Kit Guide: Huawei P9 Lite - setting it up


We've written this guide to take you through setting up your Huawei P9 Lite. We'll go through everything from how to put in the SIM card, to finishing it off with a screen lock.

Huawei P9 Lite user manual

This is the official user manual for the Huawei P9 Lite

Download it here

1. Box contents


  • Huawei P9 Lite
  • Mains power adapter
  • USB C lead
  • In-line earphones
  • Information pack
  • SIM tray tool.

2. Inserting your SIM & memory cards


The P9 Lite uses a NanoSIM card, which slots into a tray in the side. You can add more storage to the phone by putting in a MicroSD card.


Push the SIM tray tool into the pinhole on the left edge of the phone and carry on until the tray starts to come out. Use your finger and thumb to pull the tray out the rest of the way.



Put the NanoSIM card into the smaller slot on the tray, with the gold contacts facing down. Use the cut-off corner to make sure it's the right way.



If you're using a MicroSD card as well, put that into the other slot, again with the contacts facing down.



Push the tray back into the side of the phone.

3. Completing the Huawei Setup Wizard


Setting it up


The 'Setup Wizard' will help you with the basic settings on your P9 Lite, and get it ready to use.

If your SIM card is active, you might get a pop-up on the screen asking you to choose your network. If you see this, tap on your network in the list and it'll download the right settings for that network.

p9 lite setup 01
p9 lite setup 02
p9 lite setup 03
p9 lite setup 04

Tap on your Language, and then tap Next.



Tap on your region, and then tap Next.



Turn Wi-Fi on using the switch at the top, and then tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect the phone to. You can also Skip this if you don't have a Wi-Fi network.



If you're connecting to Wi-Fi, you'll need to type in the Wi-Fi password. This is normally on a sticker on your router. Type it in, and then press Connect.


p9 lite setup 05
p9 lite setup 06
p9 lite setup 07
p9 lite setup 08

Once this has connected, tap Next.



You've got to agree to the Terms and Conditions to carry on. Tap About this proj... to read them, then tap Agree.



You can enable automatic System updates, and allow the 'Magazine unlock' to update itself. Pick an option for each of these, then tap Next.



To use 'Wi-Fi+', which automatically swaps between the fastest mobile data and Wi-Fi connections, tap Allow. To turn it off, tap Do not allow.


p9 lite setup 09
p9 lite setup 10
p9 lite setup 11
p9 lite setup 12

If you've had an Android phone before, you can copy some data by tapping Copy Google accounts, apps and other data from your other device, and then holding the two phones near each other. The other phone will need to have 'NFC' connectivity to support the transfer. To skip this, select No, thanks, and tap Next.



If you have a Google account, type it into the box and tap Next. If you don't have an account and want to create one now, tap Or create a new account. If you don't want to add a Google account, tap Skip.



If you're signing in, type your password, then tap Next.


p9 lite setup 13
p9 lite setup 14
p9 lite setup 15
p9 lite setup 16

To sign in, you'll need to accept Google's 'Terms of Service' and 'Privacy Policy'. Tap these to read them. Tap Accept to carry on.



Scroll through the available Google Services, and untick any you don't want to use.



Once you've chosen the services you want, tap Next.


p9 lite setup 17
p9 lite setup 18
p9 lite setup 19
p9 lite setup 20

You might be asked to add some payment info to your Google account, which can be used to buy things like apps or games from the Google Play Store. To do that now, choose a way to pay, and then tap Continue to fill in the details for it. To skip this, choose No, thanks and then tap Continue.



To add a screen lock to your phone, tap Set screen lock style, or tap Skip to carry on without adding a screen lock.



If you're adding a screen lock, choose the type:

  • Pattern - draw a pattern across a grid of dots.
  • PIN - a numerical code, normally 4-6 digits long.
  • Password - a more complex code made up of number and letters.

Once you've chosen a screen lock, type or draw it onscreen, and then confirm it.


p9 lite setup 21
p9 lite setup 22
p9 lite setup 23
p9 lite setup 24

Once this is set up, tap Next.



Tap Do not allow on the Restore screen.



To use a 'Huawei ID' for managing phone calls, tap Allow. A Huawei ID is an online account with Huawei that can be used to get some more apps on your phone. Tap Deny to skip.



If you tapped 'Allow' on the last screen, you'll be asked if you want to create a Huawei ID. if you already have an account, tap Log in and enter your details. If you don't have an account, tap New to create a new one, or to continue without a Huawei ID, tap Skip, then confirm this by tapping OK.


p9 lite setup 25
p9 lite setup 28

If you added a screen lock style in step 18, you'll be asked if you want to set up your fingerprints to unlock your phone. Tap Enrol to start this, or Skip if you don't want to add fingerprints.



Confirm the code you set up earlier, then tap Next.



Put your finger or thumb over the sensor on the back of the phone, and when you feel a slight vibration, lift it off. Place it back down, and repeat this until the phone lets you know it has a full scan of your fingerprint.


p9 lite setup 29
p9 lite setup 30
p9 lite setup 31
p9 lite setup 32

Once the screen shows that your fingerprint's been 'Successfully enrolled', tap OK .You should see 'Configuration successful'. Tap begin to start using the phone.



On the Home screen, you'll get a pop-up asking to enable some extra Huawei features - tap Enable to use these or Settings to turn them off.


The Setup Wizard's finished, and your phone's ready to use. You can open any app by tapping on it, and swipe across the screen to see more apps. Use the Google Play Store app to find and download more apps and games.

Touchscreen buttons


At the bottom are the 'Navigation keys' that you can use to get around the phone.

‘Back’ (triangle): takes you back one screen.

‘Home’ (circle): pressing this returns you to the Home screen from any screen or app.

‘Recent apps’ (square): shows you any apps you've had open recently, so you can jump between them.

4. Connecting to the Internet


Your phone needs to connect to the internet for many of its most useful features. You can connect the phone to a Wi-Fi network or use mobile data. The steps below will help you make sure both are working.

Connecting the P9 Lite to a Wi-Fi network


p9 lite wifi 1
p9 lite wifi 2
p9 lite wifi 3
p9 lite wifi 4

From the Home screen, tap the Settings app.



Tap on Wi-fi. You can check if the Wi-Fi is turned on using the switch at the top of the screen to see if it's on or off. Tap the Wi-Fi network you want to connect the phone to.



You'll need to type in the Wi-Fi password. This is usually found on a sticker on your router. Type it in, and then press Connect.


The Wi-Fi network you chose should say the word 'Connected' underneath it. When you see this, your phone is connected to that network. You'll also see the Wi-Fi signal bars at the top of your screen, next to the mobile phone signal.

Turning mobile data on or off


To check if mobile data is working, you need to turn Wi-Fi off:

Settings > Wi-Fi > slide switch off

Once Wi-Fi is off, check if you have '3G' or '4G' showing at the top of your screen next to the mobile signal. You could also have '2G' or 'E' if you don't have great signal. If you see one of these symbols, try going on the internet to test it. If it works, then you don't need to do anything else.

If your mobile data doesn't work, follow the steps below.

p9 lite data 1
p9 lite data 2
p9 lite data 3
p9 lite data 4

From the Home screen, tap the Settings app.



On Settings, tap More.



Now tap on Mobile network.



Check that the switch for Mobile data is turned on.


If you still can't see this, or you're having problems connecting to mobile data, follow our guide to APN settings to get them manually set up.

5. Setting up new email accounts


Your phone can work with emails from personal, work and educational accounts. You’ll need to know which type of account you have, and the phone will automatically try and find the right settings for you.

p9 lite accounts 1
p9 lite accounts 2
p9 lite accounts 3
p9 lite accounts 4

From the Home screen, tap the Settings app.



Scroll down, and tap Accounts.



Tap Add account.



Tap the account type you want to add. Most email accounts can be set up by tapping the Email option, but work or school email accounts normally need to use the Corporate option.


p9 lite accounts 5
p9 lite accounts 6
p9 lite accounts 7
p9 lite accounts 8

Type in your email address and password, then tap Next.



So that the app can work fully, you'll need to give it permission to access other apps on the phone. Tap Enable on the pop-up to enable all features or Settings to choose which features to use.



The phone will now try to automatically find the correct settings for your account.



You'll now be shown some account options such as 'Sync frequency', which is how often the phone checks for new emails, and whether to notify you with an alert sound when emails come through. Pick the options you want, and then tap Next.


Your email account has been added to your phone. To see your emails, tap the Email app on your Home screen.

If your account doesn't automatically set up in step 7, you'll need to provide the settings for your account. Tap the Manual setup button, and then fill in the details for your email. If you're not sure what these are, check our email settings guide to find them.

6. Setting up a lock screen


To keep all your information and pictures safe on your phone, you can set up the lock screen so that only you can get into the phone. If you didn't set up a lock screen during the Setup, we'll show you how to do it now.

p9 lite security 1
p9 lite security 2
p9 lite security 3
p9 lite security 4

From the Home screen, tap the Settings app.



Scroll down the Settings and tap on Screen lock & passwords.



Tap Password.


p9 lite security 5
p9 lite security 6
p9 lite security 7
p9 lite security 8

Choose the type of lock screen you want:

  • Pattern - draw a pattern across a grid of dots.
  • PIN - a numerical code, normally 4-6 digits long.
  • Password - a more complex code made up of number and letters.

Once you've chosen a screen lock, type or draw it on screen, and then confirm it.



Once confirmed, you will get a pop-up asking if you want to set up your fingerprint to unlock the phone. Tap Enrol to set this up now, and follow the steps below, or tap Cancel to skip this.


Using your fingerprints to unlock your phone


You can set up to 5 fingerprints on the phone, which can be used instead of your password.

You need to have already set up a screen lock type before you can add fingerprints.

Go to the fingerprint settings:

Settings > Fingerprint ID > Fingerprint management

p9 lite security 09
p9 lite security 10
p9 lite security 11
p9 lite security 12

Tap New Fingerprint.



Place your finger onto the sensor on the back of the phone, and lift it when you feel a vibration. Put it back on the sensor and repeat until the phone has a full scan of your fingerprint.



When the screen says 'Successfully enrolled', tap OK.


You can use that fingerprint to unlock the phone.

Changing fingerprint settings

p9 lite security 13
p9 lite security 14
p9 lite security 15
p9 lite security 16

To add more fingerprints, tap New fingerprint, and repeat the same process.



Under the 'Touch and hold gesture' section, you can enable other features such as tapping the sensor to answer a call, or take a photo.



To change the name of a fingerprint, touch and hold it. Tap Rename, and then give it a name such as 'Thumb' or 'Index'.



To delete a fingerprint, touch and hold it, then tap Delete.


Your P9 Lite is now fully set up and ready to use. For more help using your phone, you can also contact our Team Knowhow experts here.

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