Kit Guide: Microsoft Lumia 650 - setting it up


This guide will help you get your new Lumia 650 set up for the first time. We cover the basics, from putting in your SIM and memory cards, to setting up email accounts.

Microsoft Lumia 650 User Manual

If you're looking for the official user manual for your Lumia 650 you'll find it here.

Download manual

1. Box contents


In the box you'll find:

  • Microsoft Lumia 650
  • Battery
  • Mains charger

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


These steps will help you install your SIM card, and MicroSD (memory) card, if you have one.

Lumia 650 SIM

Use your thumbnail in the notch near the charging port. Pull away the back cover.


Remove the battery if it's in.


Put the NanoSIM card in the slot furthest away from the camera lens, with the gold contacts facing down, and the cut-off corner inserted first.


If you have a MicroSD card, this goes in the slot nearest the camera lens, with the narrow end first and the metal contacts facing down.


Replace the battery and back cover.

3. Completing the Lumia 650 Setup Wizard


When you turn on your phone for the first time, it'll display the 'Setup Wizard', which helps set your phone up for use.


Setting it up

Lumia 650 Setup 1
Lumia 650 Setup 2
Lumia 650 Setup 3
Lumia 650 Setup 4

Hold in the power button on the right side for a few seconds, until you feel a vibration and the phone turns on.


Choose your language, then tap Next.


Read through the 'Terms and conditions', and tap Next.


Check the time zone, date, and time, are correct. If not, tap the boxes and change the settings. Tap Next.

Lumia 650 Setup 5
Lumia 650 Setup 6
Lumia 650 Setup 7
Lumia 650 Setup 8

Tap your Wi-Fi network name from the list. You can also Skip, but we don't recommend this as the phone might download updates after Setup, and use a lot of mobile data.


Type the wireless password, which can be found on a sticker on your router. Check your typing if you like by tapping the Show password box, then tap Done.


If it works, you'll see a fan-shaped Wi-Fi symbol on the top of the screen. Tap Next.


Tap Express if you want to use the listed settings for reporting errors. These include finding your phone if it's lost, and personalisation. Or, tap Customise if you want to choose these yourself.

Lumia 650 Setup 9

The next screen asks you about a Microsoft account, which is the most important account you can add to a Windows phone. You'll need it to download apps and games from the Windows Store, and to back up your data. If you have an email address ending '', '', '', or their '' equivalents, then tap sign in. If not, tap create one and fill in the form to make a free account.


If you have an account, type your email address and password. Tap Next


If you've used the same Microsoft account on another Windows Phone, you can restore a backup. Tap the phone name you want to restore from, or tap Don't restore, then Next.

Lumia 650 Setup 4

You'll be asked to store your files, photos and videos to 'OneDrive', which is Microsoft's free online storage. Tap Next to set this up, or tap Not now to skip.



Cortana is Microsoft's virtual assistant which lets you use voice to carry out lots of different tasks on your phone. Tap Use Cortana, or Not now if you don't want to use it.


Tap Next, then Done to close the Setup Wizard.

Touchscreen buttons


The three touch-sensitive buttons at the bottom are used to navigate your phone.

'Home' (Windows symbol): This takes you to the Home screen.

'Back' (right arrow): This takes you back a screen.

'Search' (magnifying glass): Searches your phone or internet.


4. Connecting to the internet


You can connect to internet using Wi-Fi or your mobile network. The steps below show you how to do each.


Connecting the Lumia 650 to a Wi-Fi network

Lumia 650 Wifi 1
Lumia 650 Wifi 2
Lumia 650 Wifi 3
Lumia 650 Wifi 4

Swipe right-to-left on the Home screen to go to your Apps.


Scroll down and tap Settings.


Tap Networks & wireless.


Tap Wi-Fi.


Make sure the Wi-Fi switch is On. Tap on your Network name.


Type in the password, which can be found on a sticker on your router. Tap the tickbox if you want to check your typing, then tap Done.


You'll see 'Connected to' followed by your network name, and a fan-shaped Wi-Fi symbol at the top.

Turning mobile data on or off

Lumia 650 Mobile 1
Lumia 650 Mobile 2
Lumia 650 Mobile 3
Lumia 650 Mobile 4

Go to Apps Settings > Wireless & networks Mobile+SIM.


Tap the switch to turn mobile data on.


If you need to check the settings, scroll down and tap on SIM settings.


The Network selection should be set to automatic. If you're not connecting, tap Search for networks and choose the correct setting.

If you're still not connected, you'll have to add the information manually. We've written a settings guide to help you do this.

5. Setting up new email accounts


We've written these steps to help you set up email on your phone. It supports personal ('IMAP' or the older 'POP') accounts, and work and schoole ('Exchange') accounts. If you don't know your account type, our guide can help.

Lumia 650 Email 1
Lumia 650 Email 2
Lumia 650 Email 3
Lumia 650 Email 4

Go to AppsSettings > Accounts Your email and accounts > Add an account.

Lumia 650 Email 5
Lumia 650 Email 6
Lumia 650 Email 7
Lumia 650 Email 8

Find your account type and tap it. If your account isn't listed, tap Other account. You might need additional information to complete the Setup, and we've written a guide to email server settings to help you.


Type your Email address and Password. Tap the eye if you want to check your password, then tap Sign in.


Type your name, which appears in outgoing email.


Tap Done.

6. Setting up a lock screen


We always recommend setting up a screen lock on your phone, to protect your private information.

Lumia 650 Lock 1
Lumia 650 Lock 2
Lumia 650 Lock 3
Lumia 650 Lock 4

Go to AppsSettings Lock screen > Sign-in options > Add.


Type your password and tap save.


Type your chosen code.


Type it again, then tap OK.


You can choose how long your phone will wait before it needs to be unlocked. Tap Require sign-in and choose the time-out. You can also change your code, or reset it if you forget it.

Your phone is set up, and you can start to use it. If you'd like some help from our Team Knowhow Experts, you can get in touch with us here.

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