Microsoft Lumia 640 XL - using it


In this guide we'll get you started with using your Lumia 640 XL.

1. Making phone calls


Follow these instructions to make a call from your phone.

lumia 640 xl make calls 1
lumia 640 xl make calls 2
lumia 640 xl make calls 3
lumia 640 xl make calls 4

Tap the phone icon from the Home screen. The app will open the call history, which lets you call recent contacts by tapping on the line.


Tap the first icon at the bottom to go to your voicemail.


Tap the second icon to open the dialler screen. Use the dial pad to tap the number you want, then tap the blue call button.


Tap the third icon to go to your contacts. Tapping a contact name will show their details and let you call them.


Tap the magnifying glass to search for a contact. Type their name and tap Enter on the keyboard.

2. Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Follow our steps to find out how to send text messages with attachments.

Sending texts

lumia 640 xl send texts 1
lumia 640 xl send texts 2
lumia 640 xl send texts 3
lumia 640 xl send texts 4

Tap the Messaging app from the Home screen, which looks like a speech bubble with a smiley. If you have unread messages, you'll see a number next to the app icon.


You'll see a list of message threads, conversations between you and another person. New messages show in your 'highlight' colour. Tap the to compose a message.


Tap in the top line to enter a number, search their name, or tap + to look through your contacts.


Tap the contact you want to message. You can more contacts this way.


Tap in the type a text message box to write your message. Tap the speech bubble to send your message.

Sending attachments & multimedia messages (MMS)

To send an attachment, follow the steps above, and before sending:

lumia 640 xl send picture message 1
lumia 640 xl send picture message 2
lumia 640 xl send picture message 3
lumia 640 xl send picture message 4

Tap the paperclip and you'll see a list of options - picture, video, and more.


Choose what you'd like to attach by going through the files listed, or take a new picture, video or recording. You can add more attachments this way. Remember that these will send as an MMS message, and you might be charged.


Tap the speech bubble to send your message.

Deleting a message thread

Open the Messaging app and find the thread you want to delete. Hold on their name, and tap delete. You can also mute the contact so you don't receive notifications, or block their number from contacting you.

3. Sending emails


We've written these steps to help you send emails from your 640 XL. If you've not set up email yet, we cover this in our Setup guide.

lumia 640 xl send email 1
lumia 640 xl send email 2
lumia 640 xl send email 3
lumia 640 xl send email 4

Tap the Email icon on the Home screen or Apps list.


Tap + and tap into the To line to choose your contact. Start to type their name, and tap the contact. You can add more contacts in this way.


Tap in the Subject line and type your subject.


Tap in the main window and type your message. Tap the envelope icon to send.

Adding an attachment

lumia 640 xl send email 5
lumia 640 xl send email 6
lumia 640 xl send email 7
lumia 640 xl send email 8

Tap the paperclip on the menu bar. Use the menu to find what you want to attach, and tap it. You can choose more than one attachment, then tap tick.


Tap the envelope to send.


To move or delete messages, tap the menu (the three dots at the bottom).


Tick the messages you want to move, then tap delete, or the folder to move them to another folder.

4. Setting alarms


To set alarms on your 640 XL:

lumia 640 xl alarms 1
lumia 640 xl alarms 2
lumia 640 xl alarms 3
lumia 640 xl alarms 4

From the Start screen, swipe across to Apps.


Scroll down, then tap Alarms.


Tap then Time.


Scroll through the hours and minutes separately to set the time, then tap the tick.

lumia 640 xl alarms 5
lumia 640 xl alarms 6
lumia 640 xl alarms 7
lumia 640 xl alarms 8

Tapping Repeat lets you set the alarm for more than one day (like weekdays). Tick the boxes to choose the days, then tap the tick.


You can also change the melody, name, and snooze time for the alarm. Tap Save.


The alarm will show in the menu. When the switch is showing your highlight colour, it means it's on. Tap it to turn it off.


To delete an alarm, tap and hold on the alarm. The edit menu will open. You can change the options, or tap the bin.

5. Tips & tricks


There are lots of great tasks your 640 XL can perform. We've written about some to help you get started.

Using Cortana


Cortana is Microsoft's digital assistant, which uses your voice and text to set appointments, read incoming messages, and write messages to send. It'll learn over time, such as your route home, and make suggestions like leaving early or using a different route if there's traffic. If you search for a band, Cortana can notify you if they're playing in your city. Tap Cortana in the Apps list to get started.

Tracking your mobile data use with Data sense


The 640 XL has a tool to track your mobile data usage called Data sense. It shows your Wi-Fi and mobile data, and can set a limit on your usages to avoid extra charges. Your mobile network might calculate the usage slightly different, so we recommend setting a slightly lower, until you see its accuracy. 

Data sense can also set updates to work through Wi-Fi only. To set this up, tap Data sense in the apps list.

Making stories from your photos


'Lumia Storyteller' works with your photo gallery. It groups your photos and videos in stories, so you can add captions, see them as slideshows, and share them with your friends. Tap Lumia Storyteller on the Home screen, or tap it from your apps list.

Hopefully that's everything you need, but if you want some more help, get in touch here.

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