Finding the IMEI number on Windows Phones


Your IMEI is a unique code used to identify your smartphone by your network.

The number can be used to track your phone, so you’ll need your IMEI to 'blacklist' your smartphone if it's ever lost or stollen.

From the call screen


Like all mobile phones, you can request your IMEI number by dialling a specific code from your call screen. To find out how, follow the helpful steps below.

IMEI Windows 1

From your Start screen, press the Phone button to bring up the call settings.


If you end up in Call History, press the numberpad button at the bottom of the phone screen. This is the second button in from the left and looks like a grid of 12 buttons.


Now you should be able to see your Dialler or Call Screen. Begin typing *#06# - once you get to the last character your screen will suddenly flash up with your IMEI number.


While using special codes might be quick, it might not be the method you want to use.

IMEI Windows Phone 2

From your Start screen, slide your finger from right to left to access the Start menu.


Scroll down the list with your finger until you find the Settings icon, then press on it.


Making sure you're in the System tab, scroll down your Settings menu until you find the About option. Tap on it to view information about your Windows Phone, from the model number and software version to your screen resolution and carrier name.

To find your IMEI, press more information.


Now you're able to see much more detailed information like your phone's unique identifiers - your MAC address and your IMEI are the two main ones here.

Jot down your IMEI number then hit the Windows button at the bottom of your phone to return to your Start screen.

If you're still having trouble finding your IMEI number, you can get in touch with Team Knowhow here.

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