Using a Samsung Galaxy A5 2016


This guide has been written to help you get to know how to use your Samsung Galaxy A5. When you've finished, you'll be familiar with calls, texts, emails and alarms on your phone.


Making phone calls


Something most people do with their phone is make phone calls, so we've written some instructions to help you with it.

calls 1
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Tap the Phone icon on the Home screen. It looks like a green box with a white phone in it.


You'll be taken into the dialler screen. From here you can type in a number if you know it, and then just press the green phone again to make the call.


If you want to browse your contacts, tap the Contacts tab at the top and you'll be shown a list of all the people you've got saved in your phone. Tap the contact you want to call, then press the green phone to ring them.


Get back to the dialler from this screen by pressing the keypad button in the bottom-right corner.

Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Sending texts is another popular feature so here's some steps to help you with it.

Sending texts

Another app that's quite popular is the messaging app. If you need some help with sending messages, the steps below will guide you through it.

To start, tap the Messaging app on your Home screen. It looks like a yellow box with a white envelope in it. If there's any messages waiting for you, a small red badge will be in the corner of the icon.

texts 1
texts 2
texts 3

To write a new message, tap Compose. It's the icon in the bottom-right corner that looks like a pen and paper in a yellow circle.


A blank text message will open, ready for you to fill in. Tap in the Enter recipient box and type in a mobile number, or press the little icon of a person on the right to choose from your contacts list.


Now you need to write your message. Tap in the box that says Enter message and the keyboard will pop up. Write your message, then press Send if you're done.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

mms 1
mms 2
mms 3

If you're sending an attachment, like a picture, video or sound recording, tap the paper clip on the right of the message box.


You'll need to choose what you'd like to attach to your message, so tap the icon for the item you want. Sending a picture or video will turn the text into a 'Multimedia message', and you might be charged for it, so we'd recommend checking with your network provider about costs.


When you've attached your item, it will show in the text message. When you're finished, tap Send.

Deleting a message thread

A 'message thread' is all the messages sent between you and a particular contact, like a conversation. If you need to delete an entire thread, open the Messaging app and find the one you want to get rid of. Press and hold on it, and you'll see some boxes pop up next to the conversations. Tap the box to put a tick in it, meaning you want to delete it, and then press the bin icon in the top-right of the screen, and the conversation will be gone.


Sending emails


Connecting with people through email is important to a lot of us today, so we've written these steps to help you start sending emails.

Sending an email

You need to have your email account set up on your phone to be able to start sending emails. If you haven't done it and need some help, have a look at our Setup guide.

emails 1
email 2
emails 3

Open the app that you use for email (could be Email or Gmail). When it's on the screen, tap Compose. It looks like a white pen in a red circle.


Tap the To box and type in the persons email address. Any matching contacts will be suggested as you type.


Tap the Subject box and give your email a title.


Now tap the box that says Compose email to start typing your message. If it's just the words you want to send, tap the white Send arrow in the top-right corner.

Adding an attachment

attachment 1
attachment 2
attachments 3

Sometimes you might need to add pictures, videos or other documents to an email you're sending. To do this, tap the paperclip at the top of the screen, and then press Attach file.


When you've found the picture or file you want, tap it and it'll be added to the email.


You might be asked to 'resize' any pictures your sending. It's helpful because if you're using mobile data, you won't want to use up all your allowance and end up with a bill.


Tap the white Send arrow at the top when you're finished.

Setting alarms


Instead of having a seperate alarm clock, most people use the in-built alarm app on their phone. Below is some information to help with setting alarms if you've never done it before, or if you're struggling.

alarms 1
alarms 2
alarms 3

The alarms are in the 'Clock' app, so tap Apps > Clock.


You'll be shown the alarms page straight away, but there shouldn't be any set just yet. Change the time showing by tapping it, and then typing in the new time that you want the alarm to sound.


Above the time is the date. Use this to set a specific date for your alarm to sound.


You can choose to have the same alarm repeated on different days. Tap Repeat weekly and then tap the days that you want the alarm to go off.

alarms 5
alarms 6
alarms 7

When you've got the alarm set for the days and times you want, press Save.


You can customise your alarm by choosing the tone, how long you want snooze to activate for, and the volume of the alarm. When you've made your choices, tap Save.


The alarm is set now, and will be showing in a box under the alarm options. If you want to turn it off, just tap the green alarm clock and it will turn grey.

That should be everything you need to get you going, however if you want to talk to someone at Team Knowhow for some more help, contact us here.

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