Kit Guide: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge - setting it up


We've written this guide to help you set up your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. We've covered it all, from getting the SIM card in, to connecting your emails.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge User Manual

Read through Samsung's full S7 Edge manual here

Download manual

Box contents


Below is a list of items you'll get in the box:

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
  • Mains power adaptor
  • USB lead
  • In-line earphones
  • Information pack
  • USB OTG adaptor
  • SIM tray tool


Inserting your SIM & memory cards


Getting the SIM card into the phone is the first step. You'll need the SIM removal tool to hand (it's in the box).

Inserting the SIM card

The SIM card fits into a tray that slots into the top of your phone. It's got a small pinhole in it so you can find it. Get the SIM removal tool and push the pointy end into the hole. When you feel the tray release, slide it out.

You'll notice that there's two spaces on the tray. It's the smaller one at the bottom we need. Line up your SIM card with the tray, there's a cut-off corner to help, and make sure the gold contacts are facing down.

If you've got a memory card, it goes into this tray too. It uses the bigger space at the top, so line it up with the gold contacts facing down again. Slide the tray back into the phone and click it into place.


Inserting your SIM card

Completing the Samsung Setup Wizard


When you use a phone for the first time, whether it's brand new or has been factory reset, there's a process it needs to go through called the 'Setup Wizard', which gets the phone up and running. There's quite a few steps to get through, but don't worry, we've explained them all.

S7 Edge Setup 1
S7 Edge Setup 2
S7 Edge Setup 3
S7 Edge Setup 4

On the first screen, you'll need to choose a language. Scroll through the list, and when you've got the one you want, press Start.


Tap the name of your Wi-Fi network and then type the password in the box (it's on a sticker on your router). Tap the Show password box to check you've typed it in right, then press Connect.


If it's worked, your network name will be in blue and it'll say 'Connected' underneath it. Press Next.

S7 Edge Setup 5
S7 Edge Setup 6
S7 Edge Setup 7
S7 Edge Setup 8

Now that you're connected, you'll need to agree to some Terms and Conditions. You can read through them by pressing Learn more. At the bottom is a box asking you to send diagnostic data. Press Learn more to read about it, then decide whether to leave the box ticked or not (you don't have to). Press Next when you're ready.


A box pops up asking you to confirm that you're happy with the terms and conditions. Tap Agree.


The next screen asks if you've had an Android device (a phone or tablet) before, and if you want your old information on your new phone. This uses a function called NFC (near field communication). If you know your old phone has this feature, choose Copy Google accounts, apps and data from your other device. Not all phones have it though, so press No, thanks to carry on without it.


Signing into Google is next. It's important to do it, because you won't able to download any apps otherwise. If you've got a Google email address already, type it in and press Next. If you don't, you can set one up for free by pressing Or create a new account.

S7 Edge Setup 9
S7 Edge Setup 10
S7 Edge Setup 11
S7 Edge Setup 12

Type in the password for your Google account, then press Next.


Google has its own terms of service that you'll need to agree to so you can sign in. You can read more about them by tapping the links, and then press Accept.


Google offers some services to keep your information backed up, and also help them improve Google. You don't have to agree to these, so read through the options and tick any that you'd like. Press the down arrow to see the rest of them.


When you've made your choices, press Next.

S7 Edge Setup 13
S7 Edge Setup 14
S7 Edge Setup 15
S7 Edge Setup 24

You'll be asked to add some payment details here, because some of the apps in the Play Store aren't free. Tap No, thanks to continue without adding a payment method, or pick a payment type and press Continue to add one.


If you've got any more email accounts that you want to add, you'll get chance to do this now. We cover this latter in the guide so we recommend choosing Not now. Press Next.


This screen gives you the option to protect your phone with a lock. It can be a pain to have to keep unlocking it while you're setting things up, so we recommend choosing No, thank you here. Don't worry, we cover it later on.


If you signed into your Google account, you'll get the option to restore any information linked to it. Press the down arrow under 'Restore from this backup' to pick the backup you want to use.

S7 Edge Setup 25
S7 Edge Setup 26
S7 Edge Setup 27
S7 Edge Setup 28

You can choose to 'Set up as a new device' if you don't need to restore anything. Press Done when you've chosen, then tap Next.



Here you're offered a 'Samsung account'. It can be useful for things like finding your phone if you lose it. If you'd like an account, you can sign in with your Google details. Type them in and then press Sign in.



You don't have to have one though, you can press the down arrow and then Skip.


S7 Edge Setup 21
S7 Edge Setup 22
S7 Edge Setup 23
S7 Edge Setup 24

If you didn't restore any information earlier, you can do it now by connecting your old phone to the S7 Edge using a USB adapter. Follow the instructions shown, or press Later if you don't want to do it now.


'Easy mode' is something the phone can do to make it a bit easier to use. If you'd like to use it, tap the switch to turn it on, otherwise leave it off and press Next.


'My KNOX' lets you create a work profile on your phone. If you're not going to use it for work, press Finish.


That's the Setup Wizard finished, and you'll be taken to your Home screen.

Touchscreen buttons

There's a button in the bottom-right corner of your Home screen called the 'Apps button' that we think you'll use quite a lot. It's a white square with grey dots in it, and pressing it takes you through to all the apps in your phone and also the settings.

Below the screen there's one physical button in the middle, with a touch button either side. Here's what these buttons do:

'Home' (rectangular button): pressing this will take you back to the Home screen from anywhere in the phone.
'Back' (arrow on the right): press to go back one screen.
'Recent apps' (two squares on the left): shows a list of the apps you've used recently.


Connecting to the Internet


Lots of apps and features on your phone need an internet connection to work properly. We've written some steps to get you connected.

Connecting the Galaxy S7 Edge to a Wi-Fi network

Using Wi-Fi is important because it lets you use the internet without using your data allowance. It's especially handy when you're downloading or updating apps, because this can use a lot of data.

Galaxy S7 Edge Wifi 2
Galaxy S7 Edge Wifi 3
Galaxy S7 Edge Wifi 4
Galaxy S7 Edge Wifi 5

Starting on the Home screen, press Apps > settings > Wi-Fi.



At the top, make sure the switch next to Wi-Fi is turned on. Tap it if it isn't and it'll come on, then tap the name of your network.



Type the password, which is on a sticker on the back of your router. Tap the show password box to check your typing, then press Connect.



If it's worked, your network name will be in blue and you'll see the word 'connected'.


If you leave Wi-Fi turned on, the S7 Edge will automatically connect to the network you just joined whenever you get close to it.

Turning mobile data on or off

Knowing how to turn your mobile data on and off can help you manage your data allowance and prevent any unexpected bills. If you only turn it on when you need it, you'll have the peace of mind that it's not constantly running in the background.

Galaxy S7 Edge Setup 32
Galaxy S7 Edge Data 1
Galaxy S7 Edge Data 2

Go to the mobile data settings by pressing Apps > Settings > Data usage.


Under the graph, it says Mobile data with a switch next to it. Tap the switch to turn mobile data on or off. Blue means it's on, grey means it's off.

If you're having problems getting a mobile data connection, you might need to reset your 'APN settings', or maybe even enter them manually. We've got a guide to help you with that here.


Setting up new email accounts


If you skipped adding your other email accounts earlier, or if you just want to know how to add more, these steps will help. If you need to add a work or education account, we recommend choosing an 'Exchange' account, otherwise most personal email providers use 'IMAP'.

Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 13
Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 14
Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 15
Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 16

Open the account settings by pressing Apps > Settings > Accounts. You'll see a list of any accounts already set up.



Press Add account to link a new email address.



Choose what type of account you need. You can also choose which app you want the emails to go to, the Email app (a white envelope with a red @ symbol) or the Gmail app (a white envelope with a red M).



Type in the email address and password for the account you're adding, then press Sign in.


Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 17
Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 18
Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 19
Galaxy S7 Edge Accounts 20

Your phone will set up the email automatically and when it's done, you'll go back to the list of email accounts.

If there were any problems with the automatic set up, you'll be taken back to the sign in page. At the bottom, press Manual Setup and try typing in the settings yourself. Use our guide to email server settings for help with them.


Setting up a lock screen


If you skipped this earlier, here are the steps to add a lock screen to your phone. It's important because it stops anyone else from picking up your phone and seeing all your personal information.

Galaxy S7 Edge Security 1
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 2
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 3
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 4

Go to the lock screen settings by pressing Apps > Settings > Lock screen and security.



To set a new lock, press Screen lock type.



We recommend choosing 'PIN' or 'Password' from the options, because they're the most secure.



If you want to use your fingerprint, you'll need to set up a normal lock screen first. We've covered fingerprints further down.


Galaxy S7 Edge Security 5
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 6
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 7
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 8

When you've picked one, a box will appear for you to type the new PIN or Password in. When you've done it, press Continue.


The new PIN or password needs to be confirmed, so type it in again and press OK.


Choose what notifications you want to see while the screen is locked, and then press Done.


You'll be given the option to set up fingerprints now. Press Later if you don't want to do do this, or press Set up and keep following the steps.

Unlocking the S7 Edge with a fingerprint

Galaxy S7 Edge Security 11
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 12
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 13
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 14

In the 'Fingerprints' screen, press Add fingerprint.


Follow the instructions it gives you about putting your finger on the Home button, so that you fingerprint can be read.


Keep your finger pressed to the button until the bar reaches 100%


You can decide to use your fingerprint to unlock your phone. If you want to do that, press Enable, otherwise you can stick with your other lock screen by pressing Later.

Galaxy S7 Edge Security 15
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 16
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 17
Galaxy S7 Edge Security 18

You'll go back to the screen where you added the fingerprint, but this time you'll see that there's one set up.



So you don't forget which finger it is, you can give the fingerprint a name.



Press and hold on the one you want to change, and a box with a tick will appear next to it.



At the top of the screen, tap Rename and you'll be able to call it whatever you want. Press Rename to complete the change.


Galaxy S7 Edge 19
Galaxy S7 Edge 20

You'll see the fingerprint with its new name in the list.

The S7 Edge should be set up and ready for you to start using it. If you need help with anything else, you can contact one of our Team Knowhow experts here.

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