Kit Guide: How to customise your Galaxy S6 lock screen


Different types of lock screen


Swipe Lock

Lets you swipe to unlock your handset, it's a good way to stop you from accidentally opening apps, but doesn't provide much security.


Pattern Lock

Setting a pattern to unlock your phone is more secure than a swipe lock, but it's still less secure than a PIN or password.

The main benefit of using a pattern lock is that they're usually much easier to remember, but bear in mind that the smudges on your screen could give clues to your pattern if you don’t keep it clean.


PIN Lock

A numerical PIN offers a good level of security, but don't be tempted to use a number that's easy to guess.


Password Lock

A password is similar to a PIN number, but can be a lot more secure because you can use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. So make sure you pick something you can remember, but that's also difficult to guess. Using numbers and symbols is always a good idea.


Fingerprint Lock

Fingerprints are probably the quickest way of locking and unlocking your phone, you just need to touch the sensor with your thumb or finger and it's unlocked. If you're using a fingerprint, you'll also need to add a password or PIN as a backup


Setting a secure lock screen


We've covered the different types of lock screen, here's how to set one up.

S6 Lock Screen 1
S6 Lock Screen 2
S6 Lock Screen 3
S6 Lock Screen 4

From your Apps list, tap the Settings icon.


Tap Lock screen and security Screen lock type.


Choose a type of screen lock by tapping it. In our example, we're adding a PIN.

S6 Lock Screen 5
S6 Lock Screen 6
S6 Lock Screen 7

Enter the code you'd like to use.


You'll need to enter it again to confirm it.


Choose whether you want to see notifications on your lock screen.


You'll be asked if you want to set up a fingerprint lock. You can do it now by tapping Set up, or tap Later to skip it.

S6 Lock Screen 8
S6 Lock Screen 9
S6 Lock Screen 10

If you're setting up a fingerprint, follow the instructions to register your print.


When it's done, you'll be taken back to the 'lock screen and security' page, where you can change some of the settings, or add more prints if you like.

Adding recovery information


Adding recovery information's a good idea, especially if you've got a habit of misplacing things. It adds a message to your lock screen which tells anyone who finds your phone how they can return it to you. Here's how to set it up.

S6 Lock Screen Recovery Info 1
S6 Lock Screen Recovery Info 2
S6 Lock Screen Recovery Info 3
S6 Lock Screen Recovery Info 4

From your Apps list, open the Settings app.


Tap Lock screen and security > Info and app shortcuts > Owner information.


We recommend adding the contact number for someone you know (make sure you get their permission first). Other information you could add is your email address, or a work contact number (if it's ok with your employer).


Press Done to finish adding recovery information.

Change your lock screen shortcuts


By default, your Galaxy S6 has two shortcuts on the Home screen, which can take you straight into the camera, or phone apps. If there are other apps you'd like quick access to, here's how to add more.

S6 Lock Screen Shortcuts 1
S6 Lock Screen Shortcuts 2
S6 Lock Screen Shortcuts 3
S6 Lock Screen Shortcuts 4

From your Apps list, go to Settings Lock screen and security Info and app shortcuts.


Tap App shortcuts.


You'll see an example of your lock screen, with two shortcuts in the bottom corners of the screen. Tap a shortcut to edit it.


Scroll through your apps and tap on the one you want to add to your lock screen. You can also switch the feature off altogether if you don't want apps to show when your phone's locked, just tap the on/off switch.

Instantly lock your Galaxy S6


When your Galaxy S6 goes to sleep, it doesn't lock straight away. This can be useful because it means you don't have to unlock it if it goes to sleep while you're using it. But it does also make your phone a bit less secure. If you want your phone to be as secure as possible, here's how to turn on instant locking.

S6 Lock Screen Turn Off 1
S6 Lock Screen Turn Off 2
S6 Lock Screen Turn Off 3
S6 Lock Screen Turn Off 4

From your Apps list, go to Settings > Lock screen and security > Secure lock settings.


Make sure Lock instantly with power key is turned on (it should be blue).


Press Lock automatically to choose how long it takes for your phone to lock after the screen turns off.

You can also turn on Auto factory reset if you want. This is an added security feature that completely wipes your phone if someone fails to unlock it 15 times in a row. Be careful though, because it could mean you'll lose all of your data if you get locked out of your phone.

Display the weather


You can add weather updates to your lock screen if you want, making it easy to quickly check the forecast. These steps will show you how it's done.

S6 Lock Screen Weather

From your Apps list, go to Settings > Lock screen and security Show information


Tap Weather. To show the weather in your area automatically, you'll need to let the phone know your location. Tap agree if you're happy to do that, or disagree if you'd rather manually enter your nearest city.


You can change some of the settings if you want, like picking between Celsius or Fahrenheit, or choosing how often your phone checks for weather updates.


Tap to turn on the option for Lock screen, and press the back button to go back to your Home screen.

Setting a dual clock


If you regularly travel between different time zones, adding a dual clock to your lock screen can be really useful because it'll show the local time, and the time at home. Here's how to set it up.

S6 Lock Screen Clock 1
S6 Lock Screen Clock 2
S6 Lock Screen Clock 3
S6 Lock Screen Clock 4

Go to > Settings > Lock screen and security Info and app shortcuts.


Tap Dual Clock.


Tap the switch at the top of the screen to turn it on.


Choose to Show both local and home time zones when roaming and tap Set home time zone, to add your time zone. 

Change the lock screen wallpaper


You can personalise your lock screen even more by adding a photo. Here's how it's done.

S6 Loch Screen Wallpaper 1
S6 Loch Screen Wallpaper 2
S6 Loch Screen Wallpaper 3
S6 Loch Screen Wallpaper 4

From your Apps list go to Settings > Display Wallpaper.


You can choose one of the Samsung pre-set wallpapers if you want, or pick something from your photo Gallery. When you've found an image you want to use, tap it.


Tap Home screen at the top, and choose whether you want the image to be shown on the Home screen, Lock screen, or both.

Hopefully that's you sorted, but if you need more help, you can get in touch with a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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