Customising your Samsung Galaxy S7 lock & home screen


One of the great features of Samsung's flagship Android handsets is how they let you customise so many aspects of your phone's appearance

Customising your Lock screen is a great way to personalise your phone, as well as making it more efficient. In this guide we show you how to add shortcuts, change your background picture, improve your security, and more.

1. Changing your shortcuts


By default, your Lock screen has two shortcuts already added: the dialer on the left and the camera on the right. But in fact, these can be customised to open any app currently installed on your Samsung smartphone – making it even easier to quickly open your favourite apps.

The dialer and camera are there by default, but if you don't use your camera very often or prefer to text rather than call, these shortcuts can be a little unnecessary - especially when you can open the camera by double-tapping the home button from your Lock screen!

To switch your shortcuts for more practical ones, follow the steps below:

Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 1
Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 2
Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 3
Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 4

Open your apps list and find the Settings icon, then tap on it. You can also find the Settings icon by dragging your finger down from the top of the phone screen to reveal your notifications, then tapping the cog icon in the top-right corner of the screen.


Scroll down your Settings menu and tap on Lock screen and security.


Choose Info and app shortcuts, then on the next screen tap on App shortcuts. Now you can pick new apps for both the left and right shortcut at the bottom of the Lock screen.


To disable or remove a shortcut, simply turn the shortcut off by tapping the switch at the top of the app shortcuts list.

Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 5
Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 6
Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 7
Galaxy S7 changing shortcuts 8

2. Changing your lock screen & homescreen wallpaper


You can choose totally different background pictures for your Home screen and Lock screen, giving you even more room for personalisation!

Both background pictures, or wallpapers, can be set in the same menu – so check out the steps below to find out how to change them for your Samsung S7.

Changing your lock screen 1
Changing your lock screen 2
Changing your lock screen 3
Changing your lock screen 4

Open your apps list and tap on the Settings icon.


Scroll down the Settings list and choose Wallpaper.


In the top-left corner you'll see a drop-down menu with the words Home screen. Tap on this to continue.



You will now be able to choose between your Home screen wallpaper, your Lock screen wallpaper or both at the same time.

Tap on the appropriate option then pick a wallpaper from the pictures at the bottom of the screen. You can also choose one of your own pictures by tapping on From Gallery.

3. Choosing a secure lock screen


Lock screens not only stop your phone from dialing people from your pocket or opening apps accidentally, but also stop unwanted users from accessing your apps, photos and other data!

Setting a secure Lock screen makes it much harder for someone to browse your phone and can protect your data even in the unlikely event your phone is stolen – here's how to set one that works for you.

Galaxy S8 Lock Screen 1
Galaxy S8 Lock Screen 2
Galaxy S8 Lock Screen 3
Galaxy S8 Lock Screen 4

Find and open the Settings icon in your apps list, or drag down the notification panel from the top of the phone screen and tap the cog icon.


Scroll down your Settings list until you find Lock screen and security, then tap on it to continue.


On this next page, choose Screen lock type from the top of the list.


Choose from one of the available security types.


After choosing your security type, and as long as you haven't chosen 'Swipe', you'll be asked to enter your PIN, pattern or password. After you've entered the information, press Continue.


In the next step, you'll need to confirm the PIN, password or pattern you entered in the previous step. This is to make sure you know what it is, and that it wasn't entered in error. Press OK when you're finished, and if both passwords match you'll be taken to the next page.


If you chose to set up fingerprint locking, you'll now need to store your fingerprints. Place your thumb or finger against the Home button at the bottom of your phone until the handset vibrates, then lift your finger and place it back down until the percentage reads 100%.


Finally, choose whether to display notifications on your Lock screen – meaning any messages or emails you receive, as well as app updates, will be visible.

If you want all this information to appear on your Lock screen, choose Show content. You can show limited information by choosing Hide content, or have no notifications at all by selecting Do not show notifications.

4. Adding text to your lock screen


If you'd like to see a written note on your Lock screen – whether it's to to display a return address, an anti-theft warning or just something to make you smile when you unlock your Samsung – check out the following steps to personalise your Lock screen even further:

Adding text to the home screen 1
Adding text to the home screen 2
Adding text to the home screen 3
Adding text to the home screen 4

Open your Settings list and scroll down until you see Lock screen and security. Tap on it to continue.


On the next page, select Info and app shortcuts.


Next, you must choose Owner information. This is commonly used to display recovery information such as a phone number or address, should someone find your phone.


Enter your custom message in the box provided, then press Done when you're finished. Your Lock screen will now show your message every time you go to unlock your Samsung S7.

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