Kit Guide: Kodak Ektra - setting it up


We know you'll want to start using your new Kodak Ektra as soon as possible, so follow our steps and you'll have it set up in no time. We've covered everything from putting the SIM card in, to protecting it with a lock screen.

1. Box contents


These are the things you'll get in your box:

  • Kodak Ektra
  • Mains adaptor
  • USB cable
  • Wrist strap
  • Information pack
  • SIM tray removal tool

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The SIM card goes in the side of the phone, because you can't take the battery out. With the screen facing you, the slot for the SIM is on the left-hand side of the phone, and you'll see a pinhole where it is. Get the SIM removal tool from your information pack and push the pointy end into the hole, and the tray will pop-out.

The SIM card will line up at the bottom of the tray (the bit that goes in the phone first). Make sure that the gold contacts are touching the tray itself. When it's in, you can slide the tray back into the phone

Kodak Ektra Inserting the SIM

If you've got a memory card to put in as well, it goes in the space at the top of the tray. Line it up, again making sure that the gold parts are touching the tray, then it can go back into the phone.

3. Completing the Ektra Setup Wizard


These steps will get your phone set up and ready to use.

Setting it up

Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 1
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 2
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 3
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 4

Press the down arrow if you want to choose a different language, then press the yellow arrow to start.


Connect to Wi-Fi so that the phone can download the things it needs to. Tap the name of your network.


Type in the wireless password, then press Connect. If you're not sure what the password it, it'll be on a sticker on your router.


If you've used an Android phone before, you can copy information from it. For ease and speed, press No, thanks and then Next.

Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 5
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 6
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 7
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 8

You'll need to be signed in to Google to download apps and games. If you've got an account already, type in the Google email address, then tap Next. You can set one up if you haven't got one, by pressing Or create a new account.


Type in your Google password and tap Next.


Signing in means you agree to Google's Terms and Conditions. You can read through them by tapping the links, then press Next when you're ready.


Google has some services that run in the background, but you don't have to use them. Read through them and tap any ticks you want to get rid of. Press the down arrow for more.

Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 9
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 10
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 11
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 12

When you've read through the rest of the services, press Next.


You're asked for payment information because some apps cost money. Choose an option to set it up, or pick No, thanks and you can pay each time instead.


You can set up any other email accounts you have, but we do go over this later, so you can choose Not now.


Protecting your phone with a lock screen is important, but unlocking it while you're still setting up can be a pain. We also cover it later, so Skip it for now.

Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 13
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 14
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 15
Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 16

Choose a backup to restore if you've got one, or press Don't restore to set the phone up as a new one. Press the right arrow when you've chosen.


'Google Now' is Google's version of social media. Read through the information about it, then press the down arrow for more.


If it sounds like something you want to use, pick Yes, I'm in. Otherwise, if it's not for you, choose Skip and then press Next.


Choose any social media apps that you think you'll want to use, then press Next.

Kodak Ektra Setting It Up 17

By signing in, you agree to the Privacy Policy set by the manufacturer. Read about it by pressing the link, then press Agree to finish.

Touchscreen buttons

'Home' (circle): pressing this takes you back to the Home screen from any screen or app.

'Back' (triangle): takes you back one screen.

'Menu' (square): shows apps you've used before.

4. Connecting to the Internet


Being online is important for lots of the apps and games you use, so these steps will help you stay connected.


Connecting the Ektra to a Wi-Fi network

Kodak Ektra Wi-Fi 1
Kodak Ektra Wi-Fi 2
Kodak Ektra Wi-Fi 3
Kodak Ektra Wi-Fi 4

Swipe the Home screen down from the top, then tap the Settings cog in the top-right corner.


Tap Wi-Fi at the top of the list.


Make sure the switch is On, then press the name of the network you're connecting to.


Type in the wireless password, then press Connect. If you don't know the password, it's usually on the router.

Turning mobile data on or off

To turn your mobile data on or off, go to Apps > Settings > Data usage. You'll see a switch next to mobile data. If it's highlighted, it's turned on. If it's greyed out, it's off.

If you're having any problems getting your mobile data to work, you might need to put some manual settings in. We can help you with that here.

Kodak Ektra Wi-Fi 5

5. Setting up new email accounts


The Kodak Ektra can handle all your different email accounts. Here's how to set up a new one.

Kodak Ektra Email 1
Kodak Ektra Email 2
Kodak Ektra Email 1
Kodak Ektra Email 4

Open the settings, then press Accounts.


Tap Add account.


Choose the type of account you're adding. It'll usually be 'IMAP', but work or education accounts will be 'Exchange'.


Type in your email address, then press Next.

Kodak  Ektra Email 5
Kodak  Ektra Email 6
Kodak  Ektra Email 7
Kodak  Ektra Email 8

Type in the password, then tap Next.


Choose your notification options, then press Next.


The account will set up automatically. You can give it a name if you want. Press Next to finish.


You'll go back to the settings page, where you'll see the new account listed.

If you're having any problems getting the account to set up, you might just need some manual settings instead. Have a look at our guide to email server settings for help with it.

6. Setting up a lock screen


Protecting the information in your phone is important, because you don't want everyone seeing your private stuff. These steps will show you how to set up a lock screen, to keep things safe from prying eyes.

Kodak Ektra Lock Screen 1
Kodak Ektra Lock Screen 2
Kodak Ektra Lock Screen 3
Kodak Ektra Lock Screen 4

Open the settings, then choose Security from the list.


Tap Screen lock to set one up.


Pick the type of screen lock you want to use. We recommend 'PIN' or 'Password' because they're the safest.


You can protect your phone even more by adding a PIN to the start up as well. If it's not for you, press No, thanks and then Continue.

Kodak Ektra 5
Kodak Ektra 6
Kodak Ektra 7
Kodak Ektra 8

Type in the PIN or Password you want to use, then press Continue.


You'll need to type it in again to confirm it. Press OK when you're done.


Choose your notification options, then press Done.


You'll go back to the security page, and your new screen lock will be set up.

Your Kodak Ektra is all set up and ready for you to use now.

If you'd rather speak to someone from Team Knowhow, you can contact us here.

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