Kit Guide: Motorola Moto Z - using it


Figuring out where things are on a new phone can be a bit confusing, so we've got this guide to help you get going.

1. Making phone calls


After following these steps, you'll be chatting on the phone with your friends in no time.

Open the phone app by pressing the blue phone icon.

Moto Z Calls 1
Moto Z Calls 2
Moto Z Calls 3

You'll be on your 'Favourites' page. You can type in a number, or search through your contacts.

  • Tap the People icon at the top to see a list of your contacts.
  • Press the Blue keypad in the bottom middle to type in a number.

When you see their number on the screen, tap the green phone to call.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages


Texting is a way to have a chat with someone without being overheard. You'll be texting away in no time with these steps.

Sending texts

Open the messaging app by tapping the icon on the Home screen. It looks like a pair of speech bubbles.

Moto Z Messages 1
Moto Z Messages 2
Moto Z Messages 3

Open a blank message by tapping the + in the bottom-right corner.


Type a contacts name or mobile number in the 'To' box.


Tap the 'Send message' box and write your text. When you're finished, press the blue arrow to send it.

Deleting a message thread


A message 'thread' is like a conversation between you and another person. If you want to delete a full thread of messages, start by opening your Inbox.

Find the conversation you want to get rid of and press and hold on it. You'll see a tick come up next to it, and then you can tap the bin icon at the top to delete it.

3. Sending emails


To start sending emails, you need the account to be set up on your phone. If you haven't added it yet, our Motorola Moto Z Setup Guide will help you do it.


Sending an email

Open your email inbox by pressing Apps > GMail or Email (depending which one you set up).

Moto Z Attach 1
Moto Z Attach 2
Moto Z Attach 3
Moto Z Attach 4

Write a new email by pressing Compose (it's the pen in the red circle).


Type the email address you're contacting in the 'To' box.


Add a subject to the 'Subject' box.


Write your message in the space under the 'Subject' box. When you're finished, press the white arrow at the top to send.

Adding an attachment

If you want to add pictures, videos or other files to your email, follow steps 1-3 above, then have a look at these steps.

Moto Z Attach 5
Moto Z Attach 6
Moto Z Attach 7
Moto Z Attach 8

Press the paperclip at the top to attach something.


Choose where the file is. 'Images' will be your pictures, and 'Drive' will show you the stuff you've got backed up.


Look through your files, then tap the one you want to add.


You'll see a preview of it under your message. When you're done, press the white arrow to send.

4. Setting alarms


You'll never be late again once you've used these steps to learn about setting alarms on your Moto Z.

Open the alarms by pressing Apps > Clock.

Moto Z Alarms 1
Moto Z Alarms 2
Moto Z Alarms 3
Moto Z Alarms 4

Make sure the alarm clock icon is highlighted at the top, then press the red + to add a new alarm.


Drag the circle around until it's on the hour you want.


Drag the circle around again to set the minutes, then press OK.


You'll see your alarm in the list now, with a switch next to it. If it's red, the alarm is on, and if it's white, the alarm is off.

You can change other things like the ringtone, the repeat days and snooze options. Press the Home button when you're finished to exit the app.

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