IMO S - Setting it up


We've written this guide to help you get your IMO S working the way you want. Once you've set it up, we take you through using it, so you're never by yourself at any point in the journey. 

Download the IMO S manual

If you need to check anything from the full official manual, you can download it here

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1. Box contents


You'll find these things when you take the phone out of the box.

  • IMO S
  • Mains adaptor
  • USB cable
  • Earphones
  • Information pack

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The first thing to do is install the SIM card. If you're adding a microSD card to increase the phone's storage capacity, have it ready, as it goes in a slot next to the SIM. 

Inserting the SIM card on the IMO S


Remove the rear cover by prising it away from the phone. A small groove at the bottom makes it easier.


Slide the SIM into the metal housing at the top of the battery compartment (cut corner first, metal contacts down).


If you have a microSD card, slide it into the slot next to the SIM.


Put the battery in (it only goes one way).


Replace the back cover, making sure it's secure around the edges.

When you're ready to start setting it up, hold the Power button on the right of the phone until the screen turns on.

3. Completing the IMO S Setup Wizard


The first time the phone turns on, it takes you through the Setup Wizard. We cover each of the steps below, and explain anything that might not make sense along the way. 

At some point, a pop-up might appear asking you to pick your service provider from a list. If it does, just tap it. If it doesn't, the phone will have sorted it out itself. 

IMO S setup wizard 1
IMO S setup wizard 2
IMO S setup wizard 3
IMO S setup wizard 4

Choose your language, then tap the arrow.


Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. You can skip it if you like, but you'll use some of your mobile data to complete the setup, so use Wi-Fi if you can.


Type the password and tap Connect. Your Wi-Fi password can usually be found on a sticker on the router. The screen will show 'Connected' when it's online. 


If you're upgrading from an older Android phone, you can move your accounts and apps over by pressing Copy Google accounts. If you aren't, tap No, thanks and Next.

IMO S setup wizard 5
IMO S setup wizard 6
IMO S setup wizard 7
IMO S setup wizard 8

Enter your Google account details and tap Next. If you don't have one, press Create a new account and follow the instructions to get one. You can download apps without one, so it's definitely worth doing.


If you're signing in, type in your password and press Next.


Accept the 'Terms of Service and Privacy Policy'. Tap the links to read them if you like. 


Choose any Google Services you want to use. It's worth automatically backing up your phone to your Google account as it makes setting up future phones much easier. Location Services are useful too, as they allow Google maps to give much more accurate navigation. Whether you help to improve Android or not is up to you. Scroll through all the services to see them all, and tick the ones you want to use.

IMO S setup wizard 9
IMO S setup wizard 10
IMO S setup wizard 11
IMO S setup wizard 12

When you're happy with your choices, tap Next.


If your Google account doesn't have a payment method attached, you can add one here. It makes buying things online much faster, although you don't need to do it if you don't want to. Choose one of the options or select 'No, thanks'. Tap Continue to move on. 


Check that the date and time are right - tap them to change them if you need to - and then press Next.


You can add other email accounts to your phone by typing your email address and password.  We cover adding email accounts in more detail further down the page, so if you're unsure, tap Not now followed by Next.

IMO S setup wizard 13
IMO S setup wizard 14
IMO S setup wizard 15
IMO S setup wizard 16

Choose the type of lock screen you want to use, or Skip it if you want to come back to it. As above, we cover adding lock screens properly later on.


If you're not setting up a lock screen, tap Skip anyway.


If you want to restore any old apps from your Google account, tap the device name. If not, choose Don't restore.


Read through the 'welcome' guide, and then press Got it to start using your phone.


The buttons at the bottom of the screen always do the same thing. 

'Menu' (left): shows the apps you've used recently.
'Home' (middle): returns you to the Home screen.
'Back' (right): goes back one screen.

4. Connecting to the Internet


While you probably connected to Wi-Fi during the Setup Wizard, you'll need to connect to others sooner or later. These steps show you how.

IMO S setup wifi 1
IMO S setup wifi 2
IMO S setup wifi 3
IMO S setup wifi 4

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notifications shade, then press the Settings icon in the top right (it looks like a gear or cog).


Press Wi-Fi, and make sure the switch at the top is on. If it's not, tap it. 


Tap the name of the network you want to connect to from the list.


Enter the password and press Connect.

When connected, a Wi-Fi symbol shows up in the status bar at the very top of the screen. 

5. Setting up new email accounts


While your Gmail account was added to the phone when you set it up, you need to add other accounts separately. These steps work for most popular providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

IMO S setup email 1
IMO S setup email 2
IMO S setup email 3
IMO S setup email 4

Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the notifications shade, then press the Settings icon in the top right (it looks like a gear or cog).


Scroll down to the Personal heading and tap Accounts.


Tap Add account.


If you're setting up a personal account, select IMAP. For business or education accounts, choose Exchange. There are two options for each: the red 'M' opens your emails in the Gmail app, while the yellow envelope uses the email app. If you don't use your Gmail account, we recommend tapping the yellow envelope.

IMO S setup email 5
IMO S setup email 6
IMO S setup email 7
IMO S setup email 8

Enter your email address and tap Next.


Type your password then press Next.


Choose how often the phone checks for new emails (doing it more frequently uses more battery and mobile data). Tap Next.


Name the account to make it easier to find if you have more than one. Type your name (this shows on your outgoing emails). Tap Next to finish the Setup.

These steps work for most email providers. However, older accounts or uncommon address types might need to be added manually. If you're having trouble, our guide to email server settings will get you sorted.

6. Setting up a lock screen


We always recommend keeping your phone secure with a lock screen. Without one, anyone that finds your phone can view your photos, social media, and account details. 

IMO S lockscreen 1
IMO S lockscreen 2
IMO S lockscreen 3
IMO S lockscreen 4

Open the Settings menu, and tap on Security.


Tap Screen lock.


Name the account to make it easier to find if you have more than one. Type your name (this shows on your outgoing emails). Tap Next to finish the Setup.


Use the keypad to put in your code.

IMO S lockscreen 5
IMO S lockscreen 6
IMO S lockscreen 7
IMO S lockscreen 8

Enter your unlock method and press Continue.


Confirm it by typing it again then press OK.


Pick which notifications you want to see on the lock screen.

Your lock screen is active, so you'll need to use your new unlock method the next time you open your phone.

We're always happy to help with any problems you might be having. If there's anything you'd like to speak to Team Knowhow about, you can get in touch here.

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