Kit Guide: Samsung Core Prime - setting it up


The first time you use a phone, it needs to be set up. We've written this guide to help you with everything from putting the SIM card in, to setting up a screen lock.

Samsung Galaxy Core Prime User Manual

If you need to download the user guide for your phone, you can get it here


Box contents


Here's a list of things you'll get in the box:

  • Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
  • Battery
  • Mains power adaptor
  • USB lead
  • In-line earphones
  • Information pack


Inserting your SIM & memory cards


First of all you'll need to put the SIM card (and memory card, if you have one) into the phone. To remove the back cover, there's a notch above the power button on the right-hand edge of the phone. Using your finger or thumbnail, press it into the notch and ease the cover away from the back of the phone. Take the battery out too if it's already in.

Core Prime SIM

The SIM card goes into a slot in the top-right corner of the battery compartment. It's labelled 'MicroSD, SIM'. It looks like there's only one slot, but there's two. The SIM card slides into the lower slot, with the cut-off corner going first and the gold contacts facing the phone.

If you've got a Memory card to put in as well, it slides in just above the SIM card. Again, the gold contacts need to face the phone.

Completing the Core Prime Setup Wizard


There's some steps and settings to complete before you can start using the phone. It's known as the 'Setup Wizard' and we've explained each step below.

Setting it up

During the Setup, a box could appear at any time that asks you to pick your mobile network. Just tap yours and then 'OK', and it'll disappear.

Core Prime 1426349522

First, choose your language. 'English (United Kingdom)' should be chosen already, but you can press the arrow to change it. Press Start when you've picked.


Connecting to Wi-Fi at this point is important because there are some things the phone needs to download. Press you network name in the list.


Type in the wireless password. If you're not sure what it is, it'll be on a sticker on your router. Press Connect.

Core Prime 1426349532

If it's worked, your network name will be in blue and it'll say 'Connected' under it. Press Next.


Date and time should be able to set up automatically, but you can tap the tick to remove it and set them manually if you want. When you're done, press Next.


There's two sets of Terms and Conditions here. You have to agree to the first set, so tap the box next to 'I understand and agree...'. The second one is optional, so read the information about it and then choose Yes or No thanks. Press Next when you've picked.


You'll be asked if you've 'Got Google?'. If you have an email address ending with '' or '' then tap Yes, otherwise tap No and you can set an account up for free.

Core Prime 1426349541

Type in your Google email address and password, and then press the right-arrow.


Signing in means you agree to the 'Terms of Service'. Tap the links to read more about them, and then press OK.


Google has some services that will run in the background. They help things perform as they should. Leave ticks next to the services you want, and then press the down arrow.


Choose the rest of the services you want to use, then press the right-arrow.

Core Prime 1426349550

Type your name in the boxes (if you want), or give your phone a name, then press the right-arrow.


Here you can sign in to a 'Samsung account' if you've got one. If you haven't, you can use your Google account to get one instead of making a new account. Tap one of the options or press Skip.


You can give your phone a name that people will see if they need to connect to it, and then press Finish.


That's everything - you've done it. The phone should be set up now and you'll be on your 'Home screen'.

Touchscreen buttons

This button is called the 'Apps' button and you'll find it on your Home screen. Pressing it takes you into all the apps that are on your phone.

There's some touch buttons just under the main screen, and they help you get around the phone.

'Home' (middle button): press it to get back to your Home screen from any app.

'Back' (arrow): press to go back to the last screen.

'Recent apps' (two boxes): shows the apps you've been using recently.


Connecting to the Internet


There are lots of things our phones do online these days, so we've written some steps to help you stay connected.

Connecting the Core Prime to a Wi-Fi network

Core Prime 1426349564

Swipe down from the top of the Home screen, and tap the settings cog in the top-right corner.


Press Wi-Fi.


At the top, make sure the switch is turned on. You can tap it to change it.

Core Prime 1426349574

Tap the name of your network in the list.


A box pops up asking for the password. If you're not sure what it is, it'll be on a sticker on your router. Press Connect when it's in.


If it's worked, you'll see the network name in blue with the word 'Connected' under it.

Turning mobile data on or off

Knowing how to turn mobile data on and off is important because it can help you to manage your usage, and make sure you don't go over you allowance. Here's how it's done.

Core Prime 1426349585

Swipe down from the top edge of the screen, and tap the settings cog in the top-right corner. When Settings opens, press More networks.


Press Mobile networks.


Next to mobile data is a box. If there's a tick in it, then mobile data is on. If it's empty, then mobile data is turned off.

That's all there is to it. If you're having trouble connecting to your mobile data, you might need to put some settings in manually. We've got a guide to help you with it here.


Setting up new email accounts


You can keep all your emails in one place by learning how to set up accounts on the Core Prime.

Core Prime 1426423001

Go to the settings by pressing Apps > Settings.


Tap Lock screen > Screen lock.

Core Prime 1426422779

Type in the email address and password of the account you're setting up, then press Next.


Choose how often you want email to sync, then press Next.


You can give the new account a name if you want, then when you're finished, press Done.


The phone will do the rest of the settings automatically, and you'll be taken through to the new inbox.

If the account isn't setting up automatically, you might need to put some of the settings in manually. We've written a guide to email server settings to help you with it.


6. Setting up a lock screen


We think a lock screen is a great way to protect your phone because you'll be safe from anyone else being able to use it, without your permission. Here's some steps on how to do it.

Core Prime Security 1

Go to the settings by pressing Apps > Settings.


Tap Lock screen > Screen lock.

Core Prime Security 2

Choose a type of screen lock. We recommend 'PIN' or 'Password' because they're the most secure.


Type in the PIN or Password you want to set, and then press Done.


Type it in again to confirm it, and press OK.


Your new screen lock is set up, and your phone is more protected.

That's the Core Prime set up and ready to use. If you're having some trouble you needed to speak to us about, you can contact a Team Knowhow Expert here.

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