Motorola Moto G5 Plus - setting it up


In this guide we go through the Setup of your Motorola Moto G5 Plus. Setting up a new smartphone can be confusing, so we'll cover everything you'll need to know to get it going.

Motorla Moto G5 Plus User Manual

Read the full Motorola user manual for the G5 Plus


1. Box contents


Here’s what you’ll find in the box:

  • Motorola Moto G5 Plus 
  • MicroUSB power adaptor 
  • MicroUSB cable 
  • Documentation pack 
  • SIM tool

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


Before we get started with the Setup of your G5 Plus, you'll need to put in the SIM card. You can also increase the amount of storage space you have by adding a MicroSD card. Both go in the back of the phone, so you'll need to take the cover off first.

Moto G Insert SIM
Moto G Insert SD card

Push the SIM tool into the pinhole at the top of the phone, until the SIM tray starts to come out.


Pull the tray out the rest of the way.


On the underside of the tray is the SIM slot. Pop the NanoSIM on here, with the gold contacts facing up.

If you're using a MicroSD memory card, flip the tray over, and put the card into the slot with the metal contacts facing down.


Slide the tray back into the phone.

3. Completing the Moto G5 Plus Setup Wizard


When you turn on your G5 for the first time, it'll show you the 'Setup Wizard', which is a series of steps that'll help you get the phone ready to use.

Setting it up

Moto G Setup 1
Moto G Setup 2
Moto G Setup 3
Moto G Setup 4

On the Welcome screen, choose the language you want to use, and then tap the yellow Get Started button.


If you've had an Android phone before, you can restore some data from it to your Moto G5 Plus. In this guide, we'll be setting the phone up as new one, so tap Set up as new and then tap the right arrow in the bottom-right.


Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to, or tap Skip to continue without using Wi-Fi.


If you're connecting, type in the password for the Wi-Fi, and press Connect. Once it connects, it'll move on to the next screen.


Read through the privacy information, and then tap Accept and continue.


If you've got a Google account- which you'll need for downloading new apps or games - type it in and tap Next. If you've not got one, tap Or create a new account, or tap Skip to use the phone without an account.


If you're signing in, type in your password, and press Next.


You'll need to accept Google's 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policy' to sign in, which you can read by tapping them. Tap Accept to carry on.

Moto G Setup 9
Moto G Setup 10
Moto G Setup 11
Moto G Setup 12

Read through the available Google Services, like the automatic backup, or using your phone's location for apps like Maps or weather. Keep the switches turned on for the ones you want to use, then tap Next.


To add a fingerprint to the phone, which you can use for unlocking it and authorising apps and purchases, tap Add fingerprint. This is optional, and you can press Skip to set up the phone without it.


If you're adding one, you'll have to set up a screen lock first. Tap the type you want to use:

  • Pattern: draw a unique pattern across a grid of dots.
  • PIN: a code of numbers.
  • Password: a code that can be numbers and letters.
Moto G5 Setup 13
Moto G5 Setup 14
Moto G5 Setup 15
Moto G5 Setup 16

You can keep the phone even more secure by requiring the screen lock whenever it's turned on. Tap Require to start device to do it, or tap No thanks.


Type in or draw your screen lock, and then tap Continue.


Confirm it again, then tap OK.


Tap OK to let the phone know you've found the sensor (at the bottom of the screen).

Moto G5 Setup 17
Moto G5 Setup 18
Moto G5 Setup 19
Moto G5 Setup 20

Tap Next to get started with adding your fingerprint.


Put your finger on the sensor, and then lift it up when you feel a small vibration.


Put your finger back on the sensor, and lift again. Repeat this a few more times until the phone has a full scan of your print.


Tap Add another if you want to add any more fingerprints, or tap Next to carry on the Setup.

Moto G Setup 24
Moto G Setup 21
Moto G Setup 22
Moto G Setup 23

Read about how the fingerprint can be used to lock the phone, then tap Next.


If you want to do any more tasks, tap them on here, or tap Set up later to skip and finish the Setup.


Read through the information about using a Moto account, and then tap Next.


If you want to receive emails about updates and offers from Motorola, tick the Sign me up box, and type in your email address. Leave the box blank to skip this, and then tap Next.

You've finished the Setup Wizard, and you'll be looking at the Home screen. The bottom row of icons is for some of the most used apps: Phone, Messages, Chrome, Photos and Camera. You can swipe up from or tap on the little arrow just above the Chrome icon to see all the other apps on the Home screen.

Touchscreen buttons

At the bottom of the screen are the touchscreen navigation buttons, which can be used to help you get around the phone.

'Back' (triangle): takes you back to the previous screen, or closes an app.
'Home' (circle): takes you back to the Home screen, or if you hold it for a few seconds it'll let you do a Google search.
'Menu' (square): shows you any apps you've had open recently and lets you swap between them.

4. Connecting to the Internet


You'll need to get the phone connected to the internet before you can do things like setting up your email accounts, going on the internet or downloading new apps. You can connect to the internet using Wi-Fi or mobile data, and we'll go through how to check both here.

Connecting the Moto G5 Plus to a Wi-Fi network

Moto G Wi-Fi 1
Moto G Wi-Fi 2
Moto G Wi-Fi 3
Moto G Wi-Fi 4

Swipe up from the bottom row of icons, then find and tap on the Settings icon.


Tap on Wi-Fi, and make sure it's turned on using the switch at the top.


Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.



Type in the password for the Wi-Fi, and press Connect. You can find the password on a sticker on your router.

If it works, you'll see the word 'Connected' underneath your Wi-Fi, and you'll see the Wi-Fi signal bars at the top of the screen.

Turning mobile data on or off


Open up Settings.


Tap on Data usage.


Check that the switch for 'Mobile data' is turned on.

If you're not getting a mobile data connection, you can try checking that your phone has the right settings.

Moto G Connecting to the Internet 1
Moto G Connecting to the Internet 2
Moto G Connecting to the Internet 3
Moto G Connecting to the Internet 4

Open Settings.


Tap on More, then tap Mobile networks.



Tap Access point names, and check if your network is shown here.


If you can see your network, make sure it has blue dot against it.

If you're having any problems connecting your phone to mobile data, you might have to type in the 'APN settings' for your network. We've got guides with all the settings, and how to add them to your phone here.

5. Setting up new email accounts


Your phone can work with pretty much any type of account, and once it's added, you'll be able to see all your emails, reply and send new ones, and your phone will let you know whenever any new ones come in.

Moto G Accounts 1
Moto G Accounts 2
Moto G Accounts 3
Moto G Accounts 4

Open Settings.


Scroll down, and tap Accounts.


Tap + Add account.


Choose the type of account you want to add. For work or school accounts, tap Exchange, or for personal accounts tap Personal IMAP (for some old accounts, you might need to use Personal POP3).

Moto G5 Accounts 6
Moto G5 Accounts 7
Moto G5 Accounts 8
Moto G5 Accounts 9

Type in your password, and press Next or Sign in.


Your phone should download the settings for your account automatically, which might take a few seconds.


You might be given some account options, such as how often the phone will check for new emails - choose the ones you want to use and then tap Next.


Type a name for the account, and type your name (which'll show on emails you send), and tap Next.

Your email account is set up, and you can get to your email by opening the Gmail app from the Home screen. If your phone can't download your email settings in step 6, you'll have to type them in yourself. We have a guide to email server settings which'll give you the settings you need here.

6. Setting up a lock screen


Setting up a screen lock on your phone will help to keep your data, like photos and messages, safe and secure. There are a few different options for it on your G5 Plus, and we'll go through them here.

Moto G Setting up a Lock Screen 1
Moto G Setting up a Lock Screen 2
Moto G Setting up a Lock Screen 3
Moto G Setting up a Lock Screen 4

Open Settings.


Scroll down and tap Security.


Tap on Screen lock.


Tap the type of screen lock you want to use:

  • Pattern: draw a unique pattern across a grid of dots.
  • PIN: a code of numbers.
  • Password: a code that can be numbers and letters.

You can keep the phone even more secure by requiring the screen lock whenever it is turned on. Tap Require to start device to do it, or tap No thanks.

Moto G Lockscreen 5
Moto G Lockscreen 6
Moto G Lockscreen 7
Moto G Lockscreen 8

Type in or draw the screen lock, then tap Continue.


Confirm it again, then tap OK.


Choose which notifications you'd like to see on the Lock screen, then tap Done.


Your screen lock is set, and you'll be asked for it whenever you want to unlock the phone.

Adding a fingerprint

Moto G Lock Screen 1
Moto G Lock Screen 2
Moto G Lock Screen 3
Moto G Lock Screen 4

In the screen lock screen, tap Fingerprint.


Read through the intro, then tap Continue.


Confirm you know where the sensor is, and tap Next.


Read the usage info, and then tap Next to get started.

Moto G Adding a Finger 5
Moto G Adding a Finger 6
Moto G Adding a Finger 7
Moto G Adding a Finger 8

Put your finger on the sensor - lift it when you feel a vibration.


Repeat that a few more times until your phone has a full scan of your fingerprint.


Once it's done, you can add more by tapping Add another, or press Next to finish.


Read the last bit of info about locking your phone with your fingerprint, then tap Got it.

Your fingerprint is set up, and can be used to lock and unlock your phone (some apps can use it to authorise you as well).

Your phone is set up and ready for you to start using it. If you'd like to speak to our Team Knowhow Experts, you can get in touch here.

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