Kit Guide: Motorola Moto Z - setting it up


Before you can start using your new Moto Z, you'll need to set it up. We've covered all the steps below, from putting the SIM card in to protecting it with a lock screen.

Motorola Moto Z Manual

Flick through the Motorola Moto Z user manual here

Download Manual

1. Box contents


Here's the stuff you'll find in your box:

  • Motorola Moto Z
  • Mains/USB-C power adaptor
  • USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Information pack
  • SIM tray tool

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards

To put a SIM card into your phone, you'll need the SIM removal tool that you got in your information pack. Look for a pinhole on the top edge of the phone, and push the pointy end of the tool into it. You'll feel the tray pop out.


The SIM card goes in the lower part of the tray. If the phone is screen side down, then you'll need to be able to see the gold contacts after you've lined it up on the tray. When it's in, you can slide the tray back into the phone.

Moto Z Insert SIM

Memory cards go in the same tray, just in the gap at the bottom. Line up the memory card, making sure you can see the gold contacts. Then you can slide the tray back into the phone.

3. Completing the Moto Z Setup Wizard


There are some set up screens to get through before you'll see the Home screen. We've gone through each one here.


Setting it up

Moto Z Setup 1
Moto Z Setup 2
Moto Z Setup 3
Moto Z Setup 4

First is the 'Welcome' screen. Tap the yellow arrow to start.


Pick a language. 'English (United Kingdom)' should be chosen by default, but you can change it. Tap Next when you've chosen.


You can skip connecting to Wi-Fi but we don't recommend it because the phone needs to download some things during the set up. Press the name of your network.


Type in your wireless password (it's on your router if you don't know it).

Moto Z Setup 5
Moto Z Setup 6
Moto Z Setup 7
Moto Z Setup 8

There's some information that Motorola collects in the background. See your options by pressing Privacy settings, and then press Accept and continue.


If you've used another Android device, you might have some data you can copy over. Most of it will come through your Google account anyway, so press Don't restore and then the right arrow.


Sign into your Google account by typing in your Google email address and then tap Next. If you haven't set one up yet, tap Or create a new account to get one.


Type in your Google password and then tap Next.

Moto Z Setup 9
Moto Z Setup 10
Moto Z Setup 11
Moto Z Setup 12

Google have some Terms and Conditions that you agree to by signing in. You can read about them by tapping the links, and then press Accept when you're ready.


There are some services that Google use which run in the background. Read about them and tap any ticks you want to get rid of. Press the down arrow for more.


Read through the rest of the services, then tap Next when you're done.


Payment information is asked for because some apps aren't free. Choose an option, or you can pay each time instead by choosing No, thanks and then Continue.

Moto Z Setup 13
Moto Z Setup 14
Moto Z Setup 15
Moto Z Setup 16

If you've got any other email addresses, you can set them up now. It's covered later as well, so you can skip it for now. Choose Not now and then tap Next.


Again, we cover protecting your phone later on. Plus, it can be a pain to keep unlocking it while it's still being set up, so tap the tick to get rid of it, then press Next.


'Google Now' is Google's version of social media. Press the down arrow for more information.


If it's something you'd like to use, choose Yes, I'm in. Otherwise, choose Skip and then tap Next.

Moto Z Setup 17

Lastly, you'll be asked if you want a 'Moto account'. Tap the box next to Sign me up if you want to use it, or if you're not interested just tap Next and you'll go to the Home screen.

Touchscreen buttons


The touch buttons under the main screen will help you get around your phone. This is what they are, and what they do:


'Home' (circle): return to the Home screen from any app.

'Back' (triangle): go back one screen.

'Recent apps' (square): shows a list of recently used apps.

4. Connecting to the Internet


Make sure you know how to stay online by following these steps.


Connecting the Moto Z to a Wi-Fi network

Moto Z WiFi 1
Moto Z WiFi 2
Moto Z WiFi 3
Moto Z WiFi 4

Open the settings, then tap Wi-Fi.


Tap the name of your network (making sure the switch at the top is 'On').


Type in the wireless password (it's on a sticker on your router if you don't know it) then press Connect.


When it's worked, you'll see 'Connected' under your network name.

Turning mobile data on or off

Moto Z Data 1
Moto Z Data 2

Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap the Settings cog.


Press Data usage. In here you'll see a switch next to 'Data enabled'. Tap the switch to turn it on and off.


You should be able to stay online now. If you're having any problems with your mobile data, we've got a guide to help you manually connect here.

5. Setting up new email accounts


We skipped adding new email accounts in the set up, so you can find out how to do it here.

Moto Z Email 1
Moto Z Email 2
Moto Z Email 3
Moto Z Email 4

From the Home screen, press Apps > Settings > Accounts.


Tap Add account.


Choose what type of account it is. Usually it'll be 'IMAP', but work or education accounts could be 'Exchange'.


If you want to set up a whole new account, press Or create a new account.

Moto Z Email 5
Moto Z Email 6
Moto Z Email 7
Moto Z Email 8

Type in the accounts email address, then tap Next.


Type in the accounts password, then press Next.


Choose whether you want your stuff to back up automatically, then tap Next.


Your account will set up automatically and you'll go back to the settings page, where you'll see it listed.

If your account doesn't set up automatically, you might need to put some manual settings in. Our guide to email server settings will help you.

6. Setting up a lock screen


It's important to protect your phone, so we've got these steps to help you set up a lock screen.

Moto Z Lock Screen 1
Moto Z Lock Screen 2
Moto Z Lock Screen 3
Moto Z Lock Screen 4

Swipe down from the top of your Home screen, then tap the Settings cog in the top-right.


Tap Security.


Tap Screen lock to set up a new one.


Choose the type of screen lock you want to use. 'PIN' and 'Password' are the safest, so we recommend either of those.

Moto Z Lock Screen 5
Moto Z Lock Screen 6
Moto Z Lock Screen 7
Moto Z Lock Screen 8

To make things even safer, you can set up a PIN that you need to put in when the phone turns on. Choose an option then press Continue (if you choose to set one up, you'll be asked to do it next).


Type in the screen lock PIN or Password you want to use, then press Continue.


Type it in again to confirm it, then press OK.


Choose which notifications you want to see when the screen is locked, then press Done.

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