Kit Guide: Samsung Galaxy Trend 2 Lite - using it


This guide is going to take you through some of your phone's core features, including making calls, sending texts and setting alarms.

Making phone calls


To make phone calls on your Galaxy Trend 2 Lite, open the Phone app from the Home screen.

Trend 2 Lite Calls 1

With the phone app open, you'll see four tabs along the top:

  • Keypad: dial a number, then press the green phone icon to call it.
  • Logs: shows you recently made, received and missed calls - tap one to call them back.
  • Favourites: can show your most used contacts so you can quickly call them. Tap the 'star' icon on a contact to add them to the favourites.
  • Contacts: lists all the numbers saved on your phone. Tap one to see their info, then tap their number to call it.

Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


To send a text or attachment, open the Messages app from the Home screen.

Sending texts

Trend 2 Lite Texts 1

With the app open, tap the new message button in the top-right, or tap a person's name to reply to them.


If you're writing a new message, tap the Enter recipient box, and start to type a contact's name or number. Suggestions might show as you're typing - tap one to choose them.


Tap the Enter message box, and type your text.


Tap the send button next to the message box to send the message.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

To send a attachment, like a picture, follow steps 1-3 above to get the message ready, and then follow these steps.

Trend 2 Lite Texts 2

Tap the paperclip under the send button, and choose the type of thing you want to send - an image, video etc.


Go through the phone and find the item you want to send.


Tap an item to choose it, then tap Done to add it to your message.


Tap the send button to send the text, with the attachment.

Deleting a message thread

A 'message thread' is all the messages sent between you and a contact. To delete one:


Open the Messages app.


Press and hold the thread you want to delete, until a tick shows next to it.


Press the bin icon to delete it.

Sending emails


Before you can send emails, you'll need to have added an account to your phone.

Sending an email

Trend 2 Lite Send Email 1

Open the Email app from your Home screen.


Tap the To box, and start typing a contact's email address or name. Suggestions might show as you type - tap one to choose them.


Type a subject for the email, then tap into the message box at the bottom, and type your email.


Tap the send button in the top-right to send it.

Adding an attachment

To add an attachment, follow steps 1-4 above to get the message ready, and then follow these steps.

Trend 2 Lite Send Email 2

Tap the paperclip in the top-left corner.


Choose the type of thing you want to send - an image or video etc. Then find the item you want to send.


Tap an item to choose it, then tap Done to add it to your email.


If you're adding pictures, you might be asked to resize them. This will make the email send faster, but the pictures might not look as good. Tap the send button in the top-right to send the email and attachments.

Setting alarms


Alarms are set and changed using the Clock app - open this up to get started.

Trend 2 Lite Alarm 1

With the app open, tap the Alarm tab in the top-left.


Press the + button in the top-right.


Use the hour and minute sliders to set the time you want the alarm to go off.


Tap Repeat, then choose the days you want the alarm to go off, and tap Done.

Trend 2 Lite Alarms 2

Tap Alarm tone to choose the sound for the alarm.


Use the volume slider to set how loud the alarm will be.


Use the snooze switch to turn it on or off.


Tap Save.

The alarm is set, and will go off at the time and on the days you've chosen.



Now that you know more about the basic use of your phone, here's some extra tips to help you get a bit more from it.

Using Find My Mobile

Samsung's 'Find My Mobile' website can help you find your phone if you've lost or misplaced it. It'll show it's location, and you can make the phone ring, even if it's on silent mode. If you don't think you'll be able to get your phone back, you can lock it, or wipe all of your data from it.

If you ever get locked out of it, you're also able to unlock your phone screen, so that you can use your phone again.

To activate this service, you need to sign in to a Samsung account on your phone. Go to Settings > Add account > Samsung account to sign in or create an account.

Using the Quick Settings

If you swipe down from the top edge of your phone screen, you will pull down the notification panel. At the top of this is a row of icons that can be used to quickly turn some features on or off. You will see toggles for: Wi-Fi, Location, Vibrate, Screen Rotation, and Bluetooth - all of which can be turned on or off from this menu.

Swiping across the row of icons will reveal more features you can use, and you can change which buttons appear, and in what order by going to Settings > Display > Notification Panel.

Hopefully, that should be everything you'll need to start using your phone, but if you'd like some extra help, give our Team Knowhow Experts a call here.

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