Kit Guide: Motorola Moto G5 - setting it up


Setting up a new phone can be a bit confusing, but don't worry, this guide takes you through all the steps. By the end you'll have the SIM card in, and the phone working just so.

Motorola Moto G5 User Manual

You can download a copy of the user manual by clicking the download button below


1. Box contents


Here's what you'll get in the box:

  • Motorola Moto G5
  • Mains/microUSB power adaptor
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Documentation pack

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


You'll need to put your SIM card in first. Look along the bottom edge of the phone for a notch in the plastic. Using your fingernail, ease the back cover away from the phone. Once it's off, take the battery out as well.

There are two slots under the camera lens. Slide your SIM card into the lower slot, making sure that the cut-off corner goes first and the gold contacts are facing the phone.

Moto G5 sim

If you want to put a memory card in as well, it goes in the top slot. Again, you'll want to make sure that the gold contacts are facing down.

Moto G5 Setup 1
Moto G5 Setup 2
Moto G5 Setup 3
Moto G5 Setup 4

On the 'Welcome' screen, you need to pick your language. Tap English (United Kingdom) if you want to use something different, then press Get started.


This screen asks if you want to restore a back up. For speed and ease, choose Set up as new.


Connect to Wi-Fi to make sure your phone can download everything it needs to. Tap the name of your network.


Type in the wireless password and tap Connect (it's on your router if you're not sure of it).

Moto G5 Setup 5
Moto G5 Setup 6
Moto G5 Setup 7
Moto G5 Setup 8

You need to agree with the 'Terms and Conditions'. Press Accept and continue.


Add your Google account so you can start downloading apps. Type in your email address and then tap Next. If you haven't got one yet, set one up by pressing Or create a new account.


Type in your password and tap Next.


There are more Terms and Conditions to agree to. Press Accept.

Moto G5 Setup 9
Moto G5 Setup 10
Moto G5 Setup 22
Moto G5 Setup 23

You can add your name to personalise some apps. Type it in and press next.


Protecting your phone is important, but it's fiddly to keep unlocking it in the set up. Press Skip, and we'll cover it later.


Motorola have some services that you can use. Read through the ones showing, then press Next for the rest.


Tap the box next to Sign me up if you want to use them, or leave it blank and tap Next.

Moto G5 Setup 21
Moto G5 Setup 24

Choose whether you want to set up your notification options, then press Finish.


That's all the steps, and you're at your Home screen.

Touchscreen buttons


At the bottom of your Home screen are some touch buttons that help you get around the phone. Here's what they do:

'Home' (circle): gets you back to the Home screen from any app.

'Back' (triangle): takes you back to the last screen.

'Recent apps' (square): sho

ws a list of recently used apps.



4. Connecting to the Internet


Lots of apps, especially social media ones, need access to the internet. These steps will help you stay connected.


Connecting the Moto G5 to a Wi-Fi network


Moto G5 wifi 1
Moto G5 wifi 2
Moto G5 wifi 3
Moto G5 wifi 4

Open your apps and go to Settings.


Make sure Wi-Fi is turned on.


Tap your network name from the list.


Type in the wireless password (you'll find it on the router if you can't remember it).

Turning mobile data on or off

Moto G5 internet

To turn your mobile data on and off, go to the Settings and choose 'Data usage'. In there you'll find a switch next to 'Mobile data'. Tap it to turn it on and off.

That's all there is to it. If your mobile data doesn't seem to be coming on, you might need to put some manual settings in. Don't panic - we've covered it here.

5. Setting up new email accounts


If you've got more than one email account, you'll want to know how to set them up on your Moto G5. These steps will help.

Moto G5 accounts 9
Moto G5 accounts 10
Moto G5 accounts 11
Moto G5 accounts 12

Open the settings, then choose Accounts.


Tap Add account.



Choose what type of account. It's usually 'IMAP', but it'll be 'Exchange' for work or education accounts.


Type in the email address and press Next.

Moto G5 accounts 13
Moto G5 accounts 14
Moto G5 accounts 15
Moto G5 accounts 16

Type in the password for the account, then press Sign in.


Choose your notification options, then press Next.


You can name the account if you want, then tap Next.


Your account will be set up and you'll see it in the list.

If it doesn't set up automatically, you might need some manual settings. We've covered that in our guide to email server settings.

6. Setting up a lock screen


Protecting your phone is important because you'll want to keep your information safe. These steps will help you get protected.

Moto G5 lock screen 1
Moto G5 lock screen 2
Moto G5 lock screen 3
Moto G5 lock screen 4

Go to Apps > Settings > Security.


Tap Screen lock to set one up.


Choose what type you want. We recommend 'PIN' or 'Password' because they're the safest.


You can add a PIN to 'Start-up' as well if you want, or press No, thanks if you're not bothered.

Moto G5 lock screen 5
Moto G5 lock screen 6
Moto G5 lock screen 7
Moto G5 lock screen 8

Type in the PIN or Password you want to use, then tap Continue.


Type it in again to confirm it, and tap OK.


Choose your notification options and press Done.


Your screen lock is set now, and will activate when you lock your phone.

Your Moto G5 is set up now. If you want to find out more about using it, have a look at our Motorola Moto G5 User Guide.

If you need any extra help from a Team Knowhow Expert, get in touch here.

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