Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 - using it


This guide will take you through some of the core features of your Galaxy A3 - from making a phone call to setting an alarm.

1. Making phone calls


All phone calls on your Galaxy A3 are handled by the Phone app, which is found in the bottom left corner of the Home screen. Tap this to get started, and once it's open you'll see the following options:

a3 2016 calls 1
a3 2016 calls 2
a3 2016 calls 3
a3 2016 calls 4

The phone app has three tabs along the top: Log, Favourites and Contacts.

  • The Log tab will show any recently received, dialled or missed calls - tap a number to call them back.
  • The Favourites tab can be used to store the contacts you use most often.
  • The Contacts tab will show you all the numbers you have saved on your phone.

You can tap the green keypad button in the bottom-right to bring up the dialler. Here, type in a number and then tap the green phone icon to call them.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


You can send texts and picture messages using the Messaging app on the Galaxy A3. We'll walk you through how to get both of these done below.

Sending Texts

a3 2016 messages 1
a3 2016 messages 2
a3 2016 messages 3
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Open the Messaging app from your Home screen.


Tap the new message button in the bottom-right corner, or tap a person's name to reply to them.


Tap Enter recipient, and start typing a person's name or number. As you type suggestions from your contacts might show - tap one to choose them.


Tap Enter message, and begin writing your text.


Press the Send button to send your message.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

To send a picture or another attachment with a text, follow steps 1-4 above, then follow these steps:

a3 2016 messages 5
a3 2016 messages 6
a3 2016 messages 7
a3 2016 messages 8

Tap the paperclip to the left of the message box.


Choose the type of thing you want to send - a picture or video etc.


Go through your phone and find the item you want to send. Tap on it, and it will be added to your text.


Tap the Send button to get it on its way.

Deleting a message thread

A 'message thread' is all the messages sent back and forth between you and a contact. Your phone has more than enough space to store all these, but if you do want to delete any, here's how:

Open the Messaging app, and press and hold on a person's name.

A tickbox will show next to the person, and you can tick the box next to other contacts to delete more than one at once. Press the bin icon in the top right corner.

3. Sending emails


To send emails, you'll have to have added an email account to your phone first. If you haven't added an email account, read through our Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 Setup Guide to see how.

a3 2016 emails 1
a3 2016 emails 2
a3 2016 emails 3
a3 2016 emails 4

Open the Gmail app from the Home screen.


Tap the new email button in the bottom-right corner.


Tap the To box, and start typing a person's name or email address.


Type a Subject for the email.


Tap in the Compose email box, and then type your message.


Tap the arrow in the top right corner to send the message.

Adding an attachment

Follow steps 1-5 above to get your message ready, then follow these steps to add an attachment:

a3 2016 emails 5
a3 2016 emails 6
a3 2016 emails 7
a3 2016 emails 8

Tap the paperclip in the top-right corner.


Choose the type of thing you want to send.


Find the item you want to send, and tap it to add it to the email.


Tap the arrow in the top-right corner to send the email with the attachment.

4. Setting alarms


Alarms are created and changed using the Clock app on your Galaxy A3. To get started, tap the Apps icon, then tap the Clock app.


a3 2016 alarms 1
a3 2016 alarms 2
a3 2016 alarms 3
a3 2016 alarms 4

With the app open, tap the Alarm tab at the top.


Slide up or down on the hour and minutes to set an alarm time.


Tap Repeat weekly and choose if you want the alarm to go off on more than one day during the week.


Tap Options to change some other settings:

  • Alarm type: choose if the alarm makes sound or vibrates.
  • Volume: choose how loud you want the alarm to be.
  • Alarm tone: change the sound the alarm makes.
  • Snooze: lets you snooze the alarm for five minutes.
  • Increasing volume: gradually increases the volume when the alarm goes off.

Tap Save to set the alarm.

Hopefully, that's all the help you need to use your phone, but if you want some more help, you can get in touch with our Team Knowhow Experts here.

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