Huawei Y6 2017 Setup and User Guide


This guide will help you get your Huawei Y6 2017 set up, so you'll be ready to use it in no time. We cover everything, from the initial Setup to securing your private information with a lock screen.

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Step 1: Inserting the SIM and memory cards


Before you start to set up the phone, you'll need to get the SIM card inserted, and the memory card if you're using one.

Inserting the SIM and SD cards

Use the notch on the bottom-right hand edge of the phone to pull the back cover away.


Slide the NanoSIM card into the SIM tray in the top right corner of the screen. It goes in with the cut-off corner going first, and the gold contacts facing down.


If you're using a MicroSD card, slide it in above the SIM card, again with the metal contacts facing down.


Line the back cover up, and then press firmly around the edges to snap it into place.

Step 2: Completing the Y6 2017 Setup Wizard


The phone will show the 'Setup Wizard' when it's turned on for the first time. This is a series of steps that help set up the main features of the phone.

Turn your phone on by holding the power button on the right side. It'll vibrate, then the screen will turn on. At some point during Setup, you might be asked to choose your network from a list. If you see this, tap the network name.

Setting it up

setting it up 1
setting it up 2
setting it up 3
setting it up 4

Choose your language from the list, and tap Next.


Tap your region, then tap Next.


Make sure the Wi-Fi switch is on (lit blue). Tap your Wi-Fi network name, or Skip if you can't access Wi-Fi right now.


Type in the password for the Wi-Fi, then press Connect.

setting it up 5
setting it up 6
setting it up 7
setting it up 8

Tap Allow.


When it says 'connected' under your Wi-Fi, tap Next.


You'll have to agree to the Terms and Conditions to use your Huawei phone - so tap Agree.


Have a look through the Google Services, and choose which ones you want to use.

setting it up 9
setting it up 10
setting it up 11
setting it up 12

Once you've looked through the Google Services, tap Next.


'Wi-Fi+' lets your phone automatically swap between Wi-Fi and mobile data to keep a fast internet connection. To use it, tap Allow.


You'll be asked if you want to copy anything from an older Android phone - in this guide we'll be setting it up as new, so tap No, thanks and then tap Next.


If you've got a Google account, type it in and press Next, or tap Create new account if you don't have one.

setting it up 13
setting it up 14
setting it up 15
setting it up 16

Pop in your Google password, then tap Next.


Tap Accept to sign in.


Have another look through the Google Services, and keep the switches turned on for the ones you want to use.


Scroll through all the Services to check them, and tap Next when you're done.

setting it up 17
setting it up 18
setting it up 19
setting it up 20

You'll be asked if you want to add any payment info to your Google account - tap No thanks to skip or choose a payment option to add it, then tap Continue.


Tap Skip on the 'Protect your phone' screen, as we'll cover this is more detail later.


Tap Skip anyway.


Tap Do not allow on the 'Restore' screen.

setting it up 21
setting it up 22
setting it up 23
setting it up 24

If you've got a Huawei ID, type in your details and press Next, or tap Skip to continue.


Tap Begin.


Tap Enable to let the Home screen work properly.


You'll now be looking at the Home screen, and can start using the phone.

Touchscreen buttons

At the bottom of the screen is the navigation bar, with three buttons that help you go through the phone. 

  • The Triangle is a back button when pointing left, or when pointing down it will drop the keyboard out of the way.
  • The Circle is the Home button, which will take you to the Home screen.
  • The Square is the recent apps button which lets you quickly switch between open apps.

Step 3: Connecting to the Internet


Read through these steps to learn how to connect to the internet through Wi-Fi and mobile data.

Connecting the Y6 2017 to a Wi-Fi network

connect to wi-fi 1
connect to wi-fi 2
connect to wi-fi 3
connect to wi-fi 4

Open Settings from the Home screen, then tap Wi-Fi.


Tap the Network name you want to connect to.


Type your password, then tap Connect.


You'll see the word 'Connected' under the network name, and a fan-shaped Wi-Fi symbol at the top.

Turning mobile data on or off

Mobile data is shown by a letter indicator at the top. You could see 4G, H, 3G, E, or G. You'll need to turn off Wi-Fi to check the connection.

mobile data 1
mobile data 2
mobile data 3

Open Settings from the Homes screen, then tap More.


Tap on Mobile Networks.


Check that the switch for 'Mobile data' at the top is turned on, then tap Access Point Names.

mobile data 4
mobile data 5
mobile data 6

Tap the Menu button at the bottom.


Tap Reset to default.


Give the phone a moment to reset the settings.

Step 4: Setting up new email accounts


Your Y6 2017 can handle both personal ('IMAP' and 'POP') and work and education ('Exchange') email account types. Here's how to get this all set up.

adding email accounts 1
adding email accounts 2
adding email accounts 3
adding email accounts 4

Open Settings from the Home screen., and tap Accounts.


Tap Add Account.


Tap on the type of account you want to use.


Type in your email address and password, then tap Next.

adding email accounts 5
adding email accounts 6
adding email accounts 7
adding email accounts 8

Tap Enable to get your email working fully.


You might be asked to set some account options, such as Sync Frequency.


Choose the options you want to use for the account.


Tap Next to finish the setup.

If you can't get your email set up, you'll need to type in the settings manually - check our a guide to email server settings to help you.

Step 5: How to download apps from the App Store


Downloading apps to your phone is done through the Google Play Store, which has millions of different apps and games you can install. We've got a whole guide to dowloading apps to your phone here.

Step 6: Setting up a lock screen


We always suggest setting a lock screen, to protect the information on your phone. This is especially helpful if your phone's been stolen or lost.

lock screen 1
lock screen 2
lock screen 3
lock screen 4

Open up Settings from the Home screen, then open up Screen lock & Passwords.


Tap on Password.


Choose the unlock type you want to use:

  • None: Swipe to unlock, but offers no security.
  • Pattern: A pattern on a grid of dots.
  • PIN: A code of numbers.
  • Password: A code made up of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Type your code in and confirm it, then tap Done.

Step 7: Making phone calls


Find out how to make phone calls on the Y6 2017.

making calls 1
making calls 2
making calls 3
making calls 4

Tap the Phone icon on your Home screen. The first time you open it you'll have to tap Enable to make sure it works fully.


The Phone app has three sections, the first is the Dialler. Type a number, then hit the green phone icon to call it.


Tap Contacts at the top to see a list of contacts saved to your phone.


Favourites lets you quickly call a frequent contact. Use the Add button at the bottom to add to your favourites list.

Step 8: Sending texts & multimedia messages (MMS)


Here's how to send text messages on your Y6 2017, and also how to add attachments to your texts.

Sending texts

sending texts 1
sending texts 2
sending texts 3
sending texts 4

Tap the Messaging app from your Home screen. The first time you do you'll have to tap Enable to make sure it fully works.


Tap the New message button at the bottom of the screen.


Tap the To box, and then either type a phone number, or if a person is saved to your contacts, start typing their name and then tap it.


Type your message into the box at the bottom, and then tap the arrow to send the message.

Sending picture messages

Follow the steps above to get your message ready, the go through these steps.

sending picture message 1
sending picture message 2
sending picture message 3

Tap the + button on the left of the message box.


Choose what you'd like to attach using the menu. You can choose a file on your phone, or take a new picture, video, or voice clip.


Go through the phone to find the item you want to send.

sending picture message 4
sending picture message 5
sending picture message 6

When you find what you want to send, tap on it.


Your item will be added to your message.


Tap the arrow to send it.

Deleting a message thread

  1. Open the Messaging app.
  2. Touch and hold the name of the thread you want to delete.
  3. A tickbox will appear next to it. Tap the bin to delete the thread.

Step 9: Sending emails


Follow the steps below to see how to send emails from your phone.

Sending an email

sending email 1
sending email 2
sending email 3
sending email 4

From your Home screen, open the Email app, then tap the Compose button.


Tap the To box, and put in the email address you want to send to.


Put in a Subject for your email.


Tap in the white space below to write your message, and tap the arrow at the top to send it.

Sending an attachment

Follow the steps above to get your email ready, then follow the steps below to add an attachment.

sending attachments 1
sending attachments 2
sending attachments 3

Tap the paperclip at the top of the screen.


Tap Attach file.


Go through the phone to find the item you want to send.

sending attachments 5
sending attachments 6
sending attachments 7

When you find the item you want to send, tap it.


You might be given a preview of the attachment - tap the tick to select it.


When it's attached to your email, tap the arrow to send it.

Step 10: Setting alarms


Here's how to set alarms on your Y6 2017.

setting alarms 1
setting alarms 2
setting alarms 3

Open the Clock app from the Home screen.


Tap the Add button or tap one of the existing alarms.


Scroll the time up or down to set it.


Tap Repeat to choose the days you want the alarm to go off, and use the Ringtone and Label buttons to customise it.

Alarms 4
Alarms 5
Alarms 6

You can edit the alarm with a custom tone, and choose the vibration options. Tap the tick when you've finished.


Use the switches to set or unset an alarm.


To delete an alarm, tap on hold on an alarm. Tap the - in a red circle to delete it. 


Tap Settings to change the control for snooze and ring duration.

Hopefully that's everything you need to know, but if you want to speak to a TeamKnowhow Expert, get in touch with us here.

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