Microsoft Lumia 550 - Setting it up


This guide has been written to help you set up a Microsoft Lumia 550, whether it's a new phone or it's been factory reset. We'll take you through all of it - from putting the SIM card in, to finishing up with a lock scren.

Download your Microsoft Lumia 550 User Manual

If you're looking for the manufacturer's user manual, you can get it here


1. Box contents


Here's what you'll find in the box:

  • Microsoft Lumia 550
  • Battery
  • Mains charger


2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


To get your phone up and running, the first thing you need to do is put your SIM card in. It goes in the back of the phone, so you'll need to take the back cover off and take out the battery if it's in there. To get the back cover off, use your thumb to push the top right-hand corner away from the phone. When it releases, follow around the edges with your finger and the back case should come away.

lumia 550 sim insert

With the battery taken out, you'll see two slots on the left. The lower slot is for the SIM card, and you'll see a picture of a SIM above it. Slide it into the slot with the cut off corner going in first, and the gold contacts facing downwards.

If you've got a memory card, it goes into the upper slot. Slide it in, again with the gold contacts facing down. When you've got them both in, you can put the battery back in and replace the back cover.


3. Completing the Microsoft Setup Wizard


The first time you turn the phone on (a brand new one or a factory reset one) you'll need to go through the 'Setup Wizard' before you can start using it. It's a series of steps that your phone has to do to make sure it's got the right setting in it. We've written some steps to help get you through it.


Setting it up

At any point during the Setup Wizard, you might see a box pop up that asks you to pick your mobile network. Just press your network in the list and then OK, and the Setup Wizard will carry on automatically.

lumia 550 setup 1

The first thing to do is choose your language. Scroll through the options and tap the language you want to use, and then press Next.


Next you'll be asked to confirm your home country. Press Next when it's set.


Now you need to agree to the Terms and Conditions to use the phone. Read through them, and then press Accept.


Choose the date and time by pressing each box and setting the current time and date. Press Next.

lumia 550 setup 2

Connecting to Wi-Fi is next. We think this step is important because your phone needs to download some apps and information, so it's best to be connected to Wi-Fi for it. Press the name of your network when it appears in the list.


Tap the box to bring up the keyboard, and then type in your password. It'll be on a sticker on the router if you don't know it. Press Done when you've typed it in.


If it's worked, your network name will show under 'Connected to'. Press Next.


Here you'll get a list of Microsoft services on the screen. Press Customise if you want to change any of them, otherwise press Express.

lumia 550 setup 3

You'll be given the option to sync your phone with a Microsoft account to keep everything backed up. If you've already got one, press Sign in. If not, we'd recommend pressing Create one and setting one up, because you'll need it to be able to download apps.


Type your email address and password in the boxes and then press Next.


If you've used the account on a Windows phone before, you can restore any old backups if you want. Tap a backup to choose it. You can also choose Don't restore if you want the phone to start afresh.


Press Next when you've chosen.

lumia 550 setup 4

Your pictures and videos can be backed up automatically using 'One Drive'. If you'd like this to happen, just press Next. If you don't want this to happen, press Not now.


Next is 'Cortana'. It's a voice assistant app that's built into the phone. If you want to use it, press Use Cortana, otherwise press Not now.


Apps will start to install. When it's finished, press Next.


The final screen tells you you're 'All done'. Press Done to complete the Setup.

You'll be taken to the Home screen on your phone now, ready for you to start exploring.


Touchscreen buttons


At the bottom of the main screen are some touchscreen buttons that you'll use quite often. Here's what they do.

'Home' (Windows icon): press this to go back to your Home screen from anywhere in the phone.

'Back' (left arrow): press it to go back one screen.

'Search' (magnifying glass): press to search for specific items.


4. Connecting to the Internet


Lots of our apps need to be connected to the internet to work properly, so here's how to connect to Wi-Fi and your mobile network.

Connecting the Lumia 550 to a Wi-Fi network

Make sure you've got the password for the Wi-Fi to hand. It'll be on a sticker on your router if you're not sure what it is.

lumia 550 wifi 1

Start by swiping the screen to the left, to go to the apps list.


Open the Wi-Fi settings by pressing Settings > Network & Wireless > Wi-Fi.

lumia 550 wifi 2

Under 'Wi-Fi Networking' make sure the switch is turned on, and then press the name of your network.


Type the password into the box (it's the one on a sticker on your router).


Press Done, and if it's worked, you'll see the name of your network under 'Connected to'.

Turning mobile data on or off

Turning off your mobile data when you're not using it can help you to manage it, and make sure you don't use too much. Here's some steps to show you how to turn it on and off.

lumia 550 mobile data

Go to the mobile data settings by pressing Settings > Network & wireless > Mobile & SIM.


Under 'Data connection' you'll see the switch and it'll say 'On' or 'Off' next to it.


To change it, just tap the switch.

If you're having any trouble connecting to your mobile data, we've got some guides that can help you with that here.


5. Setting up new email accounts


You can stay connected to all your emails because your Lumia 550 can handle all the accounts you have. We've written these steps to help you with connecting a new account. When you've set it up, your emails will go to the 'Outlook' app on the Home screen.

lumia 550 accounts 1

Open your apps list by swiping the Home screen to the left.


Open the account settings by pressing Settings > Accounts > Your email and accounts.


Any accounts you already have set up will show here.


To set up a new account, press Add an account.

lumia 550 accounts 2

Choose your account type from the list by tapping it. If you're adding a work or education account, choose 'Exchange'. If you can't find yours, press Other account instead.


Type in your email address and password. Press Sign in when you've done it.


Type in your name so it can be added to the emails you send automatically, and then press Sign in again.


The account should set up automatically, so press Done to finish.

If you're having any other problems getting your email set up, you might need to put the settings in manually. Use our guide to email server settings and we'll help you with it.


6. Setting up a lock screen


Protecting the information on your phone is important to everyone, so here's some steps to help you set up a lock screen.

lumia 550 lock screen 1

Open the list of apps first, by swiping the Home screen to the left.


Go to the lock screen settings by pressing Settings > Personalisation > Lock screen.


Scroll to the bottom of this page and press Sign-in options.


Here is where you can add a PIN number to protect your phone. Press Add.

lumia 550 lock screen 2

Type in your Microsoft account password and then press Save to be able to set a PIN.


Type in the number you want to use as the PIN, and then type it in again in the 'Confirm PIN' box.


Press OK when you've put it in.


You'll be taken back to the page where you added it. Now you'll see options to change it or remove it if you need to. Press the Home button when you've finished.

Your Lumia 550 is set up and ready for you to start using it now. If you need talk to a Team Knowhow Expert, you can contact us here.

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