How to transfer data to your Samsung Galaxy S5 using Smart Switch


For help with transferring data onto your Samsung Galaxy S5, follow the instructions in this guide. The steps for doing this from an iPhone are different than from another Android device, so make sure you are following the relevant instructions for your phone type! 

Importing data from iCloud to the Samsung S5

icloud backup

On your iPhone/iPad, tap Settings > iCloud and make sure you are signed in with your Apple ID. If you are not, sign in now.


Tap Storage & backup > Back up now.


To prevent duplicate versions of your contacts appearing on the Samsung, turn off contacts sync by tapping the switch beside it.

download samsung smart switch 1

On the S5, open the Play Store and search for Samsung Smart Switch in the box at the top of the page. If you have it installed already, tap Open, otherwise tap Install. When the install completes, tap Open.


Skip through the introductory screens and agree to the End User License Agreement by tapping Confirm.

smart switch transfer 2

You will now see options to 'Import from iCloud' or 'Android to Galaxy'. Tap Import from iCloud.


Sign in with your Apple ID, then tap the most recent entry from the list of backups.


Tap the box at the top of the screen to Select all, so that all your data will be transferred.


Tap Import at the bottom of the page. Once the transfer is complete, tap Done and exit the app.

Importing data from an Android phone to the Samsung S5


Before you begin, you need to make sure you have the Smart Switch app installed on both devices. You will find it in the Google Play Store.

smart switch mobile 3

Open the Smart Switch app on your previous Android device and skip through until you see the All contents page.


Tap the box next to Select all so that all content will be transferred.

smart switch mobile 4

Open the Smart Switch app on your S5 and tap Android to Galaxy.


Tap Transfer on the previous device, then tap OK on the S5 to begin. Make sure the devices are no more than 10cm apart during this process.

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