Kit Guide: Microsoft Lumia 650 - using it


We've written this guide to help you use some of the core functions of your phone.

1. Making phone calls


These steps will show you how to make calls on your Lumia 650.

Lumia 650 calls 1

Tap the Phone icon from the Home screen.


This is where you'll see your call history. You can call recent contacts from here.


Swipe across to bring up the speed dial screen. You can 'pin' contacts you call frequently, making it easier to call them in the future. Tap the + at the bottom and choose a contact.


There are icons at the bottom of the screen. The first is 'Voicemail', the second is your 'phone book' with your list of contacts.

Lumia 650 calls 2

Swipe across to see the dialler keypad. Type a number and tap Call.


You can also type the name of a person, and matching contacts will appear below. Tap their name to call them.


The menu icon (the three dots), lets you change the settings, like caller ID display and voicemail numbers.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Here we cover sending text messages and MMS (picture) messages.


Sending texts

Lumia 650 SMS 1
Lumia 650 SMS 2
Lumia 650 SMS 3
Lumia 650 SMS 4

Tap the Messaging icon from your Home screen, which looks like a white speech bubble with a smiley face. If you have unread messages, you'll see a number next to the icon.


You'll see a list of messages between you and others. New messages will show in your 'highlight colour'. Tap a thread to reply to a message. To write a new message, tap the + at the bottom of the screen.


In a new message, type their number at the top, and matching contacts will appear. Tap the one you want. You can also tap the + to choose from your contacts.


Tap in the Type a message box to write your text, and tap the arrow to send it.

Adding attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

Lumia 650 MMS 1
Lumia 650 MMS 2
Lumia 650 MMS 3
Lumia 650 MMS 4

Follow the steps 1 to 3 above, and tap the paperclip.


You'll see options to pick the file you want to attach, or take a new photo, video, or voice recording.


Tap the tick when you're done, then add text if you want, and tap the arrow to send.

Deleting a message thread



Open the Messaging app and find the thread you'd like to delete.


Touch and hold on a name, and a menu will appear.

Tap Delete. You can also Mute the contact so you don't get notifications, or Block their number from contacting you.

3. Sending emails



These steps will help you send emails on your 650. You'll need to have email set-up on your phone before you can use it. If you haven't already set this up, have a look at our Set it up guide.


Sending an email

Lumia 650 Email 1
Lumia 650 Email 2
Lumia 650 Email 3
Lumia 650 Email 4

Tap the Outlook tile on the Home screen.


If you've added more than one account, you'll need to choose which account to send your email from. Tap the Menu icon (three bars), then tap the account.


You'll see your inbox. Tap the compose button, which is a at the bottom.


Tap in the To line to choose your contact. Start typing their name, and matching contacts will appear, tap on the one you want.


Type a subject by tapping in the Subject line.


Tap in the main window to type your message and tap the arrow to send it.

Adding an attachment

Lumia 650 Email 5
Lumia 650 Email 6
Lumia 650 Email 7
Lumia 650 Email 8

Follow the steps 1 to 5 above, and tap the paperclip. Choose where you want to look for your attachments.


Go through your files using the menu, and tap the attachment(s) you want.


Tap the tick to add them.


Write your message, and tap the arrow to send.

4. Setting alarms


These steps will help you set up alarms on your phone.

Lumia 650 Alarm 1
Lumia 650 Alarm 2
Lumia 650 Alarm 3
Lumia 650 Alarm 4

On your Home screen, swipe across to open Apps, then tap Alarms & Clock.


You'll see an inactive sample alarm. Tap to edit it, or tap the + to set a new alarm.


Set the time by scrolling through the hours and minutes, then tap the tick.


You can set the alarm to repeat on multiple days by tapping Repeat and ticking the boxes. Tap the background to close.

Lumia 650 Alarm 5
Lumia 650 Alarm 6
Lumia 650 Alarm 7
Lumia 650 Alarm 8

You can edit the sound, name, and snooze time for each alarm. Tap the disk icon to save it and you'll see the new alarm in the menu.


To turn an alarm on or off, tap a switch.


If you want to delete an alarm, tap and hold it, then tap delete.

5. Tips & tricks


Your Lumia 650 has many features to help you with your day-to-day tasks. Below are three useful tips to get the most of your phone.

Extending your battery life

You might find your battery draining quicker than you'd like. Here are a few tips on maximising your battery life.

  • When exiting an app, use the back key to close it completely. Using the Windows key will leave it running in the background.
  • Reduce the time it takes for the screen to turn off. Go to SettingsPersonalisationLock screenScreen times out after and choose 30 seconds or less.
  • Reduce the screen brightness. Tap SettingsSystem > Display, and use the slider the decrease the brightness.
  • Turn off Bluetooth when you're not using it. Tap SettingsDevicesBluetooth.
  • Turn on battery saver mode, which will limit background app updates and push notifications. Tap Settings System Battery saver.

Adding colour to your Lumia

Go to SettingsPersonalisationColours.

  • You can switch from dark to light mode, which give you a white background rather than the standard black.
  • You can choose from 49 'accent colours', which show on the tiles, switches and buttons.
  • You can also add the accent colour to the navigation bar.
  • There's a preview window at the top which shows what your changes will look like.

You should be ready to start using your Lumia 650 now. If you'd like to have a chat with a Team Knowhow Expert, you can contact us here.

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