Setting up a Samsung Galaxy X Cover 3


Follow the guide below to set up your Samsung Galaxy XCover 3 smartphone. We cover initial Setup, internet, emails and screen locking.


Box contents


Below is a list of items you'll find in the box:

  • Samsung Galaxy XCover 3
  • Battery
  • Mains power adaptor
  • USB lead
  • In-line earphones and pack of replacement earbuds
  • Information pack


Inserting your SIM & memory cards

insert sim

The XCover 3 takes a microSIM card:

  • Use your thumbnail in the notch on the right-hand edge of the phone, above the power button. Prise away the back cover, and place the phone screen side down, on a soft surface.
  • Place the microSIM in the lower of the two compartments at the top of the battery compartment. Make sure the gold-coloured contacts are facing down, and the cut-off corner is inserted first.

If you have a microSD (memory) card, insert  it into the upper part of the housing. Make sure the metal contacts are facing down, and the narrow end is first. Replace the back cover, pressing it firmly until it's secure.


Completing the XCover 3 Setup Wizard


Follow our steps below to set up your phone using the ‘Setup Wizard’.

Setting it up

Push the power button on the right-hand side of the phone to turn it on. Hold it in for a few seconds until it vibrates.

During the Setup you might see a pop-up, asking you to choose your mobile network. This lets you make and receive calls and text, and connects to your mobile internet. Tap the network name then OK.

setup 1
setup 2
setup 3
setup 4

Choose your language by tapping on the box and scrolling through the options. Tap Next.


Tap the name of your wireless network to connect to. If you don't see any names, make sure the switch at the top is on (showing green).


Type in the Wi-Fi password. Tick the Show password box to check your typing, then tap Connect.


When connected, you'll see a Wi-Fi symbol (fan shape) on the top of the phone. Tap Next.

setup 5
setup 6
setup 7
setup 8

Read and accept the terms of agreement, and decide if you want to send anonymous data to Samsung (to help with development), then tap Next.


You'll be asked to sign in with a Google account, or to set a new one up. We recommend using a Google account on the phone, as without it you can't download apps or sync contacts. Fill in your details and tap Next. Type in your password and tap Next.

setup 9
setup 10
setup 11
setup 12

Read the ‘Terms of Service and Privacy Policy’, and accept by clicking OK.


The next page relates to payment methods for apps. You can add your card details for the 'Play Store', set up mobile network billing, or redeem a Play Store voucher. You can also tap No, thanks to skip this (you can come back to it later). Tap Next.


The next page is about background services your Google account can do. Backup backs up your phone's apps and settings. Location is needed for map and weather apps, and improving online search results.

setup 13
setup 15

You can opt to use a Samsung account, which lets you download Samsung apps and receive offers from them. Tap Sign in if you already have an account, and enter your Samsung account ID and password and tap Sign in. If you're creating a new account, fill in the form. You can also Skip (and do it later if you want).


Give your phone a name and tap Finish.

setup 18

Touchscreen buttons

The buttons at the bottom of the screen are used to navigate the phone.

Home (circle): Goes to the Home screen from any screen or app.

Back (triangle): Takes you back one screen.

Menu (square): Opens additional menus in apps or settings screens.


Connecting to the Internet


Follow the steps below to connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network or to use mobile data.

Connecting the XCover 3 to a Wi-Fi network

Wi-Fi 1
wifi 2
wifi 3
wifi 4

Tap Apps (grid of squares) on the Home screen, and tap Settings (it looks like a cog).


Tap Wi-Fi and check the switch at the top is on (green).


Tap the name of your Wi-Fi network from the list of connections and enter your password. You can check your typing by ticking the Show password box. Tap Connect.


You'll see 'Connected' below your network's name, and a Wi-Fi symbol (fan) at the top of the screen.

Turning mobile data on/off

You can use mobile internet if you can't access Wi-Fi. You'll see a data letter signal at the top of the screen, and the arrows will flicker.

mobile data 1
mobile data 2
mobile data 3
mobile data 4

Go to Apps > Settings.


You'll need to turn off Wi-Fi to check the mobile internet connection. Tap Wi-Fi, and tap the switch at the top (remember to turn it back on after). Go back to Settings.


Tap More networks then Mobile networks. Make sure the  box next to Mobile Data is ticked.


If you still don't have internet, tap Access Point Names, which are the settings that set up your internet connection. Tap the circle next to your network name.

If you can't see the network name in the list, tap the Menu button (three dots) in the top right-hand corner, then tap Reset to default, and tap your network name again.

If you're still having problems connecting, we've written guides to connecting manually.


Setting up new email accounts


You can add work and personal email accounts to the phone. Most accounts will set up automatically.

emails 1
email 2
emails 3
emails 4

Go to Settings, then scroll down and tap Accounts. Tap Add account.


Choose Microsoft Exchange if you're adding a work or education account. Tap Email for other accounts.


Type in your email address and password, and tap Next.


You can choose how often the phone checks for new email, and how much email to keep on your phone. Tap Next.


Name the account, and tap Done. You'll be taken to the Accounts screen and you can add more accounts if you want.

If you're having problems adding your account, we've written a guide to email server settings, which will step you through the process of setting up manually.


Setting up a lock screen


We recommend using a lock screen to protect your information.

lock screen 1
lock screen 2
lock screen 3
lock screen 4

Go to Apps > Settings.


Scroll down and tap Lock screen.


Tap which unlock option you'd like to use. The security strengths are shown next to each:

  • Swipe is the standard, insecure method. Anyone can use the phone with a swipe of the finger.
  • Pattern uses a pattern on a grid of dots.
  • PIN uses a 4-digit numerical code.
  • Password lets you type in a code made of letters, numbers and symbols.
lock screen 5
lock screen 6
lock screen 7
lock screen 8

Type in your pattern, code, or password, then tap Continue (a pattern asks for a PIN as backup). Type it again and tap OK.


You can change how long it takes for the lock to be active when the display goes off. Tap Lock automatically and choose the time.

That's the Xcover 3 set-up and ready to use. If you need any more help from Team Knowhow, contact us here.

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