Kit Guide: Motorola G Play - setting it up


We've written this guide to help you set up your Motorola G Play. We include putting in your SIM and memory cards, completing the Setup Wizard, and connecting to internet.

Download the Moto G Play manual

If you want to check the official manual, you can see it here

Download manual

1. Box contents


Below is a list of items you'll find in the box.

  • Motorola Moto G Play
  • Mains/MicroUSB power adaptor
  • Documentation pack
  • Battery

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


Follow the steps below to learn how to insert your SIM and memory cards.

Moto G play


Use a fingernail in the notch at the bottom of the back cover to prise it away.


If the battery has already been inserted, you'll need to remove it.


Slide the Micro-SIM into the lower of the two slots near the camera lens. Make sure the gold contacts are facing down, and the cut-off corner is inserted first.


If you have a microSD card, put this in the upper slot above the micro-SIM, with the metal contacts facing down and the narrow end first.

Now that you've inserted the SIM card, hold in the power button on the right side (above the volume buttons) for a few seconds. The phone will vibrate and switch on.

3. Completing the G Play Setup Wizard


The 'Setup Wizard' is a series of steps that gets your phone set up and ready to use. You'll see it when you first turn the phone on.

Setting it up

Moto G play setup 1
Moto G play setup 2
Moto G play setup 3
Moto G play setup 4

Tap the yellow circle.


Choose your language from the list and tap Next.


Find your Wi-Fi network name and tap Next, or Skip if you don't have access to Wi-Fi at the moment.


Type your Wi-Fi password, often found on a sticker on your router, then tap Connect.

moto g play setup 5
moto g play setup 6
moto g play setup 7
moto g play setup 8

Read the 'Privacy settings', then Tap Accept and continue.


You can import your settings from another phone if it uses NFC. Tap Copy Google accounts if you want to do this, but as not all phones use NFC, we suggest tapping No, thanks. Tap Next.


We always recommend adding your Google account, because you'll need one to download apps from the Play Store. Type your email address, then tap Next, or tap Create a new account to set one up for free.


Type your password then tap Next.

moto g play setup 9
moto g play setup 10
moto g play setup 11
moto g play setup 12

Read the 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policy', then tap Accept.


You'll be asked which Google services you want to use. Choose which ones you want to use, then tap Next.


You can add a payment method, to buy premium content from the Play Store. Choose your payment method and tap Continue. You can, of course, tap No, thanks to skip for now. Then tap Continue.

moto g play setup 12
moto g play setup 13
moto g play setup 14
moto g play setup 15

Add other email addresses if you want, but we cover this in a later chapter, so we recommend tapping Now now, then Next.


You can add a lock screen, but as we also cover this later, we recommend tapping Skip.


You'll see information about 'Google Now', which is Google's personal assistant. Tap the down arrow, and tap Yes, I'm in if you want to use Google Now, or Skip for now. Tap Next.


Tap Got it to finish the Setup.

Touchscreen buttons

At the very bottom of the screen are three buttons. The left pointing triangle takes you back one step in an app or menu. The circle brings you to the Home screen. The square shows the apps running on your phone, letting you go to them or close them.

4. Connecting to the Internet


You can connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and mobile data. This chapter will help you with both options.

Connecting the G Play to a Wi-Fi network


From your Home screen, go to Apps > Settings Wi-Fi.


Make sure the switch is on.

moto g play connect wi-fi 1
moto g play connect wi-fi 2
moto g play connect wi-fi 3
moto g play connect wi-fi 4

Tap your network name.


Type your password and tap Connect.


When connects, you'll see a fan-shaped notification at the top, and the word 'Connected' under the network name.

Turning mobile data on or off

To check the mobile data connection, you'll need to have Wi-Fi switched off. Mobile data is indicated by a letter at the top of the screen- 4G, H, 3G, E or G.

moto g play mobile data 1
moto g play mobile data 2
moto g play mobile data 3
moto g play mobile data 4

Go to Apps > Settings Wi-Fi.


Tap the switch to turn it off. Check whether there's a letter shown at the top of the screen.

moto g play mobile data 5
moto g play mobile data 6
moto g play mobile data 7
moto g play mobile data 8

If you're not connected, tap the left arrow to go back to the main Settings.


Tap More.... > Mobile networks Access Point Names.

moto g play mobile data 9
moto g play mobile data 10
moto g play mobile data 11
moto g play mobile data 12

Make sure the correct option has a blue dot in it. If it doesn't, tap the circle on your network to turn on the setting, then check for a data indicator.

If your network isn't showing in the list, you'll have to connect manually. We written some dedicated APN guides that show you how to do this.

5. Setting up new email accounts


We've covered adding a Gmail account in the Setup Wizard, but to add other email types, follow these steps. You can add both personal ('IMAP' and 'POP'), and work and education ('Exchange' accounts).

add email moto g play 1
add email moto g play 2
add email moto g play 3
add email moto g play 4

Go to AppsSettings.


Scroll down, and tap Accounts.


Tap Add account.

moto g play add email 5
moto g play add email 6
moto g play add email 7
moto g play add email 8

Tap your account type.


Type your email address and tap Next.


Type your password and tap Next.

moto g play add email 9
moto g play add email 10
moto g play add email 11
moto g play add email 12

You'll be able to change some of the settings, like how often the phone checks for new email. Make any changes you want, then tap Next.


Give your account a name, and type your name, which will appear on outgoing emails. Tap Next.

If you're having problems adding your account, you might have to manually set it up. Our guide to email server settings will help you with this.

6. Setting up a lock screen


We always recommend protecting the contents of your phone by adding a lock screen. These steps will show you how.

moto g play lock screen 1
moto g play lock screen 2
moto g play lock screen 3
moto g play lock screen 4

Swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap Settings.


Tap Security.


Tap Screen lock.


Choose your unlock type:

  • Swipe: The standard unlock type, but offers no protection.
  • Pattern: A pattern on a grid of dots.
  • PIN: A 4-digit code.
  • Pattern: A longer code.
moto g play lock screen 5
moto g play lock screen 6
moto g play lock screen 7
moto g play lock screen 8

Enter your code, then tap Continue.


Enter it again, and tap OK.


Choose how you want to see notifications when the screen is locked. You can 'show all notifications', 'hide all notifications', or 'show notifications but not the content'. Tap Next.

You can also change how long it takes for the lock to be activated after the display goes off. Tap Secure lock settings then Lock automatically.

Now that the phone is set up, you're ready to start using it. If you'd like some extra help, you can contact us here.

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