How to change the language on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo


Choosing a new language for your Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo can be confusing, but we'll step you through it in this guide. 

Change the system language


The system language is the language used by your S3 Neo for menus, settings and some notifications. If you're trying to change the language of your keyboard in order to write in a second language, scroll down to our change the keyboard language section.

s3 neo language settings

Firstly, open your Apps list and find the Settings icon. This looks like a cog or a gear. Once you've found it, tap on it to continue.


If your settings screen has tabs along the top, press on the one marked Controls, which is the third tab along from the left. The top option on the Controls page is called Language and input. Touch this to move on to the next step.


At the top of the language and input screen you will see an option marked Language, with your currently selected language written underneath - in our example, this is English (United Kingdom). Press Language to view additional languages you can pick from.


Scroll down the list of available languages until you find the one you want to use. Once you press the language name, you will be taken back to the previous settings page - this time with your new language in place.

Change the keyboard language

s3 neo keyboard language

Open your apps list and tap on the Settings icon (grey cog or gear), then press on the third tab along which is called Controls. Press the top option on this page, which is called Language and input.


You should see a grey cog or gear wheel next to Samsung keyboard. This button will let you make changes to your Samsung keyboard settings, like automatic punctuation, predictive text and keyboard sounds as well as your input languages. There is already one input language installed on your Samsung device; in our example this is English (UK). Tap the option below this marked Select input languages.


On this new page you will have a lot of different languages to choose from, so scroll down the list until you find the right one and tap on it to start the download. We've chosen American Spanish for our example.


When the download reaches 100%, the new language will become available at the top of the list. Make sure that it has a green tick next to it, as without the green tick you can't switch to the language very easily. Any updates for your language packs will appear up here too.


To switch between keyboards you must have your keyboard on the screen, so switch to your messaging or email app to test this next part out.


Written on the space bar of your keyboard you will find your current language. Simply swipe or drag your finger from right-to-left or left-to-right across the space bar to quickly switch to your alternate language! To switch back, drag your finger across the space bar again.

So there you have it: changing the language on your Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo - the simple way! Any questions? You can get in touch with an expert from Team Knowhow here.

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