Kit Guide: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge - using it


This guide will help you with some of the core features of your Galaxy S6 Edge, including making calls and sending texts. We've also included some tips to help you get the most from your phone.


1. Making phone calls


Phone calls are all made using the Phone app, which is found in the bottom-left corner of your Home screen. Tap to open it.


  • When the app opens, you'll see the 'Log screen', which shows you any recently made, received or missed calls - tap one to call them back.
  • Tap the Favourites tab to see your most used contacts, then tap a contact to call them.
  • Tap the Contacts tab to see the full list of all the numbers saved on your phone. Tap one to see their details, then tap their number to call them.
  • To dial a number, press the green keypad button. Type in a number, then press the green phone icon at the bottom to call it.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Your S6 Edge sends texts and attachments using the Messaging app.

Sending texts


Open the Messaging app.


Tap the new message button in the bottom-right corner, or tap on a person's name if you want to reply to them.


If you're creating a new message, tap the To box and start typing a person's name or number. Suggestions might pop up as you're typing - tap one to choose them.


Tap Enter message, and write your message.


Tap the Send button to send it.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

Follow steps 1-4 above to get your text ready, then go through these steps to add an attachment.


Tap the paperclip icon on the left of the message box.


Choose the type of item you want to attach.


Go through your phone to find what you want to send, tap it to choose it.


Tap the Send button to send the message with the attachment.

Deleting a message thread

A 'message thread' is all the messages sent between you and a contact.

  • Open the Messaging app.
  • Press and hold on the thread you want to delete, until a tick appears next to it.
  • Tap the bin icon at the top to delete the thread.


3. Sending emails


You'll need to have set up an email account before you can send email - if you haven't added one, read our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Setup Guide to see how.

Sending an email


Open the Email app from the Home screen.


Tap the new message button in the bottom-right corner.


Tap the To box, and start typing a person's name or email address. Suggestions might appear as you type - tap one to choose them.


Type in a subject for you email.


Tap the arrow in the top-right corner to send the email.

Adding an attachment

Follow steps 1-5 (above) to get your email ready. The next steps will show you how to add an attachment.


Tap attach in the top-right corner.


Go through your phone and choose the item you want to attach. If you're sending pictures, you might be asked to resize them, which will let the email send more quickly, but the pictures might not look as good.


Tap the arrow in the top-right to send the email with the attachments.

4. Setting alarms


Alarms are set and changed with the Clock app. You can add more than one alarm, and we'll go through all the options for your alarms.


From the Home screen, tap Apps, then tap the Clock app.


Tap Alarm in the top-left.


Use the hour and minute flippers to set the alarm time.


Tap Repeat and choose the days you want the alarm to sound.


Tap Save.

The alarm is set, and will go off at the time you've chosen. You can change some of the other alarm options to customise it.


Tap Options, and then look through the options:

  • Alarm tone: change the sound.
  • Volume: set how loud the alarm will be.
  • Snooze: turn the snooze on or off.
  • Alarm name: give the alarm a label, like 'work' or 'school'.


5. Tips


Now that you've got to know more about the basics of your phone, here are some tips to help you get a bit more out of it.


Customising the Edge Screen

The 'Edges' of the phone screen can be used to show different bits of information.


custom edge screen

Go to Settings > Edge Screen and you can change:

  • Edge lighting: lights up the edge to let you know about incoming calls, texts and other notifications.
  • People Edge: shows five contacts on the edge that you can tap them to quickly contact them.
  • Information stream: shows stories from Twitter, your interests and other news sites.
  • Night clock: shows the time on the edge, but keeps the rest of the screen off.

Using motion gestures


Your S6 Edge can perform some actions using motion controls.

  • Direct call: if you lift the phone up to your ear when looking at a contact, a message, or a missed call from them, your phone will start calling them.
  • Smart alert: if there's any missed calls or texts, your phone will vibrate when you pick it up to let you know.
  • Mute: turn the phone over, or put your hand over, to mute incoming calls.
  • Palm swipe: swipe side-to-side across the phone to take a screenshot.

Hopefully that should be all you need to know, but if you want some extra help with your phone, get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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