Apple iPhone - restoring from iCloud

Your iCloud account keeps a copy of all your phone's apps and data, so you can easily move it all to your new phone. There's two options you can use for doing this - restoring a backup or syncing your account.

If you don't have an iCloud backup, and want to set up your phone as a new device, have a look at our iPhone set up as new guide. Or, if you're moving from Android - read our guide to moving from Android to iPhone.

Option 1: Restore an iCloud backup to your phone


When you first turn on the phone, go through the first few screens to choose your language, connect to Wi-Fi, and setup Touch ID. When you get to the Apps & Data screen, follow these steps below to restore your data from an iCloud backup.

setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 1
setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 2
setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 3
setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 4

The Apps & Data screen let you restore apps, photos, and settings from your old iPhone. Tap Restore from iCloud to get started.


Type your Apple ID and password. If you can't remember your details, tap 'Don't have an Apple ID or forgot it?' to recover them.


You might be asked for a 'Two Factor Authentication' code. This will come through as a text or notification to another Apple device you have - type it in to continue.


Give the phone a moment to update the iCloud settings.

setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 5
setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 6
setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 7
setup iPhone 7 restore icloud 8

Agree to the Terms and Conditions (you can read them tapping the links).


The phone will now log in with your Apple ID, which can take a few minutes.


Choose the most recent backup date to restore the settings, apps, and data from the last time you used your old iPhone. 


Wait while the phone restores your data. This can take a few mins or longer depending on how much stuff you have backed up.

setup iphone restore icloud 9
setup iphone restore icloud 10
setup iphone restore icloud 11
setup iphone restore icloud 12

Once finished, your iPhone will restart automatically. When it turns on again, you will see a confirmation message. Press Continue to carry on setting your phone up.


Wait a moment for the phone to set up your Apple ID.


You might be asked if you want to set up Apple Pay - tap Next.


To set it up, use the phone's camera to scan your card.

setup iphone restore icloud 13
setup iphone restore icloud 14
setup iphone restore icloud 15
setup iphone restore icloud 16

Check your card details and press Next. Go through the next few Apple Pay screens to confirm your card details, and then you might need to tap Agree on your bank's Apple Pay screen.


To use iCloud Keychain, which will save your passwords for you, tap Continue. To skip, tap Don't use iCloud Keychain.


To use 'Siri', Apple's digital voice assistant, tap Continue. If you don't think you'll need it, tap Don't Use Siri.


If you're setting it up, you'll need to say a few phrases so that it can learn your voice.

setup iphone restore icloud 17
setup iphone restore icloud 18
setup iphone restore icloud 19
setup iphone restore icloud 20

When it's ready, tap Continue.


Your phone is set up, tap Get Started to begin using it.


Your phone will carry on downloading apps and media in the background - tap OK.


You can start using your phone straight away and it'll continue downloading in the background.

Your phone is setup, and ready for you to start using it.

Option 2: Syncing your iPhone with an iCloud backup


If you've already set up your phone and want to sign into iCloud, and recover your saved data, there are two options you can choose from.

The first option is to wipe your phone by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase all content and Settings. This will take the phone back to its factory state, and then you can go through the setup again, and choose 'Restore from an iCloud backup' in the setup wizard.

The second options is to sign in to iCloud from in Settings. Signing into iCloud isn't the same as restoring from a backup, as it won't download things like your messaging history to your iPhone. You'll be able to get your iCloud photo library, phone contacts, and other data, so try signing into iCloud before you choose to reset your iPhone to its default settings. Follow the steps below to find out how.

sign in icloud 1
sign in icloud 2
sign in icloud 3
sign in icloud 4

On your Home screen, tap on the Settings menu.


Tap Sign in to your iPhone.


Fill in your Apple ID and password, and tap Sign in in the top-right.


Your phone will start to sign into iCloud.

sign in icloud 5
sign in icloud 6
sign in icloud 7
sign in icloud 8

If you've got Touch ID and a passcode set up, you'll be asked to put in your passcode. It'll be used as an extra bit of security for your iCloud account.


After you've put in your code, it'll carry on signing into iCloud.


When it's signed in, tap iCloud.


Use the switches to turn on the things you want to sync with iCloud.

Once you've picked the bits you want, it will all start syncing with your phone.

Your phone is now set up, and ready for you to start using it. If you want some help from a Team Knowhow Expert, get in touch with us here.

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