (but don't send it yet), then tap the menu icon (three dots) at the top of the screen.


Choose what type of file you want to attach.


Find the item you'd like to attach and tap it.


You might be asked to resize pictures or attachments to reduce the size of the message. Smaller emails will send more quickly, but might not look as good. Tap the arrow to send your message.

4. Setting alarms


You can set alarms using the Clock app on your phone. 

M4 Alarms

From the Home screen, tap the Clock app, then tap the alarm clock icon.


Tap the icon to set up a new alarm.


On the alarm setting screen, tap Time, then set the time you want by holding the orange dot and moving it around the clock face. Tap Ok.


You can set the alarm to repeat on multiple days by tapping Repeat.


To change the sound, tap Alarm sound and choose a new sound for the alarm. You can also set the phone to vibrate by ticking the box next to Vibrate.


When you're happy with the settings, tap Save.

You can use the switches on the right to turn an alarm on or off, and you can delete an alarm by pressing and holding it, then tapping Delete.

5. Tips


The M4 Aqua has some other features that you might find useful, here are some to help you get a bit more out of your phone.

Xperia Connectivity

Xperia Connectivity lets you connect you phone to your smart TV, as long as it supports either 'Miracast' or 'Google-cast'. If your TV doesn't support these, don't worry, you can also use a 'Chromecast'.

You can also set your phone up to work as a 'media server', which will let you play music and videos stored on your phone, from a tablet or computer.

You'll find all of these settings by going to Apps > Settings > Xperia Connectivity.

Getting the most out of your battery

The Xperia M4 Aqua comes with a few tools to help you extend the life of your battery. You can see these by going to Settings Power Management.

Turning on 'Stamina Mode' limits some of the phone's background functions which helps to save power. 'Ultra Stamina mode' turns off everything but the basic phone functions to extend the battery live even further.

The phone also has a 'Low-battery mode' which disables certain functions when the phone is low on power.

Keeping an eye on your data usage

The M4 Aqua comes with a 'data monitor', which tracks your data usage and can also stop you from going over your allowance.

To set it up, go to Apps > Settings > Data usage. You'll need to add your billing date to make sure your usage resets each month.

From the Data Usage menu, you can set a warning to help you stay below your limit, and you can also set your phone to completely restrict your data usage once you've reached your limit. This should help you to avoid any unexpected bills from your network

You'll also see information showing you how you've used your data and which apps have used the most. Bear in mind though, that this app might measure data usage slightly different to your network.

Hopefully that's all the help you need to make the most of your phone, but if you do need any more help, you can get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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