Kit Guide: Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus - using it


In this guide, we'll go through how to do some of the essentials of your phone, such as making calls and sending texts.

1. Making phone calls


Most phones have a different way to make calls, so in this section we'll go through the different ways of doing it on your S8 Plus.

Galaxy S8 Making Calls 1
Galaxy S8 Making Calls 2
Galaxy S8 Making Calls 3
Galaxy S8 Making Calls 4

Open the Phone app from the Home screen.


Once it opens, you'll have a few different options.

  • Recents: shows recently made, received or missed calls.
  • Contacts: shows all the numbers saved on your phone.
  • Places: uses your location to suggest nearby businesses you can call
  • Dialler: shows a keypad where you can dial a number

When you have a number onscreen, tap it or the green phone icon to call it.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


With just a few steps, you can quickly send texts and attachments from your S8 Plus.


Sending texts


Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Texts 1
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Texts 2
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Texts 3
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Texts 4

Open the Messages app from the Home screen.


Tap on the New message button in the bottom-right.


You'll be shown all your contacts - tap one to select them, or type a phone number into the box at the top. Once you've chosen a contact, tap Compose in the top right.


Tap the Enter message box, and write your text.


Tap the Send button to get the message on its way.


Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)


To send an attachment, follow steps 1-4 above to get your message ready, then follow these steps.

Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Texts 5
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Texts 6

Tap the paperclip icon on the left of the message box.


Tap Camera to take a new picture to send, or Gallery to choose from your pictures. You can also press Other to send things like videos, voice recordings or Notes.


Find the item you want to send, and tap it to attach it to your message.


Once you've attached them, tap Send.

Deleting a message thread


A 'message thread' is all the messages sent between you and a contact. To delete one:


Open the Messages app.



Press and hold the thread you want to delete until a tickbox shows next to it.



Tap the bin icon at the top.

3. Sending emails


You'll need to have added an email account before you can send emails from your phone. If you haven't, read our Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Setup Guide to see how.


Sending an email

Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 1
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 2
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 3
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 4

Open the Email app from the Home screen.


Tap the new email button in the bottom-right.


Tap the To box, and start typing a person's email address, or a person's name if they're saved to your contacts.


Type a subject for the email.


Type your message into the box at the bottom.


Tap the Send button in the top-right to get it on its way.

Adding an attachment


To send an attachment, follow steps 1-5 above, then go through these steps.

Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 5
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 6
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 7
Galaxy S8 Plus Sending Email 8

Tap the Attach button at the top of the screen, and then tap Allow to let the email app see your phone contents.


Tap either Document or Gallery to send either a document or picture. Or tap Other to send things like voice recordings or other files.


Go through the phone to find the item you want to send, and tap it.


Once you've chosen your items, tap Done.


With the files attached, tap the Send button to get them on their way.

4. Setting alarms


Your S8 Plus can save many alarms, and each can use a lot of different settings. Here we'll go through getting one set up to help keep you organised.

Galaxy S8 Plus Setting Alarms 1
Galaxy S8 Plus Setting Alarms 2
Galaxy S8 Plus Setting Alarms 3
Galaxy S8 Plus Setting Alarms 4

Open the Clock app from the Home screen.


Tap Alarm in the top-left.


Tap the + button in the bottom-right.


Slide the hour and minutes up or down to set the time you want the alarm to go off.


Use the Repeat options to choose the days you want it to go off.



Tap Alarm name to give it a label, like 'Work' or 'Dentist appointment'.



Tap Alarm tone and volume to change the ringtone, and set how loud it is.



Tap Save in the top-right.


Your alarm is ready, and will go off at the time and days you've set.

5. Tips


Now that you've gotten to grips with the basics of your phone, here's some tips to get a bit extra out of it.


Using the Edge Panels

As the S8 Plus has curved edges, you can swipe in from the edges to show 'Edge Panels', which give you quick access to some settings and features.

Galaxy S8 Plus Tips 1
Galaxy S8 Plus Tips 2
Galaxy S8 Plus Tips 3
Galaxy S8 Plus Tips 4

Look for the small strip along the right-hand edge of the screen, and swipe in from it.


The first time you do it, you'll get shown the intro and instructions on how to use the panels. Go through it, then tap Start.


You can change some settings for the panels by tapping the Cog at the bottom of the screen.


In the Settings, you can change whether it shows on the right or left of the screen, whereabouts it shows, its size and transparency.


With an Edge Panel open, swipe again to swap to the next one.



On Panels such as the Apps Edge or People Edge, tap the + to add new shortcuts, or press and hold one to change it.


Use apps in full screen mode


Your S8 Plus uses a larger screen size than most phones, so you might find some apps don't use the whole screen when you open them. Samsung has updated all their own apps to use the full size, but there are still many that might not have been updated yet.

To force an app to use the full size follow these steps.


When the app is open, press the Recent Apps button in the bottom-left.



You'll see a stack of all the apps you've had open recently, with your current app on top. In the top-right of the current app is a green 'Maximise' button  (it looks like two arrows pointing away from each other).



Tap the 'Maximise' button, and after a few seconds, the app will fill the whole of the screen.


Your S8 Plus will remember which apps you've set it for, so you only need to do it once for each app.

Hopefully, that should be everything you need to start using your phone, but if you'd like any extra help, you can get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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