Samsung J3 2017 Manual and User Guide


Samsung Galaxy J3 2017 user manual

This is the official user manual for the Samsung Galaxy J3 2017

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Step 1. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


Before starting the Setup, you'll need to get your SIM card put in - you'll need the SIM tool from the box to do it. You can also add a MicroSD card for extra storage.


Push the SIM tool into the top pin-hole on the left-hand side of the phone to eject the SIM tray.


Pull the tray completely out of the phone.


Put the SIM card on the tray, so that the gold contacts face the back of the phone.


Push the tray all the way back into the phone.


If you're using a MicroSD card, push the SIM tool into the lower pin-hole, and pull the tray out.


Put the MicroSD card onto the tray, so that the metal contacts face the back of the phone.


Push the SD card tray back into the phone.


With everything in, press and hold the power button on the right-hand side of the phone to turn it on, and start setting it up.

Step 2: Completing the J3 2017 Setup Wizard


The 'Setup Wizard' will go through some of the basics to get the phone set up and ready to use.

Setting it up

setup wizard 1
setup wizard 2
setup wizard 3
setup wizard 4

If you get a pop-up asking you to choose your network, tap to pick it, then tap OK.


Choose your language, then tap Start.


Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.


Type in the Wi-Fi password and then tap Connect.

setup wizard 5
setup wizard 6
setup wizard 7
setup wizard 8

Once it says 'connected' under you network, press Next.



You'll need to accept the 'Terms and Conditions', and can optionally send diagnostic data to Samsung. Tap Agree to all or tick the individual boxes, then tap Next.



If you've got a Google account, type it in and press Next, or tap the option to Create a new account if you've not got one.


If you're signing in, type your password and press Next, or if you're creating an account, fill in the details.

setup wizard 9
setup wizard 10
setup wizard 11
setup wizard 12

Tap Accept to agree to Google's Terms of Service.


Scroll through the Google Services and keep the switches turned on for the ones you want to use. Tap Next once you've been through them.


Tap Skip on the 'Protect your phone' screen, as we'll cover this in more detail later in the guide.


Tap Skip anyway.

setup wizard 13
setup wizard 14
setup wizard 15
setup wizard 16

Scroll down and tap Skip on the 'Samsung account' screen.


Tap Skip on the pop-up menu.


Have a look through the 'useful features' and tick the boxes for the ones you want to use.


Tap Finish and you'll be looking at the Home screen.

That's the Setup Wizard finished, and your phone is ready for you to start using it.

Touchscreen buttons

Under the screen are the navigation buttons that you'll use to get around your phone:

'Home' (middle button): get back to the Home screen from anywhere in the phone by pressing this.

'Back' (arrow): go back a screen.

'Recent apps' (two boxes): shows all the apps you've had open recently.


Step 3: Connecting to the Internet


Your phone will automatically use your mobile data for getting online, but rather than use up your data, you can connect to Wi-Fi instead.

Connecting the J3 2017 to a Wi-Fi network

connect to wifi 1
connect to wifi 2
Wi-connect to wifi 3
connect to wifi 4

Open Settings from the Home screen, the tap Connections.


Tap on Wi-Fi.


Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.


Type the Wi-Fi password, and then press Connect. Your network will say 'connected' if it's working.

Turning mobile data on or off

Your phone will set up the mobile data connection automatically - but if you need to switch it off or have any problems connecting, follow these steps.

connect to mobile data 1
connect to mobile data 2
connect to mobile data 3

Open Settings from the Home screen, then tap Connections.


Tap Data usage.


Check that the switch for 'Mobile data' is turned on.

connect to mobile data 4
connect to mobile data 5
connect to mobile data 6
connect to mobile data 7

If your mobile data isn't working, go back to the 'Connections' screen, and tap Mobile networks.


Tap Access Point Names.


Check that your network is selected.


If you still have any problems, tap the three dots in the top-right, then tap Reset to default.

If you're still not able to connect to mobile data, you might need to manually set up the 'APN settings'. Take a look at our APN settings guide to find the settings for your network.


Step 4: Setting up new email accounts


Here's how to get your email accounts added to your Galaxy J3 2017.

adding email accounts 1
adding email accounts 2
adding email accounts 3
adding email accounts 4

Open Settings from the Home screen, and then tap Cloud and accounts.


Tap on Accounts.


Tap Add account.


Tap the type of account you want to add - most can be added with the Email option, but for work or school accounts you should use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync.

adding email accounts 5
adding email accounts 6
adding email accounts 7
adding email accounts 8

Type in your email address, and press Next.


Type in your password, and press Sign in.


You might need to authorise your account - tap Yes, Agree or OK.


You might also need to allow the email app some extra permissions - tap Allow.

If you have any trouble adding your account, you might need to manually put in the settings. Check our guide to email server settings to find what you'll need for your account.

Step 5: Setting up the Fingerprint scanner and lock screen


Adding a fingerprint to your phone is an easy way to keep it secure and to make sure noone can get at your messages, pictures or other data.

set up the lock screen 1
set up the lock screen 2
set up the lock screen 3
set up the lock screen 4

Open Settings from the Home screen, then tap on Lock screen and security.


Tap on Fingerprint Scanner.


Tap Continue.


Before you can setup the fingerprint reader, you'll need to choose a backup unlock method:

  • Pattern: draw a pattern to unlock the screen
  • PIN: a four digit code
  • Password: a code that can be numbers and letters
set up the lock screen 5
set up the lock screen 6
set up the lock screen 7
set up the lock screen 8

Type or draw in the unlock method, then tap Continue.


Do it again to confirm it, then tap OK.


Rest your thumb on the Home button to start it scanning.


Lift and repeat a few times - you'll see a percentage increasing every time you scan.

set up the lock screen 9
set up the lock screen 10
set up the lock screen 11

After a few times, you'll be asked to twist your hand so that the scanner gets some different angles of your fingerprint. Tap OK and then start scanning again.


After a couple more scans, your fingerprint will be added. Tap Done.


Choose which notifications you want to see, and then tap Done.

Step 6: How to download apps from the App Store


Downloading apps to your phone is done through the Google Play Store, which has millions of different apps and games you can install. We've got a whole guide to downloading apps to your phone here.

Step 7. Making phone calls


Here's how to make calls on your J3.

making calls 1
making calls 2
making calls 3
making calls 4

Open the Phone app from the Home screen, and you'll have these options:

  • Dialler: use to dial a number, then tap the green phone icon to call it
  • Recents: shows you any recent missed, received or dialed numbers
  • Contacts: shows you all the numbers saved to your phone
  • Places: uses your location to find the numbers of nearby places of interest

Step 8. Sending texts & picture messages


Sending texts and pictures can be done in just a few steps.

Sending texts

sending texts 1
sending texts 2
sending texts 3
sending texts 4

Open Messages from the Home screen.


Tap a contact from the list, or type a number into the box at the top, then tap Compose.


Write your message.


Tap the Send button to get your message on its way.

Sending picture messages

send picture message 1
send picture message 2
send picture message 3

To send a picture, tap the paperclip next to the message box.


Choose the type of thing you want to send.


Go through the phone to find the item you want to attach.

send picture message 4
send picture message 5
send picture message 6

Tap the item, and it'll be selected - depending on what your sending, you can attach more than one file. Tap Done once you've picked.


Your attachment will show in the message - you can add some text if you like.


Tap Send to get it sent.

Deleting a message thread

A message 'thread' is all the texts between you and someone else - to delete one, press and hold it, then tap Delete.


Step 9. Sending emails


Here's the steps for sending email. These are for the Gmail app, but if you're using the Email app, the steps are pretty much the same.

Sending an email

sending email 1
sending email 2
sending email 3
sending email 4

Open the Gmail app from the Home screen.


Tap the Compose icon at the bottom of the screen.


Type in the email address of the person you want to see.


Fill in the subject and type a message, then tap the arrow in the top right to send it.

Send attachments

sending attachments 1
sending attachments 2
sending attachments 3

To add an attachment, tap the paperclip in the top-right, then tap Attach file.


Go through the phone and tap the item you want to attach.


You'll see your picture attached - tap the arrow to get it sent.

Step 10. Setting alarms


You can add multiple alarms to your J3 2017 - here's how.

setting alarms 1
setting alarms 2
setting alarms 3

Open the Clock app from the Home screen.


Tap the + button in the bottom-right to add a new alarm, or tap an existing alarm to edit it.


Use the sliders at the top to set the time, then choose your other options:

  • Repeat: choose the days you want the alarm to go off
  • Alarm name: give the alarm a name like 'work' or 'dentist'
  • Snooze: set how long the snooze is
  • Alarm tone and volume: choose the sound for your alarm and how loud you want it to be

Your phone should be set up and ready now, but if you wanted some more help with it, contact a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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